Christian Voter Guide – Voting For, Not Against, Your Values: 3 Things You Should Know

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The November midterm voter 2022 guide is now live.

Here are 3 things you should know:

#1 The GuideWe have four voter guides for you this year:

#2 The Research – Geographic Coverage: covers Judges nationwide.

The voter guide for California is on and Coming soon is

The voter guide for Tennessee is at

We can only cover these geographic areas. And not as fully as in the past. But it is all that we have funding for.

And we did not get enough funding this election to translate the voter guide into Spanish.

If you wish to sponsor your area, local or state, and help in our efforts to help people vote for, not against, their values, please call C.C. at 615-490-8832 for the cost.

#3 How You Can Help:

Pass the voter guide to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Help us by engaging on Facebook and Instagram posts, texting, and passing out our guide to multiply the impact.

This election is the tipping point… a battle against massive government expansion, hyperinflation, the war on Christians Values, and so much more.

Please use our guide and spread the word.


Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,

Craig Huey

6 Comments on “Christian Voter Guide – Voting For, Not Against, Your Values: 3 Things You Should Know”

  1. Hi Joyce… As in the past we do not send out the Voterguide it’s much too extensive… Go to and find the folder guide then your county and you’ll see what to do

  2. Is in the past elections I will definitely share your information on how to vote “not against your values”. Thank you so much for all your help your valuable information without you we would be confused, lost or discouraged to vote God bless you.

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