Special Report: 12 Surprising, Little-Known Things Every Christian Should Know About the Trump Inauguration [Video]

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Special Report: 12 Surprising, Little-Known Things Every Christian Should Know About the Trump Inauguration [Video]

Thanks for your prayers as Shelly and I went to the inauguration.

I wanted to share with you some surprising and little-known facts that every Christian should know about, but the media never shared.

  1. Before the Inauguration, Christian ministry leaders, well-known pastors and authors came together to pray.

Shelly and I were among the 300 leading Christian pastors and leaders from all over the United States to pray for President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, the church, and the United States of America.

It was an awesome time of prayer and unity.

  1. President Trump had 6 faith leaders praying at the inauguration.

Before Trump took office, prayer dominated the event. I never saw anything like it!

The following religious leaders delivered their invocations before the inauguration:

  • Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York City
  • Samuel Rodriguez, the leader of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Council
  • Pastor Paula White, Senior Pastor of New Destiny Christian Center

After Trump took the oath of office and was sworn into office, the following leaders gave their benedictions:

  • Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wiesenthal Center of Los Angeles, CA
  • Franklin Graham, Founder of the Samaritan’s Purse
  • Bishop Wayne Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International

And yes indeed, the Christian pastors prayed in the name of Jesus!

  1. Vice-President Mike Pence sent a powerful message to Christians and the entire world.

The Vice-President delivered a powerful yet little-known message during his swearing-in the following three ways:

  • The Bible he used was open to a specific verse on purpose:

“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

  • Mike Pence used Ronald Reagan’s family Bible, only used by President Reagan for his swearing-in.
  • Pence’s swearing-in was conducted by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas—the longest serving African-American Justice serving on the Supreme Court, a strict constructionist of the highest order.
  1. This year’s National Prayer Service was very different—Christ was proclaimed.

This service is an “interfaith” gathering, including cults and false religions, liberal Protestants and Catholics, and rarely if ever welcome Evangelical Christians.

But not this year.

This year, the cults were there—four or five—Ba’hai, Hindu, Mormon, etc.

There were at least a dozen Evangelical preachers. Their number included Dr. David Jeremiah and Greg Laurie.

See Pastor Greg below … Praise God!

  1. The world saw Christ proclaimed in the Media.

The media interviewed the pastors and broadcasted their comments worldwide. Take a look at Anderson Cooper on CNN. Notice Reverend Franklin Graham declare the Gospel with passion and clarity.

See interviews below:

  1. Trump’s personal spiritual walk—a powerful testimony.

Pastor James Robison gave a powerful look at Trump and his spiritual journey at the pre-inauguration Christian leadership prayer meeting.

And here is Pastor Robison:

  1. James Dobson prays for new victories and for Mike Pence.

At the church leadership prayer meeting, listen to the powerful prayer for Mike Pence:

Pray along with him.

  1. Here is Pastor Jenzten Franklin praying for the Supreme Court.

Powerful, with just the right impact.

The other prayer is for a Supreme Court judge from Alabama.

See the powerful prayer here, and please pray along.

  1. Here is a powerful prayer for racial reconciliation.

See here and pray along.

Here’s Pastor Ronnie Floyd, the former President of the Southern Baptist Christian League:

Here’s Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, the President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference here:

Please pray along.

  1. At the national prayer service, Christian songs and hymns were played before American leadership.
  1. Over 45,000 thousand copies of the Gospel of John and the Book of Romans were handed out.

The book was handed out throughout the more secure areas.

When Shelly and I received a copy, we thought it was “official”, but soon realized that God’s favor on the distribution of God’s Word, because this booklet was the only item being distributed in the security region of the inauguration.

See the cover below:

  1. Finally, one of the most moving moments for Shelly and me.

A 20-year-old blind Marlana VanHoose also suffers from cerebral palsy.

But she performed an incredible, awe-inspiring rendition of “How Great Thou Art”.

Here is the video with her performance. You have to see it!

But what you won’t see is that when she finished, President Trump almost stood up to clap (other singers had not received any applause). No one was rising to applaud this lovely singer.

The media lied, claiming that Melania sat and did nothing. The truth is that Melania Trump wiped tears from her eyes, stood up to applaud … then Trump and the whole church rose up with her to express their awe and wonder.

It was an incredible moment, and the whole inauguration was so much the better for it.

Again, thanks for all your prayers. I’ll send you some personal insights about everything that took place later this week.

Tell me what you think. Email me at craig@electionforum.org.


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