REALITY ALERT — Top 10 Radio/TV, Podcasts and Interviews of 2022

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10. Just Not Right: How the Federal Government is Giving Your Tax Money for Radical Political Groups and Causes [Radio/Podcast Interview]

9. Stagflation: What’s Causing It and How Long Will It Last? [My National Interview on the Growing Economic Crisis]

8. The Real Reason the FBI Raided Trump: 13 Things Every American Should Know

7. “I Would Have Been Killed” [Radio Interview on the Bill Martinez National Broadcast]

6. The Deep State: Bureaucracy Insanity and Freedom Failures [Listen to My Podcast Interview with Lee Bellinger Now]

5. Using the Secret Weapon of the Radical Left | Craig Huey and Winning Political Strategy [Video Podcast]

4. Inflation: The Cause, Pain And Solution [Must-See Video Interview With Rogan O’Handley “DC Draino” on OAN]

3. Celebrate Thanksgiving with Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation: An American Time of Division and Fear

2. Shocking: What You Don’t Know About the Powerful Christian Vote, and Tools You Can Use Now!

1. Watch My Interview with Attorney Brad Dacus on Legally Opting Out of Forced Vaccinations and How He Can Help You [Video]

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