Are Christians Hypocrites? 10 Surprising Realities About Christians and President Trump

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Are evangelicals hypocrites if they are supporting President Trump and his policies?

The media says so … social media says so … over and over again.

Why did a record 81% of evangelical Christians vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election?

Why do so many evangelicals continue to support him in spite of the Access Hollywood tape and all of the allegations of sexual misconduct in the past against him?

Isn’t it hypocritical that Christians were harshly critical of President Clinton’s sexual misconduct, but are giving President Trump a pass?

Here are 10 surprising realities about why the vast majority of Christians are supporting the president:

1. Christians recognize that there’s no way to know whether or not unproven allegations are true.

We live in a toxic environment today … We’ve completely forgotten the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Anyone who dislikes a public figure and wishes to do them harm can destroy their career by accusing them of sexual misconduct…

And even if the charge is later proven false … or the accuser recants … it’s too late – the damage has been done.

The accusations against President Trump are for alleged behavior from 10 or more years ago.

If this were happening today, his evangelic support wouldn’t exist.

2. Christians took a chance on Candidate Donald Trump – and most are happy.

There never has been and never will be a perfect presidential candidate.

We are all sinful, morally flawed people.

The choice in the 2016 election was between:

  • A morally flawed woman who claimed to be a Christian, but whose political and economic policies were and are immoral
  • A morally flawed man whose policies were more in line with Christian values

3. Christians can take comfort in Trump’s openness about his past mistakes, while denying the latest allegation of an affair with a former porn star.

Evangelical Christian leaders have never attempted to rationalize or excuse immoral behavior of any kind – whether actions or words.

And we should never be silent in the face of wrongdoing

Candidate Trump admitted to his vulgar, inappropriate talk on the Access Hollywood tape.

He said: “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret… I said it, it was wrong, and I apologize.”

4. Americans can only hold the president accountable for what he does while in office.

No one can do anything about the past – it can’t be erased or changed.

Christians understand and recognize 2 important principles:

  • Accepting responsibility for past mistakes – not trying to shift blame
  • New beginnings – people can and do grow in character and change their behavior over time … through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit

5. President Trump has kept the promises he made to evangelical Christian leaders – and to all Christians – during his campaign.

  • He chose a conservative, pro-life, pro-family running mate with a solid record
  • He committed to appointing pro-life judges – including Supreme Court justices
  • He agreed not to dilute or undermine the conservative GOP platform
  • He said he would support Israel and recognize Jerusalem as its capital
  • He said he would support religious liberty and free speech for pastors

He has kept all of these promises – and much more.

Candidate Trump put his promise to nominate pro-life judges in writing and released it to the nation.

No other Republican nominee has ever pledged in writing to nominate pro-life judges.

6. Evangelical support for President Trump is conditional.

If President Trump stops keeping his promises or reverts to his past inappropriate behavior, Christians will leave his base of support.

7. President Trump is concerned about protecting Christian values.

He appointed Governor Sam Brownback (R-KS) to be Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom.

After a 6-month delay, Governor Brownback finally has been confirmed by the Senate.

He proclaimed January 16, 2018 as Religious Freedom Day…

He is seeking to dismantle the Johnson amendment, which threatens churches and other religious organizations with loss of tax-exempt status if they engage in political campaign activities or endorse or oppose candidates for elected offices.

8. President Trump is bringing positive changes to the U.S. that are benefiting all Americans.

No one can deny that the economy and stock market have done extremely well during President Trump’s 1st year in office.

Many predicted a stock market crash if Trump were elected.

Consumer confidence is higher than during the past 8 years.

Wages are up … Employment is up … Unemployment is at a 17-year low.

New business startups are up

Large corporations are bringing capital held overseas back into the U.S. because of the corporate tax rate reduction.

9. Christians know we didn’t elect a pastor … we elected a president.

We look to our pastors and Christian leaders for moral leadership…

We look to a president for honesty, integrity … one who keeps his word … one who is a good persuader and negotiator … one who will put the interests and the security of Americans first in domestic and foreign policy matters.

10. There will always be things not to like about President Trump … but the positives of his presidency far outweigh the negatives.

As Christians, we recognize that we can’t expect to ever have everything we want…

We must accept and deal with what we have … what we’ve been given.

We may not like his brash tone or his habit of hitting back when verbally attacked.

We may cringe at his less than tactful tweets…

Nevertheless, we are giving reasoned support for a political leader who is doing everything within his power to keep his campaign promises.

So, despite the media … no, you are not a hypocrite if you support President Trump’s policies. You are acting based on his positive initiatives and his commitment to keeping his word.


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10 Comments on “Are Christians Hypocrites? 10 Surprising Realities About Christians and President Trump”

  1. so true—we did not elect a pastor we elected a president making a choice of the best available at the time. he at least stood up and made known his belief on abortion. most politicians do not have the courage to make that stand and skirt around the issue.

  2. I believe that Donald Trump, the man, has repented of his past sinful ways.
    He may be a little rough around the edges but he has a heart for the Lord and God isn’t finished with him yet.
    I believe that God’s hand is upon President Trump and that he is being guided by the Holy Spirit.
    He gave up a luxurious life and chose to devote himself to serving the people of America. He loves ALL the people and is trying to unite our nation. He deserves our continued support and prayers!!!

  3. You make very good points. What you say is very pertinent to the subject. While there is much on which I don’t agree with Trump, there is no denying that he has made some outstanding appointments. In particular, his nomination of Justice Gorsuch was extremely important. And his ongoing reduction of the federal regulatory burden on both individuals and businesses is very beneficial to the country.

  4. Let me just be upfront and say that I am a Christian. I am also a pastor. I have tried to give Trump the benefit of the doubt but I just can’t see what Christians like you are seeing in Trump. One of the comments here said that Trump has a “heart for the Lord…” I often wonder if we are living on the same planet and are we reading the same Bible. Thus, I offer these responses to all of your points as someone who is trying to understand but still can’t understand how you can celebrate the “good” when so much harm is being done.
    1. “It was 10 years ago! It hasn’t been proven! It’s only an allegation! He has changed!” If a Sunday school teacher was “alleged” to have molested someone, not by one but 10 plus children, I guarantee you that you will not say, “presumption of innocence until proven guilty.” The rule of thumb in this kind of situation is that you first believe the victims and then you find out exactly what happened no the other way around. You most certainly do not allow this person to keep being a Sunday school teacher, at least until the truth is revealed. I get that people’s lives are destroyed by false allegations but what about the victims’ lives? By saying what you are saying, it sounds like you are willing to take a chance with a potential sexual predator to get what you want politically. Why do that when so many women have come forward? Are you weighing that your needs are more important than the need for justice for these possible 10 plus women especially when event surrounding the Miss America pageant dressing room was confirmed even by Trump himself? I don’t get it. Trump’s life has a pattern.
    2. Could it be that the woman you refer to wasn’t just claiming but IS Christian and your Christian views don’t align with her Christian views? There are many Christian denominations. There are many Christians who are Democrats. We read the same Bible and go to the same church you do. Maybe other Christians think your ideas of “Christian values” are not very Christian. Maybe that’s why you are being called out as hypocrites not only by non Christians but by other Christians like me.
    3. Trump’s openness? Are you serious? Trump didn’t tell us about the Access Hollywood tape, the news did. Then when he was backed into a corner, he still made excuses like “it was locker room talk” and now his favorite catch phrase is “fake news”. I would imagine that if the news never got this tape, Trump would still be saying, “why do I have to repent when I did nothing wrong?” Is that a Christian value to say we did nothing wrong? You are not only being silent when he does wrong but silencing others who have been wronged by Trump. When something bad comes out about Trump, you say he is being “open and honest” instead of standing for those he wronged. I don’t understand.
    4. Accepting responsibility?!?! Not shifting blame?!?! Trump is the posterchild for shifting blame. How can you even say that with a straight face? New beginnings? No, Christ calls us to new beginning but we still accept the consequences of our actions. If a sex offender wants to be a youth worker in my church, I want him or her to have a new beginning but not the same way. I would give him some other role but not with my children. You have to change. Trump is the same self aggrandizing, lying, cheating, sexist, racist person he was before he became president. Being president doesn’t change who he is. I wouldn’t trust him with my milk money let alone with representing what Christian morals look like. It’s not about not forgiving him, it’s about keeping him accountable for his actions. I think you are talking cheap grace.
    5. “All Christians”? I am Christian and I want a fair SC justice not one that will force what I believe on other people. And “promises”? I don’t care if you keep promises if the things you promise are all nonsense. “Free speech”? I already had free speech as a pastor, it’s called God’s calling to preach the Good News. What you really mean by “free speech” is to say politically bias things on the pulpit and still get your tax exempt status. To that I say shame on you. And don’t pretend like Trump is the champion of “free speech” when he undermines the news media every chance he gets.
    6. “Reverts to his past inappropriate behavior”? He never skewed from it! Are you kidding me? Do you read his tweets? Do you hear the things he says? “There were good people on both sides”?!?! “shithole” or “shit whatever he said”? Either you are deaf and blind or you sure are choosing to be hypocrites.
    7. Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this. I can’t even read the sentence without cracking up. Freedom of religion? Which religion? You probably only hear “Christian Freedom Day”. Religious Freedom Day might as well be “screw you to all who feels oppressed by Christian values” Day. Do you know that the Bible was written by people who were oppressed? I don’t mean “they won’t let us say ‘Merry Christmas’ anymore” oppressed but fed to the lions and crucified oppressed. Christians are the privileged in this country, period. The fact that you can’t see that is really disconcerting because this determines who we Christians are called to stand with and for in today’s world. It’s like a King on a throne saying things are not fair for him. I don’t need more freedom. I want to help others get their freedom.
    8. I don’t care if I am benefitting if it is at the expense of other human beings. You really don’t seem to get that. Some of us do vote against our interest. I don’t care if my taxes are raised so that others that are in deeper need are being helped. I don’t care if I have to pay more to eat at McDs as long as the workers their get fair wages. This notion of “since I am benefiting, he is doing a good job” is not Christian. “Put America first” is not Christian. What happened to “Last shall be first, first shall be last?”
    9. First of all, just bc people are pastors does not make all of them moral leaders. The people who discouraged MLK Jr. the most were pastors who stood by and did nothing. Even today, look at all the “pastors” that come to Trumps defense over and over again even when he says racist things. Pastors mess up too. With that said, of course we look to the POTUS for moral guidance! People do look to the most power person in the free world on how to best wield such power. You say Trump hasn’t done anything wrong since being in office and round it off with “the president doesn’t need to be moral…” Which is it? Does he not have to be moral or he hasn’t done anything immoral?
    10. Here is what I hear you say. The concerns of children and adult who are being bullied and or suffering hate crimes bc of their gender orientation isn’t as important as getting what we want as “Christians”. The issues of systemic racism is not as important as getting what we want as “Christians”. Welcoming our DACA children is not as important as getting what we want as “Christians”. This seems hypocritical to me when we are suppose to be preaching to the world that we should give our lives for one another.

    Please know that other Christians are also calling you hypocritical. And please do not highjack “Christian” like you did “evangelical” or I am going to have to not refer to myself as a Christian anymore either.

  5. As a Christian I felt helpless with the prospects we were offered. I do not support Trump, but I supported Clinton less and those were are choices. Unless, you voted for a third party, which I hope we will all consider for the next elections.

    Much of what is said is true, but as far as the economy goes, I hardily disagree. We are masking a coming disaster and believing what is convenient to believe. Any economist or bookkeeper will tell you the numbers don’t add up, and with our government turning a blind eye to the strip-mining of the American People, like the recent land-grab (which we call the National Mortgage Crisis), the bankers promoting cross-selling products which have stripped millions of hard-working Americans of their wealth while lining the pockets of private enterprise while getting away with criminal behavior…we are headed for a fall.

    While bragging about a great economy, all along the riverside are hundreds of people that have been relegated to living in tents. Not all of them are drug addicts or “losers” many of them have simply lost employment, or have been reduced to low paying jobs, suffered a loss, which should have been a temporary setback, but has escalated.

    Stock market up? Let’s not forget that the stock market is based on the labor of hard-working people who create and develop products to sell, as we continue to lower the bar on what we are willing to pay for labor, those who can afford the product (or even housing) are reduced. Show me working Americans with good-paying jobs (not just service industry) then we can talk about a good economy.

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