Franklin Graham Outsmarts Biased MSNBC News Commentator [Video]

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I’ve been interviewed many times on television.

When you are speaking to a commentator who is obviously biased — and who has an agenda focused on supporting his own bias — that commentator will surprise you with some of his questions.

He will phrase his questions in such a way as to attempt to trap you and get you to say something under pressure that you normally wouldn’t say.

And that’s exactly what happened to Franklin Graham on the ultra-biased MSNBC.

Listen to Graham as he not only presents the gospel, but also refuses to allow the commentator to control the narrative … or trap him into either condoning sin or condemning President Trump.

What an outstanding example of one who stands firm!

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5 Comments on “Franklin Graham Outsmarts Biased MSNBC News Commentator [Video]”

  1. Nothing happens without GOD allowing it to! The problem in this country is that Trump can do absolutely NOTHING RIGHT in the media’s eyes. They pick at everything the poor man does/says/wears/eats…need I go on? How he accomplishes ANYTHING is only by the grace of GOD! Why GOD hasn’t turned HIS back on our country long ago, since we turned ours on HIM, I’ll never know. Yes, I do. HIS continual love for us, which we do NOT deserve.

  2. Melville asked a reasonable question in a reasonable manner, and was gracious to let Graham finish his statements and deliver the Gospel. I think his question was a legitimate one, even though it wouldn’t have been asked of the previous president.

  3. I was amazed that Melville allowed Graham talk as long as he did the way he did. I think God’s favor was on Graham. God truly protects his people and gives them the opportunity to share the Good News, and, apparently, the truth in general.

  4. Thank you Jesus for having mercy on us. We Pray for our Country get back to what is right in the eyes of God.

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