Churches Across America Are Having Their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Censored

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Across America, pastors and Christian organizations that do not compromise on speaking the truth are being censored.

With the end of the election and the control of the Senate by the pro-Socialist Democrats, the entire anti-Christian, pro-Socialist activists are increasing pressure to censor free speech and stop communication that is a threat.

And they are being very successful.

One of the safe havens that has been taken down is Parler, a competitor of Twitter.

Here are what two churches said this last Sunday:

Pastor Jack Hibbs post:

We will keep you informed, but this shows the absolute need for Christian ministries to be able to have their own database, their own platform, and understand that similar to communist China, we are being censored…

Sadly, the church was silent during this last election and will now be reaping the consequences in the coming years.

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One Comment on “Churches Across America Are Having Their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Censored”

  1. Yes !! Keeping our eyes in Jesus is the answer. Thank you for informing us the truth, The Lord will open new doors, the truth is free, no one can hide it, because Jesus is the Thigh and the life. The enemy will not prevail, the Lord is purging His church. Praying for those new belivers the Lord will preserve His church , even if persecution, increases, because His word is in our hearts and the Holy Spirit is our teacher. God Bless you all.

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