Remembering Two Very Different Presidential Christmas Addresses

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Here is President Ronald Reagan’s first Christmas address from 1981 (about 4 minutes). Click HERE.

And here is President Barack Obama’s Christmas address from 2015 – his last Christmas message before the 2016 presidential election surprise (about 3 minutes). Click HERE to view.

President Obama’s message focused on family traditions and paid only passing lip service to the birth of Jesus…

President Reagan’s message focused on the wonder of the first Christmas … and why the Son of God – the Prince of Peace – chose to come into the world as a helpless baby. His entire message was Christ-centered … and emphasized the importance of trusting in God.

What other similarities or differences did you notice in the two Christmas messages?

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2 Comments on “Remembering Two Very Different Presidential Christmas Addresses”

  1. I find it very peculiar that the comments from President Reagan’s Christmas message are available but the comments for Obama’s message is turned off and not available. Are the socialists afraid to let people know how disliked Obama actually was/is???

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