Economic Collapse and Loss of Freedom Escalating: 4 Reasons Americans are Demanding, “We Must Open America Again – Now!” [Petition]

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Special Report

Across America spontaneous protests are taking place, demanding freedom and demanding state governments open the economy again.



The economy is in tailspin, destroying lives, jobs, and businesses.

The constitutional protections for America have been ignored by local and state politicians’ overreaching authority with restrictions and attacks on people of faith.

The loss of freedom in the name of security is destroying lives and creating new social problems.

Let me explain…

There are 4 reasons we must turn things around and open up America again … now.

You won’t see or hear or watch this in the biased media. Pro-socialist politicians are saying maybe open back up in the summer… or fall… or next year.

But some states, counties, and cities are doing exactly that next week … and 12 states this coming week … maybe more.

We must restart the economy now. We have no choice.


Fact, Not Media and Politician-Driven Fear #1: The new “normal” demanded by some in the medical establishment, the socialist-oriented politicians, and the power-hungry bureaucrats is wrong and isn’t needed.

The quarantine and the home/shelter in place orders are unnecessary most everywhere in the U.S. And in states that have had a bad outbreak, most of the areas in those states are okay.

For example, 40 out of the 58 counties in California have been impacted … and fewer counties have a problem.

If the quarantine was needed at one time, it’s not needed in most places now.

If it was needed, it’s not worth the loss of freedom and criminalizing business owners, church goers, hikers, surfers and more.

If it was needed, it’s not worth the medical, social, and emotional destruction of 26 million unemployed, thousands of businesses closed down – and, in some industries such as restaurants, 80%will be in bankruptcy for good.

It’s not worth the pain, suffering, and stress.

It is increasing emotional illnesses, suicide, depression, divorce, child abuse, and more.

It’s not worth it.

It’s leading to the destruction of dreams, opportunities, proper medical care, and economic growth.

Not worth it.

Fact, Not Media and Politician-Driven Fear #2: The facts say open now… and quickly.

As a small business owner, I can tell you the longer the economic restrictions go on, the more businesses will close forever, the more jobs will be lost forever, and the more economic damage will be done.

Yes, people have gotten terribly sick.  My prayers go out to them – it’s heartbreaking. Pastors, friends, businessmen and women, and supporters have gotten it.

My first copywriter I hired for my ad agency died from the virus. My prayers go out to all those who have suffered from the effects of the Chinese virus.

But the “experts” drove fear.

On March 13th, the CDC projections were:

  • 160 – 214 million Americans infected out of the population of 328 million today.
  • 21 million hospitalized when we only had 925,000 staffed hospital beds in the entire U.S.

In other words, we were doomed according to the socialists and the bureaucrats at the CDC.

The experts drove fear – they laid out the death projections that were not even close.

First, it was 2 million Americans would die. Panic.

Then, it was 1 million would die. Panic.

Then, it was 500,000 would die. Panic.

Then, it was 240,000 would die. Panic.

Then, it was 100,000 would die. Panic.

Now, it is 60,000.

That’s horrific.

But remember, in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1917-1918, approximately 675,000 Americans died … out of a total population of about 103 million — less than one-third the population of the U.S. today.

In fact, of the approximately 50,000 current coronavirus deaths in the U.S., many of those people had some other disease that would possibly kill them in 12 months or less.

It’s terrible, but not enough to destroy the economy and our freedom.

Look at the CDC figures for the top causes of death in 2017:


Note that just for heart disease, stroke and cancer, the 2017 U.S. death toll was almost 1.4 million!

The 50,000+ U.S. COVID-19 deaths so far is approaching the total seasonal flu deaths from 2017.

We need to be cautious.

We need to avoid another surge.

We need to be wise.

But we don’t need to overreact.

Fact, Not Media and Politician-Driven Fear #3: The media, politicians, and more are attacking any voice questioning the authority.

The attacks on Christians have been outrageous:

  • Across America, pastors have been arrested or threatened with arrest for wanting to have church services – even when agreeing for church goers to wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Drive-in church services have been banned. In hundreds of cities across the country, drive-in church services have been banned. In Louisville, Kentucky, drive-in church goers were told they’d receive citations if they attended a drive-in service, and would have to quarantine themselves for 14 days afterwards. In Kansas, you can drive through a Sonic, but not a parking lot church service.
  • Church members have been threatened with fines and jail if they go to church.
  • A recent New York Times op-ed accused evangelical Christians of being responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus. See our article about this editorial here.
  • The Governor of New York and other politicians called Franklin Graham a bigot and his bashed his humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse for setting up an emergency field hospital in Central Park to treat COVID-19 patients. Why? Because Samaritan’s Purse asks its paid staff to sign a Statement of Faith which – among other biblical affirmations – includes a statement affirming heterosexual marriage. We wrote about this rage against Christians here.

The attacks on America has been what you’d see in a communist/socialist government:

  • Federal judges who are judicial activists have been throwing out our constitutional rights.
  • In Brighton, Colorado, a father playing softball with his daughter in an empty park was arrested and handcuffed.
  • In New York City and Dallas, Texas, citizens were asked to report on neighbors who were violating the state’s stay-at-home orders.
  • Some cities are using drones to look for stay-at-home violators.
  • Philadelphia policemen dragged a passenger off a city bus for not wearing a face mask … just like you would expect in a communist country.
  • Three Massachusetts men were arrested and faced 90 days in jail for crossing state lines to go golfing in Rhode Island.
  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer unilaterally banned the sale of many convenience store items in her state that are being sold under quarantine in other states. But she allowed liquor stores and abortion clinics to remain open.

Fact, Not Media and Politician-Driven Fear #4Even medical experts, scientists, doctors and government leaders make mistakes.

In 1957 when I was in Elementary School, the Asian flu pandemic killed 116,000 Americans. The total U.S. population that year was about 172 million. Today it’s about 328 million. Proportionally there are a lot more Americans today, so the number has almost doubled by comparison of today’s population.

  • During the 1957 Asian flu pandemic, President Eisenhower did not put the population into lock down, shut churches, and shut businesses until workers couldn’t work.
  • Goldman Sachs predicts that the economy will shrink 34% with unemployment leaping to 15% — higher than at any time.
  • Doctors Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci used faulty data modeling to make best-case projections of 100-200 thousand Americans dying if everything was done perfectly. That was on March 30th.
  • In 2014 the CDC projected up to 1.4 million infections from the African Ebola. We did not shut down churches. We did not shut down businesses.

We did not shut down America.

We did not shut down freedom.

How many deaths actually took place? About 28,000. The bureaucrats and statists at the CDC who want to control people’s lives with their expertise and power have been wrong time and time again.

Every life is precious, and every death is a horrific tragedy, but life is filled with risks and calculations.

Sometimes the medical experts, sometimes the scientists, and sometimes the doctors are just wrong.

We even see it on an individual scale.

When you go to your own doctor you should get a second opinion.

It’s estimated that 51% or more of all diagnoses turn out to be incorrect once the second or third diagnosis is discovered.

It’s not malicious.

It’s just wrong.

The attacks on the anyone questioning the false statistics and media establishments have been vicious, unfair and wrong.

Facebook has censored all mention of the protests.

The media and politicians strike out against them.

But these are not Republicans. These aren’t Democrats. These are not Independents.

These are Americans saying, let’s restart our economy and freedoms again.

Its time.

Those who want to stay quarantined…let them.

Those who want to get back to work…let them.

Its time.

Please sign our petition to state governors to reopen America now. Click here.

What do you think? Email me at

11 Comments on “Economic Collapse and Loss of Freedom Escalating: 4 Reasons Americans are Demanding, “We Must Open America Again – Now!” [Petition]”

  1. I agree with these comments and feel that we as a nation and state over reacted (I feel that many socialist people used the year of campaigning to beat the politicians into subjection) We as a people need to place less trust in science and media and more in God, prayer and His people.

  2. EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!! WELL DOCUMENTED AND SAID. I am a medical freedom fighter….have been fighting here in California for 5 years…..this is complete tyranny what is happening. My 15 year old son and I drove out to the LA City Hall this past Wednesday to participate in Operation Gridlock LA…..Good turn out but FB deleted several event posts. It is outrageous…..ANTIFA, BLACK LIVES, etc.,can violently protest, but Americans who protest for Freedom and Liberty are demonized…..MSM is generating fear porn and has labeled these Patriotic protests as right wing extremist Trump supporters!!! Not true….Americans of all backgrounds are there because they are suffering! As a Believer I know this is not out home and THANK GOD for my faith because I know who wins I the end! For those who are WOKE and have been REDPILLED… we know this PLANNED-DEMIC is a Deep State Cabal event meant to do many things like usher in the NWO….FORCED TESTING, TRACKING AND VACCINES. Pray for our military involved it destroying Satanic pedophile rings and human trafficking! GOD is exposing EVIL and corruption big time!! Do your research, pray and TRUST JESUS.

  3. Sorry, I think you are wrong on this one. You may be too involved with politics yourself to see the dangers.
    Respectfully, Samuel

  4. Being sheltered in place we are not exposed to the horrific effects the shutdown is having on many households that slip under the cracks for various reasons. Help programs seem to pick and choose who gets help. Shutdown will destroy small businesses and open door for only big union groups. We are supposed to be a free people able to have personal responsibility for our lives, not treated like children that need to be protected and carried for. Kill America with this virus, or learn to have better foresite implemented. Oversite I should say about what is really happening and the courage to address it.

  5. It is time to re-open our country with the knowledge that we need to continue to be more careful in general with hygiene everywhere we go.

  6. Even in Medical Science, when the prevention or treatment offers more risk then the actual disease – the prevention and treatment is STOPPED! That’s why the small pox vaccination was stopped. We need common sense to fill in where the science and reality collide.

  7. You are right. I think that this is what Dennis Prager called the “Dress rehearsal for a police state.” When a woman driving alone near her own home is cited and threatened, when drive-in church services are prohibited and attendees threatened, when a paddleboarder alone in the ocean is arrested, when a married couple is told to separate and threatened with arrest, it has nothing to do with public health. Those are police state tactics, period.

  8. Mixed feelings here. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t or Better safe than sorry. Overreach maybe, when you don’t have facts (which is history based) how do you react? Did we do the right thing, history will tell us. We do have facts now, let’s respond to the facts and get back to work,cautiously. Roger

  9. Right on. Thank you Mr. Huey – you are a calm voice of reason in a very chaotic world. One thing you neglected to mention is the fact that liberal and progressive forces have been attacking our President and all conservatives, continuously and with the aid of the media, and this Crisis” came along at precisely the right moment for them to use to try to oust him from the White House. The longer the crisis drags on the greater their chances of taking over in Nov. Lord help us! What has been happening is only a preview of what would take place if the democrats do win in Nov.!

  10. Tell Cavuto that one reason the border states are increasing in numbers is because people from Mexico who have corona virus are being brought here by helicopter and distributed to many counties in our states. At night! I don’t see why they can’t have the large tent hospitals like they have all over the US and stop the illegal immigrants from coming this way. I’ll be happy to go and take care of them in Mexico as I do care about them having the virus, but I don’t think we should have to use our tax dollars to take care of them.

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