Liberal Media Bias: How People Are Being Lied to, Misled and Manipulated [Video]

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The biased media isn’t covering the news. It’s pushing a political agenda.

News of substance and news objectively reported take a backseat to fake news stories and conspiracy theories involving Trump and anything the Republicans try to pass.

For example, a study of the evening news on ABC, CBS and NBC found that nearly 90% of the broadcast networks’ coverage of President Trump has been negative.

Out of 63 reporters in the White House press corps, only 5% are Republicans … that’s 3 of 63.

The Press has assumed the role of the opposition party.

Its purpose is to:

  • Undermine confidence in the President
  • Make the President look corrupt
  • Show that he is incompetent
  • Cast doubt on Trump’s truthfulness
  • Stop any legislation to help drain the swamp or boost jobs

And it’s not just national newscasts.

In the past, local TV coverage stood for objectivity.

No longer.

Take the LA Market. In my study, 94% of the coverage has been anti-Trump.

Dave Bryan of KCBS/KCAL once tried to be objective. NO longer. The anti-Trump propaganda and the promotion of a liberal, collectivist point of view – with no balance, is non-stop.

One of the worst offenders is CNN.

A CNN producer was secretly videoed by Project Veritas, admitting the network’s Trump/Russia coverage is “B.S.”

The scientific complexities of arguing the Climate Accord was over in a day. It was back to Russia.

Watch Tucker Carlson’s powerful video about CNN’s bias:

CNN saw 3 of its reporters resign after it retracted one of a constant flow of fake Russia stories.

A Media Research Center study of every broadcast network evening newscast in the five weeks since the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller on May 17 found a whopping 353 minutes of airtime devoted to the Russia probe, or 55 percent of all coverage of the Trump presidency during those weeks.

It spent little time on anything else:

  • Terrorism, 29 minutes
  • ObamaCare Repeal & Replace, 17 minutes
  • The economy, 5 minutes
  • Trade, 5 minutes.
  • War in Afghanistan, 4 minutes
  • Tax reform, 1 minute

Don’t buy the hysteria whipped up by the mainstream media.

Those fake news monsters aren’t hiding under your bed … they’re right on your TV.

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2 Comments on “Liberal Media Bias: How People Are Being Lied to, Misled and Manipulated [Video]”

  1. Craig, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Democrats and the Liberal Left will attack ANYTHING to do with President Trump and his administration. Absolutely ANYTHING. If they find out that Trump brushes his teeth a certain way, they will attack that, too! The Democrats and Liberal Left are poor losers, and can’t grow up. They are whiners and complainers, pure and simple. I don’t even watch ABC, CBS, or NBC except for the national news, and then with a discerning ear, because the bias is ALWAYS there. The devil is active right now, guaranteed. 1Peter 5:8-9—-“…the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour….” And he’s “devouring” right now. He’s the father of lies: fake news(?)

  2. The liberal media hardly seems to even try to hide their bias anymore. In fact, they rather seem proud of it. As they skew coverage of our current president, his administration, the Republican party, Conservatism & Christianity, I am deeply concerned about their influence on our nation. If you talk with Democrats & liberals or see what they post on various social media sites, you will hear & see words many cannot define, but toss around with impunity, like treason, impeachment, fascism, and the like they are hearing from the media. These commentators encourage people to believe our greatest threat is a duly elected president and any who work with him or voted for him. Couple this with the constant narrative of victimization they run with, ie., the wealthy oppressing the poor, whites oppressing minorities, religion oppressing gay & abortion rights, and a whole host of other things, they are contributing to an already poisonous, divided atmosphere in this country. Half the country is angry & disheartened that we’ve run so far off the rails while the other seems to think we need to self-combust to achieve a so-called socialist utopia. Christians know our enemy is not flesh & blood, but powers, principalities & dark forces in the heavenly realms. The enemy is using these voices to distract, anger & scare people. These days it requires more of Christians to remain steadfast in their faith, discern truth from deception, pray ever more fervently for spiritual revival and share the gospel with so many who now find Christianity something to be hostile towards. I cannot know where this is all headed, but I can’t help but think the media will be complicit in more civil unrest & hatred in days to come.

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