Forced Vaccinations: Despite the Politicians/Bureaucrats Fearmongering, Americans Are Fighting Back and Winning – 3 Facts About the Historic Struggle to Destroy Freedom of Choice [Action Request]

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Across America, both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated are standing up to the pro-socialist collectivists who want to force everyone to get the COVID vaccination…or be treated like second class citizens marginalized and discriminated against.

Here are 3 things you should know:

#1. About 56 % of the U.S. population has received one of the COVID-19 vaccinations. In addition, millions more have recovered from the virus and have antibodies which protect them from the disease.

Those that have not been vaccinated – if they wish not to be vaccinated – have that right as a free people.

They understand the risks, and they understand the danger.

Vaccinations are a personal choice. They should not be forced on anyone.

Some have religious concerns.

Some are concerned that the vaccines have not yet had long-term testing and evaluation of the side effects.

Some are concerned that they haven’t even been approved by the FDA yet, only being used with temporary emergency authorization.

Others believe in natural health and oppose putting any pharmaceutical drugs into their bodies.

These people should not have to live as though they are under communist Cuba or China where the government is dictating to them what to do.

In a free nation, people have choice.

#2. Many schools have been forcing kids to get vaccinations to come back to school – now the CDC is recommending it -without any logic or science.

Lawsuits are being filed across America now against schools – elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges – for requiring vaccinations.

Some of these lawsuits are private, such as against the elementary schools in Washington D.C.

Others are with the Attorney General of South Carolina, Alan Wilson, who is challenging the college vaccination mandates…and winning.

The College of Charleston is one example. The school changed its policies regarding COVID-19 vaccinations after concerns were voiced to the office of South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

Wilson reported that state lawmakers have banned “any state institution from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations.” 

#3. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has declared that COVID vaccine mandates are legal.

The DOJ has concluded that public agencies and private companies can legally require employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 under the FDA’s emergency use authorization.

The Department of Veteran Affairs became the first federal government agency to mandate COVID vaccination for its employees.[1]

Rutgers University became the first university to mandate vaccination for both employees and students earlier this year. And Carnegie Hall in Manhattan announced that it will require audience members, staff, and performers to provide proof of vaccination before entering the building.[2]

The Federal bureaucracy. The Big pharma and Big Tech. The health and medical bureaucracy. The politicians who want more control and power are pushing it hard.

It’s control we oppose and stop vaccine passports, vaccine mandates and more control.

The 2021 elections are school board, city council and local elections (and the California recall).

The 2022 elections are the chance for change – big change.

And if you know someone who wants legal help for free to opt out of forced vaccinations at work or school, go to the Pacific Justice Institute website and get the resource by clicking HERE.

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[2] Ibid.

7 Comments on “Forced Vaccinations: Despite the Politicians/Bureaucrats Fearmongering, Americans Are Fighting Back and Winning – 3 Facts About the Historic Struggle to Destroy Freedom of Choice [Action Request]”

  1. I worked on a covid floor for 4 months and it was horrible. Just as horrible is forcing people to take any of the vaccines that have serious adverse effects and death for some.

    1. Thanks Pamela…It is interesting that people I know like you who have worked in hospitals with covid patients – so many of them are refusing the vaccination and it is their choice to do so.

      It seems like with hospital staff that those who do not want it is between 30-50%.

      Thanks for your clarity and stand for freedom.

  2. Again, what happened to “My Body, My Choice” that the Democrats and their allies have been screaming at us for decades? Never mind that the body they want to murder has no say! I will not comply with either a vaccine or testing!

  3. You need to get this message out to the people. Covid 19 killer
    HEQ-Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin. I have 4 relatives used this and all 4 are doing fine.
    there immune system on tacked and they can fight the delta variance. As far as I can tell this so called delta variance is bunch of bull they are trying to cover up the real problem. You will see thousand of vaccinated people will begin to die between now and the end of the year. This will happen because the vaccine has destroy the immune system.

  4. A. It’s not a “vaccine” (but an mRNA altering drug that hijacks your body to make spike protein- which starts a plandemic and kills with blood clots among other auto-immune diseases)

    B. Government should NEVER dictate what goes into your body.

    C. This is HIGHLY illegal – our constitution is being burned people. Wake up and smell the Orwellian coffee.

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