Vaccines and Parental Rights: Why Socialist Politicians Are Replacing Choice with Government Mandates – 7 Things You Should Know

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How much risk should a child be compelled to take to potentially save the life of another child?

Parents are increasingly being told they don’t have the right to ask this question … much less have any say in answering it for their own children.

A recent measles outbreak of 1,200 cases has triggered the demand for stricter vaccine laws … with harsh punishments of up to $1,000 fines for parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the toll of autoimmune diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders – including autism – continues to soar relentlessly without explanation.

Parents are besieging legislators with stories of children who died or experienced devastating illnesses or disabilities after getting their prescribed shots.

Here are 7 things you should know about the vaccine controversy:

1. The number of prescribed infant vaccinations has grown from 7 in the 1980s to 16 today.

Until recently, the compliance rate was over 90% — even though the 16 vaccinations require a total of 70 doses.

Parents who objected to the plethora of vaccinations could obtain an exemption of one kind or another depending on the laws in their state.

2. Every state has always had exemptions available for parents who objected to the number of vaccinations.

  • Every state had a medical exemption
  • Most states had a religious exemption
  • Many states had easy-to-obtain philosophical or personal-belief exemptions

The health impact of some parents opting out didn’t seem to be serious or to cause alarm.

3. States that are now attempting to restrict vaccination exemptions are facing strong opposition from parents.

New York, Maine and Washington state have each passed legislation this year to restrict vaccinations based on religious beliefs…

And the California legislature recently passed a law – SB 276 – severely limiting medical exemptions – the only type of exemption available in the state.

Strong parental protests in Vancouver, Washington caused security officers to close an entire floor of the state legislative office building … and thousands of parents rallied outside an Albany, New York courthouse where a lawsuit challenging the ending of religious exemptions was being heard.

4. Politicians are lying to parents about being able to obtain needed medical exemptions, while threatening doctors who grant them.

The author of the California bill – State Senator Richard Pan, M.D. – said that every parent who truly needed a medical exemption would be able to obtain one…

However, 882 out of 882 pediatric medical practices told a mother they would not write an exemption for a child who had suffered from anaphylactic shock – even though that condition is one of the few listed in the legislation that deserves a vaccination exemption.


Probably because the legislation also mandates special scrutiny of doctors who have issued more than 5 exemptions – including exemptions granted before the bill goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

5. Reports of children who died or experienced devastating illnesses or disability after getting their vaccinations should not be ignored.

Even though it may be impossible with current technology to prove a correlation between vaccinations and the heart-breaking neurological disorders suffered by previously healthy children … the medical establishment should be feverishly conducting research to find the causes of such devastating illnesses.

The public-health mantra of “Vaccines are safe and effective” doesn’t console parents whose once-healthy children have died or experienced serious neurological problems after having a slew of shots.

If there is no causal relationship between vaccines and neurological disorders or death, the medical establishment should be able to tell parents what DID cause their child’s disability.

Parents deserve better answers than they are being given…

6. How much risk should children be compelled to endure for the sake of other children?

In other areas – such as exposure to radiation or lead – a risk of 1 in 10,000 is considered unacceptable…

A much higher risk of vaccines can’t be ruled out until statistical tracking is improved and more research studies are completed.

According to the most recent information available, only 1% of serious vaccine side effects – such as permanent disability or death – are likely reported to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

7. Compelling parents to vaccinate their children is a violation of parental rights.

It’s socialism, pure and simple … for a government agency to dictate to parents what they must do to raise their children.

While public safety and individual freedom are both important – and are both worthy goals – individual freedom must take precedence in a freedom-loving society.

There is no such thing as a risk-free society.

It has been suggested that the recent outbreak of measles nationwide – 588 cases reported in New York alone – is not the fault of parents refusing to have their children vaccinated…

It may the result of vaccine failure and “escape mutants” – viruses that elude vaccine immunity.

Clearly, more research needs to be done in this area…

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4 Comments on “Vaccines and Parental Rights: Why Socialist Politicians Are Replacing Choice with Government Mandates – 7 Things You Should Know”

  1. This is a joke, right?
    What does this statement have to do with the topic of this article; vaccinations? Nothing.
    Anecdotes doth not mean a scientific correlation.
    Are you serious? Anaphylaxis occurs in 2/MILLION and if you actually follow the medical guidelines of waiting around the office (or at CVS, Walmart, Mobile gas station…) for 20-30 minutes, all is well. Anaphylaxis is not life-threatening IN A DOCTOR’S office. They just might have an epi-pen or three available?
    Oh, My. First, it is extremely possible to prove correlation between vaccinations and [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH WHATEVER DEBILITATING CHILDHOOD TRAUMA YOU WANT]. Science HAS. There is NONE! Let me repeat that for those of you who are hard of reading: THERE ARE NO CORRELATIONS BETWEEN VACCINES AND ANYTHING WRONG WITH YOUR CHILD! Stop this madness! YOU are killing kids… literally.
    See the previous comment. Ask and Ye shall receive… So to speak…
    Are you aware that VAERS is an open forum? Anecdotes and reporting one’s thoughts and beliefs is NOT science. Oh, this hurts…
    “Suggested”??? By whom? So, now a suggestion by some unnamed source is science? “Vaccine failures” and “escape mutants”? Now I understand. You get your information from the same online sources as the like of Jenny McCarthy. Sad.

    IF you are actually interested in science, please stop this rambling of “suggestions”, anecdotes, and sound bites of the anti-vax society.

  2. We can only hope for the “science” to catch up with the testimonies of parents with vaccine-damaged children. Unfortunately, no one in their right (business) mind is ever going to risk funding research that could possibly upset the financial apple cart of pharmaceutical companies. (Whose adverts significantly fund television programs including news outlets? Whose “donations” fund liberal candidates campaigns for political office?)
    May we take heart that for believers in Jesus Christ, this earth is not our ultimate home.

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