The Real Reason for the Lockdown: It’s Power and Money, Not Health or Science

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Across America, pro-socialist governors and mayors are imposing destructive polices that are destroying businesses, jobs, religious freedom, individual choice, education…life.

The Democrat pro-socialist governors are all instituting a new lockdown based upon false data and false premises.

Why are they doing this?

They are doing this because it’s perfect timing for President-elect Biden to take office and Congress to act to do two things:

  1. Pass massive bailouts. The pro-socialist politicians want to bail out irresponsible states that have overspent on their state budgets. They want billions in federal stimulus money to cover their failed policies of tax, tax, and spend, spend. They have overspent, creating huge deficits. There are responsible states that have not overspent and don’t have massive deficits … and their taxpayers will have to pay the bailout.
  2. Pass new pro-socialist legislation never dreamed of. They don’t want to waste a crisis opportunity to expand their power. It’s a perfect time for them to be able to take advantage of a crisis during what is usually called the “honeymoon” time where Congress and the President are able to initiate programs that they couldn’t do later in their terms.

There is no reason for the lockdown.

There was no reason you couldn’t have a Thanksgiving gathering unless you were over 75, or had a health problem. Those in that group should be careful…but also should have the choice to decide.

There is no reason to say you can’t have Christmas.

There is no reason that businesses cannot be open.

There is no reason to say schools cannot be open.

People should be free to live their lives, understanding how to personally be safe through their own free choices, mitigating risk … but be free to make their own choices.

If you want to stay home, stay home. If you want to go out, go out. That’s called freedom of choice…it’s what America is all about.

This lockdown is a political ploy to expand control and increase the size and power of the government. This is a political theater that is creating a false narrative to drive billions of dollars to bail out the spend-thrift politicians so they don’t suffer the consequences of their own irresponsibility.

It’s a political drama to be able to increase more money for more government programs, more government takeovers, and more government power at the expense of the taxpayers, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty…based on creating mass fear.

It’s a powerplay to be able to further crush the small businesses and churches, crush free speech, and crush opposition.

It’s time we stand up for truth and push back against the tyranny coming from these state governors.

There is no “health” or “science” that says eating at restaurants, working, going to school, having fun at Disneyland or having Christmas is dangerous.

99.95% of people survive if they get coronavirus…unless they are in nursing homes, have a major health issue and are over 75 or 80.

All should be free to live their lives in freedom and without government micromanaging their lives like communist China.

Let’s resist this tyranny of the elite, who are creating rules for you they don’t follow themselves and that don’t affect them.

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5 Comments on “The Real Reason for the Lockdown: It’s Power and Money, Not Health or Science”

  1. Thank you Craig for helping to put an end to this pandemic boogeyman and the pseudo science used to support it. There should be laws against discriminating against small businesses. Every business is essential to those employed by it.

  2. A few weeks ago everyone in CA received a notification that COVID-19 was spiking nation wide. We were told to stay home. My first reaction was to think the song from Disney’s “The Three Little Pigs”. You know, who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? I’m not! My second thought made me wonder who exactly is keeping track of the number of deaths from COVID-19? And did they die specifically FROM COVID-19 or WITH COVID-19? Then I realized that it must be the same people who counted election ballots November 3rd. And one last thought; if the virus is overwhelming our icu’s why aren’t the homeless “dying in the streets” as was originally predicted and where are the USNS hospital ships? This is just evil!

  3. Hugh and Rich, the evil is the deniers like yourselves who have helped spread the current surge in Covid-19 through disinformation. South Korea has taken Covid-19 seriously and has had great success in controlling its spread. They’ve avoided massive shutdowns by wearing masks and agressive contact tracing. Thankfully, the strong Christian influence in South Korea hasn’t launched a ton of conspiracy theories such as Hugh does in this blog. Governor Newsome is trying to avoid people dying in the streets. Hospitals in LA County are already nearly maxed out. The trend doesn’t look good. If you don’t believe the numbers, what do you attribute all of the excess deaths in 2020 vs. 2019 to? Here is a recent article from South Korea showing that indoor dining can spread Covid-19 at distances much greater than 6 feet: I think we should start calling it the Trump Virus, since his anti-science anti-mask herd immunity based approach to handling the virus has made America first amongst developed nations on a Covid-19 deaths per capita basis (MAGA at its morbid worst). Christians are supposed to have discernment from the Holy Spirit. Too many have sacrificed that for political loyalty.


    I agree w Tom and Rich. This was part of the big reset by the elites and the CCP. Bill Gates is another part of the plot w his vaccine to alter our human dna that sterilizes and also interacts w 5g technology to control and kill us. Bill Gates has committed crimes against humanity by using 3rd world country citizens as guinea pigs. Look up India HPV on the deaths and illness caused by Gates vaccines. Unintended victims of Gates foundation generosity Los Angeles times is another sickening story about forcing aids vaccines on people who are starving to death. Now Gates is ready to unleash his vaccine on the USA. These people are sick. Another part of this story is these elites hate humanity in general as we are multiplying too quickly and the world will not have enough food. This is a way to depopulate the earth. The CCP wants our land because they don’t have enough to feed their country. The virus was made in China as a biological weapon. I don’t know how it was released but fortunately it is treatable w hydroxychloroquine and other alternative known treatments that the truth has been kept from us. Ron, we will never know the real numbers because we were lied too by the hospitals who were getting paid more money by the gov to report covid deaths. I still don’t think there is even a known test to identify you have covid 19. Those throat and nose swabs are based on positive and negative results but for what? Any flu or bacteria or disease? I still cannot find any info that explains the truth.
    Check out that link or look up Partying in Wuhan. They are laughing at the current lockdowns why they are living it up in China. Hmm, seems awfully fishy. We have been lied too. The other part of this story is too hard for Americans to face up too but it involves the elite oligarchs satanism and sex trafficking. Look up DUMBS and the babies and children that were saved in underground tunnels. I became physically ill learning that such depraved humans live among us and have infiltrated our government and elected officials. Hint: look at all the states in total loc down. What are these monsters hiding? May God have mercy on all of souls. Trump is fighting these monsters and I support him! St. Michael the archangel protect Trump and all the patriots is this battle against good and evil!

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