New Government Order: Worship and Singing Banned in Church…

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New Government Order: Worship and Singing Banned in Church…

You can sing and scream in protests.

But not in church.

Hypocrisy. Yes.

But that is the latest dictate from California Governor Newsom as he is joining other states in their assault on church and people of faith.

The new command: Singing and worship is now banned in churches in California where only a small gathering is allowed now making it impossible to meet for most churches.

The spiritual dynamics of closing the churches have been rationalized, justified and excused by pastors and church leaders…and applauded by those seeking to destroy the churches especially in an election year.

But the damage to Christians, ministries, church finances, children, evangelism, outreach to those broken and hurting has been immense.

Some say streaming online is good enough.

But what about those who want to exercise their 1st Amendment freedom of religion and free speech clause for assemblies?

The new Newsom directive says:

“Places of worship must therefore discontinue singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower.” – California department of Health. (July 1, 2020).

It looks like there was a loophole in the dictate. The order appears to be for paid singers – not volunteers. The order cites no legal authority, just an OSHA-type order.

No singing about God’s love, grace, and joy. No worship of God or thanksgiving for the cross.

But this order is illegal.

It is unconstitutional.

The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution says that government may not dictate the form or manor of worship.

No government can limit the number of people or worship songs – China coronavirus or not.

Christianity is under attack.

The enemy is battling like never before to destroy the church., its influence and ability to operate.


Stand firm.


If you and your church want to stop worshipping, that is your choice – not the governments choice.

I just attended a mega church service with four instrumentalists and seven singers, all on stage. It was awesome…and, our choice. [Video]

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

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20 Comments on “New Government Order: Worship and Singing Banned in Church…”

  1. Wonder how much longer now until AMERICA become like China, Pakistan, pertaining to our historic CHRISTIAN freedom to worship. As it is written, GOD’s word: Unless the last days are shorten, no flesh will be saved………..

  2. Churches need to take back their Constitutional rights and defy the government dictators and their Unconstitutional mandates! I said from the beginning that if you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile, and that has sadly come true. Too many pastors are using Hebrews 13:17 to tell us we must obey our leaders, even when they mandate that which is in opposition to Scripture. I have watched several services online with full sanctuaries and people joyfully worshiping God in song. It’s too bad that all churches aren’t participating. Our church isn’t yet and even when they do, they’re telling us seniors to stay home. My husband and I are not afraid of this or any virus.

  3. We as the Body of Christ, must continue to pray against this encroachment of our Constitutional Rights to congregate, worship. Rom 14:22.

  4. China had underground churches and I know personally of a couple that smuggled Bibles into China. If that had not happened then many people would have remained lost. I say obey God!

  5. Governor Newsome knows what he is doing is unconstitutional. But one can see his close relationship with the Chinese communist party, has rubbed off on him as his work product is more tyrannical and so much less American. Pray for Trump and his allies this can not continue.

  6. I have been worshiping in church my entire life and have never been prevented from singing and shouting. That is until now. Yes now but only because of the pandemic the world is experiencing. After this is over those of us who have survived it will continue to worship as we have always done.
    My great grand pa could not worship on Sundays because if they were caught on the roads on Sunday , they would be LYNCHED! That that was preventing folk from worshiping!!!!!!!!!!! This what we are experiencing is the first time in any of our lives that this has happened and will probably be the last- until the tribulation period!!!

  7. I have studied the reasons the authorities have given for the ban on singing, chanting and speaking loudly. I have listened to their endorsements of protests which violate social distancing. I have read and heard that, to them, the cause is worth the risk.
    I have come to the conclusion that since my brothers and sisters in Christ have been fed to lions, burned at the stake, and sent to death camps for accepting God and practicing their Faith . . . . . I, too, will stand for God and practice my Faith.

  8. Let me remind you, there was a time when Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ parents could not worship in their holy place. Did that last? NO! When Jesus was born he and his parents sought asylum in Egypt. That was for like two years! I don’t remember reading that they demanded their rights to go back to their place of worship. They went through those tough times without belly aching!!! Look at Ann Frank, could she worship in her synagog? What about that black pastor who insisted in opening his church because,”Jesus is stronger than Covid”. Well, he died! I mean some folks are going to send their kids back to school because the president tells them to. He ain’t no doctor but they will even put their children;s lives in his hands. I guess next year we will be able to ask the question,”how did that work out for your little Johnny?”

    1. You should also be reminded that God, Himself spoke to Mary and Joseph through the angel of the Lord, to tell them to go to Egypt until it was safe for Jesus to return. God didn’t tell any of us to stop worshiping today. MAN DID! We don’t answer to man! We answer to the Father in heaven. As for the pastor who died after saying, “Jesus is stronger than Covid”, he was right. As believers in Christ, we know that only He has the power to give and take our lives at anytime. We also know where we are going when we die. We do not fear diseases and people without hope. That pastor is currently enjoying his life in eternity with our Savior, Jesus Christ! A place where all believers who trust in Him long to be already. God decided he had already served his purpose, and faithfully has welcomed him home. The same goes for our children returning to school. The Bible says, “Do not fear” 365 times. If the Lord is telling you not to send your children to school, then don’t do it. However, for the rest of the country who God isn’t telling them not to send their children to school, and who want to send their children back to school because they know Jesus also, then their children will be fine. Jesus loves all of us more than anyone else. That being said, we need to trust in His sovereignty over every aspect of our lives. The Bible has numerous accounts for prophets,apostles, and disciples being beaten, jailed, and martyred for their faith. We as Christians today, understand that as Americans we have been protected from the persecution that the rest of the world has encountered for being a Christian for centuries. Therefore, this is a form of persecution of the church that will only continue to get worse. As we enter the last hours of our existence before the rapture of the church, we will choose to sing, worship, and praise our Savior together in a church, field, or any other assembly hall until our last breath. I hope you will choose the same.

  9. I’m not saying to violate social distancing or use of a mask (especially if it muffles MY singing voice.) I’m certainly not saying to go to Church if you’re sick! It seems that the steps that churches have taken are very reasonable and comply with all health concerns.
    I’m saying that our Brothers and Sisters in Christ have stood up against attempts to silence The Good News! We must always be mindful of this and see if restrictions are reasonable or duplicitous. We cannot forget that we are called to witness!

  10. There are a couple of errors I see in this article (sorry Craig).

    Firstly, It has been proven that singing expresses one’s breath at a greater distance than simply speaking.
    If I had a way to show a picture of the Petri dishes with the virus growing on them from speaking, singing, and coughing, I would. And masks cut down the spread significantly.

    1. The Governor did not say we could not worship. That would be unconstitutional.
    How many ways do you express you worship of God aside from singing? (prayer, witnessing, devotions, mission work, charity work, bible lessons, raising up your children in the way they should go, and the list goes on…)

    2. Comparing apples and oranges – A large gathering inside a confined space is different and much more dangerous than being outdoors in the air and sun. Yes the protestors should have been wearing masks also. But they are lawbreakers anyway…. and now so are the Christians.

    3. Jesus did not say to go into churches every Sunday and sing songs to Him, although that is what we enjoy doing.
    He did say, “Go into all the world teaching them and baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”
    No US government is stoping us from doing this.
    Must we be “Religious” on Our terms or will we do what the Lord asks of us?
    “True Religion is to care for the widows and the fatherless in their affliction, and to keep ourselves unspotted from the world.” (James 1:27).
    “…O man, what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God.” (Micah 6:8).
    So although we want our rituals for worship to God, It is not as important as these.

    And until there is a ban on one or all religions, assemblies and speech, there is no violation of our constitutional rights.
    We have the right to speak, we the right to meet, we have the right to our religion.

    There will come a time when a government will take away our rights but this is not that.
    We should do what we can to help matters by good hygiene, wearing our masks in public, and distancing. It’s not hard for most people and it does actually help.

    1. As of this week, which was after your comment, Governor Gavin Newsom has banned the meeting (assembling) of all churches completely. So, I am curious if you still stand firm about just the singing and your comment? The singing is just the beginning of the enemy’s plot to silence the church. Also, maybe do some more research about the other communist countries who have made Christianity illegal already. It is a process of steps that didn’t happen over night, and people who are caught are either jailed or executed. Our constitution gives us the right to assemble, and the virus doesn’t get to tell anyone otherwise. It isn’t about religiosity, either. It is about the freedom that we have “in Christ” to gather together as commanded. Hebrews 10:25.

      1. When meetings are not attended, no one will be there to sing either. So, including singing in a “no meet” order would be unnecessary unless it is assumed the “no meet” order would be disobeyed, then the added protection not to sing would be added, but those would not be clear government orders.

        I guess that technically one could say that not being allowed to meet is unconstitutional; but then are prohibitions on the number of people allowed in an auditorium, or other venues also unconstitutional for certain individuals prohibited from being in the meeting? The reason given us to disallow is for health and safety.

        Yes, communism is accomplished in unwilling countries in a slow process step by step. Here’s a great exposé from a defector.

        I read that our government has the right to restrict us from behaviors for health concerns in emergency situations. I don’t have that reference in front of me however.

        I also believe that our spiritual enemy is after Christians but I don’t believe that common sense ideas for helping avoid sickness and death is a plot against us. That being said, this entire pandemic experience can acclimate us to future orders which will restrict us even further if we are not on our toes. I believe there will be even worse and deadlier epidemics and pandemics to come.

        My concern would be that when this God-fearing administration is gone and a worse one arises, we will really know what unconstitutional law is. They will not use a good reason to prevent us from meeting. We will be outlawed. It’s the censoring of our views & voices that we need to fight against now. In the meantime I don’t want to be guilty of unjustly accusing the government of taking my rights, if they haven’t. That’s a day we should all dread certainly.

        Singing directly has a part to play in the spread of this virus. “Singing to God” was not prohibited. Singing in general should be prohibited in close quarters. I Imagined a place other than church where there are a lot of people signing. If we were at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich where singing is a regular part of the experience I’m sure it would be frowned upon there too. I tried looking for their virus rules and in the process discovered that Octoberfest has been canceled.

        For now, just take a simplified example- forget about all the details for a minute-
        If there was radio active atomic fallout from a nuclear blast, and the government said to stay inside for a year. HAZMAT teams would be delivering food. Would we still be insisting we had to go jump in our cars and drive to church because we had to meet with people to keep a biblical instruction? Would it be a constitutional issue? Maybe. It’s the risk people would be taking. But wouldn’t it be worse if the government never prohibited those meetings in the first place?

        I’m disagreeing with the premise that not holding meetings temporarily is against our constitutional right. That right was afforded us so that if we held views contrary to the government (about taxes for example), we would not become political prisoners or be killed for organizing and holding such meetings. That is what was taking place in other nations and kingdoms in Europe back then. Another right prevents us from being forced to practice a certain State religion or no religion. I don’t see these rights being violated now.

        Remember, church meetings and worship are not being abolished. We are asked to abstain from congregating for awhile for health concerns.
        We can have virtual meetings.
        We still have our bibles and Christian books and devotionals.
        We still can watch sermons on TV, Youtube, and pray.
        Our God is not hindered by space and time. He created them. Worship continues.

        There are not many people anymore who think that God is only found inside a cathedral, church, or chapel.
        There are not many people who must get themselves into the church building or they cannot pray.
        There are not many people who believe God is only where others are. What will they do when they are in the hospital for a month and can’t get inside the church then? What about Jonah?

        Pastors, church employees, religious church-goers, and those that miss their church friends are complaining because they want what they are used to. What will they say and do when real persecution takes place? When churches are torn down and bibles are burned? And the threat of imprisonment is real? I hope they will be willing to meet and spread the gospel even more.

        Because I understand the reason for the order, I choose to obey. If I didn’t, if there was actually no threat, and no truth to such a crisis, and if I believed it was made to deceive me and take away my rights, I would encourage others to see that it was false and unconstitutional.

        Many instructions are given in life. Most are followed because they make sense and are good for us.
        Everyone has free will but they will have to live with the consequences. If we choose to put our hand in the flame we have to live with a burnt hand. We can either buckle our seat belts or we can pay lots of money to drive without a seat belt in the form of tickets. The choice is ours. The difference here is that if I choose not to obey this order, I might be the cause of someone else’s death. It’s the same as reckless driving & DUI. Right now all these things are illegal. The good in us chooses to obey to save lives. Luckily the “no-meet” order will be lifted at some time.

        Here’s another thing to remember.
        If you have been tested as negative for the virus; that was then. A moment in time.
        Unless you live alone and have not been anywhere since you were tested, it’s possible that you have encountered someone or touched something that has since given you the virus. If you isolate yourself for another 2 weeks after that encounter to be sure you develop no symptoms, only then will you know you are safe to be around other people.

        If we all wear masks, wash often, and distance, we can help bring this disease under control again.

        I just can’t think of why a Christian would not want to do what he could to help save lives. What about the bible verses that say, “Though I have freedom, if my eating of meat offends a brother, I will not do it.” This teaches me that I will make sacrifices for others and not insist on my own way.

        These are some more reasons why I think we should not make a big issue out of this order.
        Didn’t President Trump deem religious meetings essential? Then if our church is open I suppose we could go. But don’t be surprised when people in the congregation come down with the virus after the governor warned not to meet. He knows just how many and how bad the cases are in our area.

        I agree, those who believe they should stay home should. They should not be guilt-tripped for lack of faith though. Not everyone is superman and never gets sick. Not everyone gets healed in the prayer lines. So, although certain people brag about how full of faith they are and apply verses that have little to do with protection from sickness outside of for the ones who are actively sharing the gospel and making disciples, they shouldn’t be accusing anyone of unbelief. No one knows about all the health issues each person faces and really has no right to speak for anyone but themselves.

  11. I think it’s time to do more than just pray. Why aren’t we moving to throw Newsom out of office?

  12. Ralph, we are are called to witness- but not just in our churches.” Go ye into the WORLD and preach the gospel to every creature”!!! Unfortunately many Americans have decided that the virus is a hoax and does not really exist- therefore most of the countries that have over come covid 19 , refuse to have RIGHTIOUS Americans even come into their countries. Americans have been kicked out ot the countries of the world who took this virus serious and didn’t laugh it off like Trump and his loyal flunkies have.
    I can’t believe that people would even gamble with their kid’s health to perpetuate their loyalty to a person who wants folk to ingest bleach to heal the virus when they get it…

  13. Densil, Please watch the entire actual press conference. Trump never suggested “ingesting” or “injecting” bleach. They were talking about the things that leave the virus untenable. Disinfecting surfaces was one way and UV light was another. With modern technology it may be possible to get light to the virus, in the same sort of way other devises have been crated to navigate through the blood stream. Trump actually said in that same press conference exchange that you can’t inject disinfectant which one reporter was suggesting.

  14. I think you’ve expressed the problem exactly, Craig. If someone is high risk or concerned about catching COVID, they can stay home. Mandating limits on worship is not only unconstitutional, but damaging to the mental health of many that count on the spiritual uplift that comes from worshipping with others. Besides, if we had not restricted everyone, which included the young and healthy, we would have herd immunity by now.

  15. This is the end of the church age and judgement on the nation for not standing up when we allowed prayer & Bible to be removed and allowed abortion to the tune of 4K babies a day being slaughtered by our “choice” to do so. If anyone disagrees, I don’t care. Read the Bible. If God judged Israel and kicked them out of their nation for 1900 years?? Who do we think we are to go on like we are the way we are? Ain’t gonna happen. God is ticked and we have this coming. All churches with a 501C3 are a corporation. When we realize that the church has become a den of thieves and a house of merchandise, everything that they do makes sense. We’ve been shouting from the rooftops that this was coming since the early 80’s…and here it is.

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