Military Indoctrination Escalates: 3 Shocking Ways on How the Politicized Military Bureaucrats are Brainwashing the Military Troops

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Political indoctrination by the politicized military leaders is one of the biggest threats to freedom, our republic, and your safety. The U.S. military leadership is indoctrinating the troops, cadets, and new recruits.

This politicization of the military started under the Obama administration, and continued — although covertly, under President Trump’s administration, despite Trump’s protestations.

Now, it’s back in full force, under Biden.

Here are 3 shocking ways it’s happening:

  • The Training has been politicized with CRT, LGBTQ, and other political hot buttons.West Point cadets are being taught “whiteness” connotes “race privilege” and a “structural advantage”.

    It’s pure racist Marxism.

This teaching is being pushed in all the military ranks, based upon the Biden/General Milley command.

For example, our troops used to be trained in military tactics, combat, and military procedures.

Now they are being trained on using the “right pronouns” and “safe spaces” for transgenders.

In a recent Navel training video, Undersea Warfare Center Engineer Jony Rozon opens the video wearing a rainbow decorated T-shirt and says “Hi. My name is Jony, and I use he/him pronouns.” He then continues to describe other pronouns and the proper etiquette on how to use them.

As Russia continues to decimate Ukraine… As China is on the verge of invading Taiwan… As North Korea lobs missiles over Japan — Our commander in chief and top brass in the military are worried about our soldiers not using the right “gay” pronouns and LGBQT etiquette.

The official naval training video was produced and posted online to show our troops the importance of “using the correct pronouns, and polite etiquette when you come across someone you don’t know, and you’re not sure how they identify.”

You can see the 4-minute video HERE.

  • The Purging of Conservatives, Libertarians, and Christians from the Military is Continuing.

As I explained in my previous article, “Transforming America! Purging Conservatives, Libertarians, and Christians from the Military”, it’s continuing.

From the Pentagon down the line to commanding officers, the military is being politicized by the Biden Administration’s woke LGBT policies.

They have singled out conservatives, libertarians, and Christians and have force-fed this indoctrination to them.

They are essentially brainwashing our soldiers to embrace left-wing, socialist/Marxist, anti-American ideology, even going so far as to label conservative citizens as “domestic terrorists”.

Their goal — purge anyone in the military who does not embrace this left-wing, anti-American, Marxist ideology.

Some military people have gone all the way to the Supreme Court to fight this indoctrination.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Some are trying to defy the mandates.

Some are going along with the mandates, being silent and complying.

But it’s wrong.

  • The Recruitment of New Soldiers is Political, Not Smart.

    New recruits are being politicized through new, shocking video promotional commercials that embrace LGBTQ and other “woke” issues.In one commercial, a female corporal gives praise to being “raised by two mothers”, as she sits behind the controls of our missile defense system. She continues to describe how at a young age, “she marched for equality” and that she’s still “defending freedom”. The animation in the segment flashes an image of a LGBTQ pride parade.

    Watch HERE.

    There’s no pride in America. No waiving of the American flag. No celebration of traditional American Values, or American exceptionalism… Just racism, division, and loathing for everything America stands for.

    How do they expect to win any wars by softening our military soldiers and making them hate our country and the principles it was founded on?

How do they expect to win a war against Russia or China, when they are putting out recruitment videos like this?

Watch HERE.

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3 Comments on “Military Indoctrination Escalates: 3 Shocking Ways on How the Politicized Military Bureaucrats are Brainwashing the Military Troops”

  1. Well – this woke military “leadership” (quoted because they don’t truly lead) have “waived” the flag instead of “waving” it as patriots should

  2. I see that. They could use my program to save their bases and personnel from our pending Nuclear Attack on our 21 cities as seen by our best US Christians prophets. See if you haven’t heard.

  3. It seems to me that “they “ are deliberately trying to weaken our military in case of a future confrontation with China and/or Russia. We need to ignore this deliberate watering down of our military capabilities. Otherwise…goodbye USA.

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