Twitter Censors Tim Tebow’s Inspirational Bible [Video]

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Twitter censored an inspirational post by former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow asking Christians to hold onto their faith during times of personal tribulation.

The following media includes potentially sensitive content, read a warning from the social media giant that covered the video portion of his post.

Watch the video by clicking here.

Tebow said, “This could be your time. That breakthrough could be tomorrow, or it could be next year. But you have the opportunity to turn however you’re being tested into a testimony. So many heroes were wounded deeply before they were used greatly!

So maybe you’re going through a time in your life where you feel like you’ve just been wounded greatly. It hasn’t been your year, hasn’t been your day – you just don’t feel like this is your time.”

“But this could be your time for learning. This could be your time for growing. This could be your time for adapting. This could be the time that is a test for you, but tomorrow it gets to turn into a testimony.”

Because you never know what God is doing with your life. You never know what he is preparing you for. So many times in the Bible, when we look at the heroes there were times in their life where if they stopped, if they quit, if they said, No’, God, I’ve had enough,’ then they would have missed out on the most impactful, most influential times of their life.

“Maye that is the next step for you. Maybe that is tomorrow. Maybe that is next week, maybe that is next year. But when we quit, we will never know what we missed out on. We will never know what’s in store for us.

Because maybe that breakthrough is coming tomorrow. Maybe it’s next year. Maybe you have a little bit more time going through a hard time in your life.

But I can tell you this: We get to trust an unknown future to a known God, because we know how much he loves us. We know what he did for us in sending his son. He gave his best for us…

When we remember, that then we can trust in the character of our God, because we know how much he loves us. That’s how we get through the tough times.

Tebow concluded his video message by saying, “Right where you’re at, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re going through, He loves you. You were enough for his son to die on the cross, that’s how much you’re loved. Hold onto that in your time of need.”

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7 Comments on “Twitter Censors Tim Tebow’s Inspirational Bible [Video]”

  1. Tim is correct. I lean on My Lord every day. He still has everything under control. Satan is testing us. But My Lord and Savior has control.

  2. I just now tried to post a story about the Corona Virus Scamdemic and those were the key words that prevented me from posting it. They don’t want the truth to get out.

  3. God bless and protect Tim! He didn’t deny Jesus to the whole world and Jesus won’t deny Tim to His Father! Hallelujah!!

  4. well – looks like the uproar go to those people at Twitter as the overlay that Craig warned about is not there just now

  5. Why do you say Twitter has censored the post when I can view it by clicking on the link? [I don’t have a Twitter account. I have better things to do than to waste time on it.] In what way did they censor the post?

  6. Facebook follows their agenda, which is most certainly anti-Christian. Which is unfair to people seeking the Truth. They do not censor all Christian posts, but many very truthful ones. A very bad move on their part.

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