“By Grace Through Faith:” Selena Gomez Shares Her Christian Journey [Video]

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Selena Gomez has 132.9 million followers on Instagram…

If they look at her Bio page or just about any other page, they will see the words, “By grace through faith” over and over again.

Selena’s faith in Christ was renewed and strengthened in 2015 after she was diagnosed with a form of Lupus that attacks the internal organs.

She wrote a worship song that year about God’s love, which she titled “Nobody.”

When the disease caused her kidneys to begin shutting down last year, she underwent a kidney transplant.

Selena prepares for concerts by listening to Hillsong worship music and by gathering her team for prayer before going on stage.

She recently shared an emotional testimony about her faith in Christ at a Hillsong Church Conference in Los Angeles.

Some Christians will criticize Selena and doubt the sincerity of her faith because of her seductive dress and her support for homosexuality … but her bold and unflinching affirmation of Christ within the darkness of Hollywood is a welcome beam of light.

Click below to listen to a portion of the testimony Selena shared recently at the Hillsong conference in Los Angeles:

Here is the worship song “Nobody,” written by Selena in 2015. You can also find the song on her album, Revival (2015).

Pray for Selena Gomez – for her growth in Christ, and for knowledge and obedience to His Word.


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  1. Woah I never new she believes in God . I’m so happy and I will pray that her faith grows stronger and that she will go to heaven!

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