Revival Among Youth…How God is Moving Despite the Failures of Government, Pastors and Churches

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Across America, spontaneous gatherings of Christians are happening where people are accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

At a time when churches are locked down in so many states…

At a time when churches have drastically downsized their outreach…

At a time when Christians cannot legally gather together in large groups…

That’s where Christians are fulfilling their call to reach others for Christ in new and dramatic ways…. but official “illegal”.

For example:

  • Christian concerts  
  • Street preachers
  • Beach Bible studies and worship
  • Illegal gatherings at parks

And yes, illegal gatherings in building and churches.

Revival has broken out.

What’s amazing is that so much of it has been sparked by people under 30, including youth.

When Shelly and I went to The Return in Washington D.C., I wrote about two significant observations:

  1. Most people there were under 30.
  2. The gathering of over a hundred thousand people was significantly multicultural.

It was awesome.

People are searching for hope.

When I went to hear an illegal concert by Sean Feucht in Nashville, Tennessee, Shelly and I enjoyed seeing close to five thousand people gathered…almost all under 30.

Hearing the gospel preached, watching people worshipping Jesus Christ in song,  seeing baptisms…

And hundreds of people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

It was awesome…

And yes, people are searching for hope.

I would like you to watch this video here about how young people in Georgia are accepting Christ as their personal Savior.

After you watch the video, if you know of any similar events in your area, please let me know.

What do you think about what happened in Georgia…and elsewhere?

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4 Comments on “Revival Among Youth…How God is Moving Despite the Failures of Government, Pastors and Churches”

  1. We voted locally in Madison County Georgia 1/5/21. When we entered the voting precinct, we noticed right away that all the poll workers were new except one. We’ve voted there for the last 18 years this had never happened. I asked what had they done to improve security since the 11/3/20 election. A man with a mafia demeanor charged at me and my husband telling us to shut up and get out. As we both moved towards him I said you shut up I’ve got my First Amendment rights and you aren’t stopping me from speaking. He called the cop outside, also a new development for the place. We were told to quietly vote and get out. The local news ran an article that this same precinct had 231 uncounted votes in this little one horse town. We knew they were cheating. Never voting again until they fix this mess.

  2. Yes it’s a crock of crap what just happened and how brainwashed the Democrats are. I’m in California and it is MISERABLE out here if you are a Republican amongst the Democrat masses. Just had a big debate with one of my neighbors that I’ve always gotten along with. When the conversation came to President Trump he got this look in his eye that literally scared me and he went off and even came back for more arguing after he had already started walking away. Saying Trump did NOTHING for this country. I reminded him that at least he could communicate as opposed to the new incoming warm body. It is crazy the HATE these people have and the desire to change this nation to be a communist or socialist nation.. GOD help us all !

  3. If churches rely on the county health department or the governor instead of Jesus Christ, there’ll always be something to lock those churches down. Another virus, another epidemic, another pandemic, something worse. It’ll just be a vicious cycle.

  4. … “Never voting again until they fix this mess.”

    I strongly recommend doing the OPPOSITE of what your gut tells you to do. (Thinking with one’s “guts” has never worked out well for me, any of my friends or family. Quite the opposite!!)

    Rather, I recommend becoming VERY involved in the political scene & encouraging anyone you know to do the same. Otherwise, in my opinion, we’re abandoning our posts.

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