Despite Nursing Home Restriction, Man Encourages Wife and World with His Testimony of God’s Love

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One of the horrific consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak is that nursing homes will not allow people to visit.

Loved ones cannot encourage, pray for, or talk to their loved ones except on the phone — if the patient can answer the phone.

We can’t visit my aunt — who is 96 — any longer in the nursing home. But despite that, we were able to sing and talk to her through her window because she is on the 1st floor.

We got this idea from a man in Alabama whose wife is suffering from Alzheimer’s and is bedridden in a nursing home. And because of the Coronavirus quarantine, he was no longer able to see her.

But he was able to figure out how to sing to her from outside her room through a window. His story and video have gone viral worldwide.

People are watching him … not only because of his love for his wife, but because of his testimony of his love for God and for His word … and because of his song.

Here are just two of the multitude of video versions circulating around the Internet. Even the secular press has been showing these … and the gospel goes forth in a time of horrific chaos in the lives of many people.

Please click here to view the first article.

Please click here to view the second article.

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