Anti-Trump Heads Spin: Christian Artists Praise God in the White House [Videos]

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Christian worship leaders and recording artists led White House staff and visiting faith leaders in praise and worship songs…

Contemporary Christian band Citizen Way sang “How Great Is Our God” – in the White House…

Christian singer, songwriter, speaker and author Matt Hammitt wrote, “I witnessed a truly special moment today as our Christian music community shared a time of worship and prayer in the White House.”

It was a Faith Briefing – designed to update faith leaders across the nation on some of the faith-based initiatives that have been enacted under the Trump administration.

And it drove the Trump-haters crazy…

There’s a war between God and the forces of evil taking place in the Trump administration … and it’s becoming more and more apparent all the time.

Watch these short videos of a portion of the worship singing at the White House (about 2 to 2 ½ minutes each):

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10 Comments on “Anti-Trump Heads Spin: Christian Artists Praise God in the White House [Videos]”

  1. You have such an odd way of trying to make Donald Trump into some sort of Christian believer. This is the man who famously said during his campaign, “I don’t really need forgiveness, I haven’t done anything wrong” (Let’s see, adultery, how many times) While you would hold up Barak Obama as some evil Democrat although he publically has stated that, “Jesus Christ is my savior.” If you ever read his own writing you would know the story of how he was confronted by the black pastors he worked with in Chicago about his faith. He ended up going down the isle that we evangelicals love to see.
    Great to have Christian musicians in the White House, however, no matter how little it means.

  2. It’s not whether President Trump is a Christian or not, it’s about Christian’s being disenfranchised, discriminated against and legislated against. When, in the last 10 years has there been Christian music and a Faith Briefing in the White House? Few, if any. I judge former President Obama by his actions, just like President Trump.

    1. What good is a faith briefing if you actually have no faith? What if it’s just so that your most gullible constituents think you have it? Obama consistently acted like a man of faith, Trump has never acted like a man of faith. And please explain, which Christians are being discriminated against? Christians who deny the reality of the world they live in to push their hypocritical beliefs, or the ones who accept other people. It’s not Christianity that is being discriminated against. It is discriminatory Christians who have little to do with God, and much more to do with their own infirm understanding of how other people deserve to be treated.

  3. I didn’t see any mention in the article claiming that President Trump was a Christian, just that there was a faith briefing at the White House. Thank God, literally, that President Trump, though he may not be a Christian, is promoting so many truly good things. He has been placed in this position for such a time as this. Wish I could have been there!

    1. What is the difference between promoting truly good things and lying about what you believe to fool others?

  4. Great comments. It’s all about preserving our Freedoms. Nothings else! God used Cyrus- a hidden to save Israel ones and is usually Our beloved President Trump in like manner. I pray that he too- one day would Repqy

  5. Refreshing to see a President embrace our Christian values. Many people forget we are all sinners and we are not to judge their is a higher power that will. I continue to pray for our President and his family who are constantly under attack. We are in terrible times, may God continue to bless our nation and president

  6. The president is a conman. Are these Christian values? What about the lies he tells on a daily basis? What about the children who died because of him? Wake yourself from this stupor, lest you betray everything you claim to love.

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