Why Nancy Pelosi’s Flight Being Shot Down by Communist China Was a Real Threat: The Last Time the Communists killed a Congressman on a Jet. 7 Things You Should Know That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else [Shocking Video — Disturbing Story]

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The entire world is watching Nancy Pelosi.


Because it was leaked, she was going to Taiwan.

China “warned” her flight could be shot down.

Is this just rhetoric?

Once she landed, the Chinese Ambassador said China’s response will be “full, strong and forceful” War with China could happen any moment.

What really is going on?

Here are 7 things you should know that you won’t find out anywhere else:

1. The U.S. Bureaucracy of Socialist, Globalist, and Appeaser head’s exploded, over Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip…

President Biden and his team tried to stop Nancy Pelosi.

The “appeasement” military leadership tried to stop her.

The pro-socialist globalists Deep State bureaucrats at the Department of State went ballistic and tried to stop her.

But it was too late.

The trip was in motion, and she went.

Now war with China could happen any moment. Let me explain.

2. China warned it could shoot Nancy out of the air — Don’t come…

Before she went, the Chinese state-controlled media reported that the Chinese military could shoot down, if the speaker’s plane is escorted by any U.S. military planes. Hu Xijin, an analyst for the Chinese state-controlled Global Times put out the following statement on Twitter (before it was removed by the platform):

“If U.S. fighter jets escort Pelosi’s plane to Taiwan, it is invasion. The PLA has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi’s plane and the U.S. fighter jets, including firing warning shots and making tactical movement of obstruction. If ineffective, then shoot them down.”

3. Would China really shoot down a plane with Nancy Pelosi? Take a look at history…

It seems on the surface preposterous that any civilized nation would do that. But history tells otherwise. I know.

Let me tell you about a congressman killed by communist Russia while on a commercial airliner not far from Taiwan.

Back in the early 80’s I spoke at a conference with Congressman Larry McDonald, Ron Paul, and others.

To get to our location, we all met in LA where we took a private jet to Colorado. During that time, we talked about our talks and many other issues.

Ron Paul is, of course, a libertarian conservative, who was violently anti-communist, pro free market.

Larry McDonald was just as conservative. He was probably the nation’s #1 anti-communist spokesperson. And he was probably the #1 proponent for free market economics.

I’ve included one of his videos. I encourage you to watch it because it’s really telling, and he could still give a similar speech today. Watch the video HERE.

Not long after the conference, I was watching the news and could not believe it. A jet airliner coming from the US had been shot down on its way to Korea. It was shot down by communist Russia jets because several times the plane had crossed over into soviet territory.

It was not a mistaken with a military plane — commercial flights are easy to determine. Commercial flights do at times wander off their course, but what happened shocked the world.

The flight was shot down, brutally killing 269 people including Congressman Larry McDonald.

President Ronald Reagan immediately condemned the communist country as an act of terrorism. After the President addressed the nation about the act of terrorism, Russia, like most communist dictatorships denied the reality. They would not admit to having shot it down even though all evidence showed that they did.

See the 9/2/1983 address HERE and the 9/5/1983 address HERE.

You can hear the audio and the explanation from Ronald Reagan on the video.

Would it be something that China would do today? We would hope not.

What would President Biden do if it happened?

4. If Nancy Pelosi didn’t go to Taiwan, it would have sparked WAR!

Taiwan is a Free Country.

The wrath of China is because of the history of China.

Historically, mainland China and Taiwan were under one government. China’s president at the time, Chiang Kai-Shek went into exile to Taiwan, when the communist party, under Mao Zedong, took over in 1949, renaming China The People’s Republic of China.

Taiwan is now called the “Republic of China”.

If Pelosi didn’t go to Taiwan, it would have sent a signal to the Communist Chinese that they can boss America around.


Because it would have displayed weakness and that we would be giving in to China’s demands.

Allies couldn’t trust us.

No one could.

Nancy’s trip literally is stopping, or at least delaying, the coming war with China and takeover of Taiwan.

5. Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, and Republicans should have gone to Taiwan despite threats…

The communist party wants to expand and have worldwide control and dominance.

Taking over Taiwan is one of their key objectives that many observers feel will happen during President Biden’s term in office.

Communist China claims that Taiwan is still a province of the People’s Republic of China. Taiwan, however, maintains that it is already an independent country, chartered as the Republic of China (ROC), and therefore it’s an independent nation.

However, Communist China (PRC) wants to take over Taiwan. They say it’s about reunification… It’s really about conquest, control and world domination.

An invasion of Taiwan and China taking over 23 million people in Taiwan and enslaving them.

It would also impact the economy of the world, for example, Taiwan is the world’s biggest manufacturer of computer chips. It’s also rich in resources and a prospering country that uses a free-market model and has a democratically elected government — And China wants it, to control it.

The worst thing that could happen to Taiwan and the world would be for Nancy Pelosi to have backed out from going to Taiwan.

But now China is threatening war.

6. I know Taiwan — They love freedom and hate communism…

I know Taiwan pretty well. I went to Soochow University after high school for a summer to study Chinese history, politics, and the communist Chinese party.

What I can tell you is that supporting the free nation of Taiwan is a critical part of what’s necessary for the world to hold back the advancing of Chinese communist aggression and brutality.

Chinese communism has perfected statism as an art of oppression, an art of terror, and art of collectivism where individuality is crushed and only the collective led by a powerful elite is allowed.

The drama is going to unfold.

Our prayers were that nothing was going to happen. But history tells us not to be surprised of what those who are driven by ideology can do.

7. Chinese Ambassador to the United States preps for war…

On CNN, the China Ambassador to the United States used tough words, threats of military action. See the video HERE.

China believes the United States is provoking war and is responsible for whatever happens.

Pelosi is going to the President’s Palace and to the Taiwan Parliament.

China is sending military fighters and military exercise over and around Taiwan.

They might attack.

They might have a pilot miscalculation.

They might find resistance.

A lot of things could go wrong.

War could happen any day.

This could be the biggest war in American history.

This could impact us all.


Watch the following videos:

  • Congressman Larry McDonald on the economy  click HERE
  • President Ronald Reagan’s remarks  click HERE
  • President Ronald Reagan’s address to the nation on terrorism click HERE
  • The Chinese Ambassador on CNN threating war and blaming America click HERE 


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4 Comments on “Why Nancy Pelosi’s Flight Being Shot Down by Communist China Was a Real Threat: The Last Time the Communists killed a Congressman on a Jet. 7 Things You Should Know That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else [Shocking Video — Disturbing Story]”

  1. Perhaps the message should be sent through diplomatic channels that it would be a real shame if premier Xi had to be very cautious about flying anywhere in the world for the rest of his life if anything should happen to one of our US representatives before or after visiting Taiwan.

  2. The evil ones running the White House did this as a test. Now they can get rid of poor old Joe & Krazy Kamala (Jezebel) and put Crazy Nancy in as president. No doubt she will pick her nephew Gavon (Grusome) to be her VP. Then it would be natural for him to run for Presidency in 2024.
    Oh God have mercy on America.

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