Voter Fraud: Massive Illegal Voting Ahead

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Four women were recently indicted on 30 felony counts of voter fraud and arrested after an investigation by the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.


The defendants were members of an organized voter fraud ring and were paid in a scheme to generate large numbers of mail ballots in the 2016 election by targeting elderly voters in certain Fort Worth districts.


How did they do it?


They falsified the voters’ signatures on mail-in ballot applications … then either intercepted the ballots when they were mailed out … or “assisted” the elderly voters in filling out their ballots.


Another Texas suspect was arrested and convicted of similar “ballot harvesting” in West Dallas for a 2017 city election…


Mail-in ballot theft is just one example of the many different types of widespread voter fraud taking place … in local as well as in national elections.


And it’s only going to get worse – much worse – until a national photo ID program is implemented.


Here’s how voter fraud is going to skyrocket…


Los Angeles County is planning to implement the little-known California Voter’s Choice Act – Senate Bill 450 – for the 2020 election.


This bill includes the following scary provisions for California’s 58 counties:


  • An official ballot will be mailed to every registered voter (remember: you don’t have to be a U.S. citizen to register to vote in California).
  • Local polling places will be replaced with “vote centers.”
  • The paper sign-in rosters will be replaced with electronic poll books connected to the statewide voter database.
  • Election Day will be replaced by 11 days of voting.


That last provision will result in massive voter impersonation…


Over the 11-day voting period, anyone can go to a vote center anywhere in the county … give the poll worker the name and address of any registered voter … sign the electronic poll book with that person’s name … and vote.


There’s no intention of checking the signatures in the poll books at the vote centers against the signatures on file in the voter registration records.


The only way the illegal voting will be detected is if the real person whose vote was stolen shows up at a vote center later and is told, “Sorry, you’ve already voted.”


The fake voter’s ballot is already in the electronic ballot box and is indistinguishable from every other ballot. It won’t be retrievable…


The real voter will be given a provisional ballot. But these aren’t examined until weeks later.


What’s especially scary about this scheme is that counties sell their voter files and voter history data for election-related or research purposes…


A simple database program can create a list of registered voters who seldom vote … or who haven’t voted since their death…


Thus, a small group of activists could vote for 11 days in 800 vote centers around the state and never be detected.


The only way to prevent this – and all other forms of voter fraud – is with a federal voter ID law.


Finally, get my new book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know … and read Chapter 11, Voter Fraud: Earning the Deep State More Votes, More Power … While Trampling on Your Rights and Suppressing Your Voice as a Citizen, pg. 143.


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6 Comments on “Voter Fraud: Massive Illegal Voting Ahead”

  1. This is Wrong, criminal act that should be automatic jail time.. also this people that are caught should loose their citizenship. Since they are willing to give illegals a place illegally then they should loose their legal rights. See how many would continue to do the job…

  2. how do we push for federal voter id? it seems laws are being passed in California that the citizens have not voted on. how do we get rid of the top-two voter ballots?

    1. The top-two voter ballot process was passed by the voters about 4 years ago. Don’t remember if it was put on the ballot by the legislature or by a voter initiative. So to change it, we’d have to have another voter initiative to get repeal on the ballot and have that passed. But I seriously don’t see that happening in California unless there’s a massive change in viewpoint of the left-wingers who live here.

      Since there’s no such thing as referendum or initiative at the federal level, the only way to push for voter ID is just that — to hound members of Congress and vote them out of office until they insist on passing such a law.

  3. A couple of problems w voter ID. 1st they should show citizenship or it should be verified by the voting authorities. Legal permanent residents can get drivers licenses & SS# in all states & those are the primary types of ID. & probably those w other types of temporary legal status can get drivers licenses. Not sure about SS#.

    I have a friend who has CA dr lic & SS # that apparently are genuine. But she let me know one time when she was going to ride w me over Ortega Hwy & she mistakenly thought there was an immigration check point there & she didn’t want me to get in trouble. Guessing she had some type of temporary visa that she overstayed.

    Also, OR where I have moved to does not have polling places. It is all vote by mail (which includes drop off stations, like giant mailboxes where we can deposit our completed ballots. )They do require that the outside of the envelope be signed w our legal signature certifying that we are a US citizen & the person whose name is on the ballot, etc. & they reportedly compare signatures. (They do have an optional privacy sleeve to put the actual ballot in so that those opening the envelopes will not see how we voted. So the ballot is put in that, then the official return envelope.

    & of course many jurisdictions allow people to vote by mail.

  4. So, we know and have known there is a problem with too many non-citizens — alive or dead — voting, how do we stop it?

    1. There was a federal law passed some years ago mandating that the secretary of state in each state must purge the voter rolls of dead, moved, or otherwise ineligible voters. I’m not sure of the law number, but it was in the news a couple of years ago. Apparently, current secty of state Alex Padilla and his predecessor, Debra Bowen have both refused to obey this law. Accordingly, California is the only state in the union currently not in compliance. I’m informed that Mark Mueser has promised to get this done. That’s one step to stopping this fiasco. Proper voter ID is another.

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