The Deep State and Impeachment: It’s an Old Narrative that Has Nothing to Do with a Phone Call and a Whistleblower Complaint [Video]

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The progressive media and the socialist/progressive politicians seem to think Americans have an extremely short memory…

They’re trying to tell you that impeaching President Trump only became necessary and inevitable after his July phone call with the president of Ukraine surfaced a few weeks ago.

Don’t believe the distortions and outright lies…

They’ve wanted to impeach him since even before the 2016 election results were in!


Because he’s a threat to the Washington establishment – the Deep State – and to the corruption that lines the pockets of career politicians and bureaucrats with taxpayer dollars.

He’s also considered to be “dangerous,” “unstable,” “unbalanced” – and other derogatory terms – because the Washington establishment can’t control what he says or what he does.

Watch these two videos. The first is about impeaching President Trump even before he was elected (between 3 ½ and 4 minutes).

The second is about threats made by the intelligence agencies against President Trump for being critical of them in public. (between 7 ½ and 8 minutes).

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