The Dark Oppressive Cloud of Fear: 5 Reasons Why Doctors and Scientists Are Forced to be Compliant or Silent

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Across America, there is a dark cloud of fear that lingers over the medical establishment.

Doctors and scientists have been afraid to speak out for truth or express an alternate point of view – more so than at any time in American history.

The national repression of the free expression of opposing ideas is something that has circumvented the First Amendment rights of doctors and scientists – and it’s because of Big Government, Big Money, and Big Tech.

Here are five reasons why doctors and scientists have been silenced about disagreeing with the CDC, Dr. Fauci, the American Medical Association, Big Pharma, and the medical establishment on their failed COVID-19 dogma, their fear tactics and their vaccination mandates:

#1. Doctors are afraid of losing their medical licenses if they speak out.

It’s sad, but doctors across America have been silenced.

Doctors in America have been fearful to give the best advice or speak freely with their patients.


Because if they do, they’ve been warned, they will lose their medical licenses. In other words, they will lose their livelihood.

All the years they’ve worked to build up their practices, to be able to help people and to be able to earn a living will have been for naught.

Across America – mainly in blue states – doctors have lost their licenses, and every doctor knows if they speak up or get “caught,” they lose their license.

For example, Dr. Meryl Nass has practiced medicine in Maine for 25 years. She has just been told that her license is suspended, and she has been ordered to submit to a psychological evaluation because she has been treating her patients with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

The state of Maine Board of License Medicine said that the reason they are doing this is because her practice is “in immediate jeopardy to the health and physical safety of the public.”

This of course is a lie.

This is outrageous, as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are proven in early treatment to be the most effective way of controlling and minimizing the effects of COVID-19. See “COVID-19 Alternatives: How to Protect Yourself, Family and Friends COVID-19 Alternatives: How to Protect Yourself, Family and Friends (”.

It is approved in many countries throughout the world, but it has been censored here in the U.S. – to help Big Pharma, and for political reasons.

Not all states allow this to take place.

In free states, the medical boards are not allowed to do this.

What is needed is for more and more states to be able to take a stand against the medical establishment.

For example, the Attorney General of Nebraska, Doug Peterson, has ruled that actions like what has happened to Dr. Nass would not be tolerated in Nebraska.

He announced in October that he “won’t seek disciplinary action against doctors that prescribe controversial off-label drugs to treat and prevent coronavirus infections as long as they get informed consent from patients and do not engage in misconduct.”

The medical board also cited Dr. Nass’ tweets, which included a link to an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist who has a popular natural health newsletter and has specialized in studying issues related to COVID. Dr. McCullough is well-respected, and I have read his material for over twenty years.

I can tell you that the attack upon him is wrong and unfair – and brutal.

#2. Doctors are afraid of losing their jobs.

Doctors in medical clinics and hospitals could lose their jobs if they speak out.

It’s sad.

But the hospitals, medical groups, and universities have been unified in not wanting to upset either Big Pharma or the federal government.

#3. Doctors and hospitals are afraid of losing grants.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) and other branches of the government distribute to doctors and scientists millions and billions of dollars every year for research.

These grants are dependent upon being compliant with government policies. To object to what is happening within the federal government and the scientific community and medical establishment would be to lose your grant, or not to get a grant.

#4. Doctors and scientists fear loss of Advancement.

Scientists and researchers would be fired if they spoke up against the consensus.

And those in universities are silenced out of fear and intimidation also – they don’t want to lose their jobs.

Those doctors or scientists within an organization will find that they will not be considered for advancement if they do not go along with the orthodox point of view.

#5. The social pressure to be silent.

The government and the health authorities use the media, Big Tech and an army of professional propagandists that attack or censor anyone with a differing point of view.

Big Tech will censor what they have to say.

This is at the local, state and national levels.

For example, Dr. Francis Collins of the NIH, and Dr. Fauci, did all they cared to do to mobilize attacks against anyone suggesting the COVID-19 virus originated from the Wuhan lab…but now the truth is coming out.

The medical establishment has been transformed into a compliant, monolithic-thinking organization that is friendly towards Big Pharma, stamps out any opposition, is politicized, and will destroy anyone who objects.

Why are doctors afraid?

It is a rare person who will speak the truth in the face of such hostility and opposition.

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6 Comments on “The Dark Oppressive Cloud of Fear: 5 Reasons Why Doctors and Scientists Are Forced to be Compliant or Silent”

  1. This is true. Increased vitamin c and green leafy vegetables would help us all a great deal. Doctors are smart enough to realize what is happening and how to avoid trouble for themselves.

  2. Good article. However, I think Dr. Peter McCullough is a well respected cardiologist; not an osteopath.

  3. This shows that America is no longer a democratic country. Dems have destroyed democracy along with thousands upon thousands of lives and people’s health during this pandemic. Canada is a typical authoritarian dictatorship state based on my experience of growing up in China. No leaders from the Western countries have called out the brutal oppression of the truck protesters in Canada. What is happening in the Western world is a slow motion of Holocaust and Tianmen Square. Instead of putting gas into people’s bodies, they put the poisonous vaccines into people’s bodies with a smile. Instead of physically crushing peace loving protestors with tanks on Tianmen Square, they use fear as a weapon to crush people’s thoughts and freedome of speech with emotional blackmail under the disguise of public health. They are evil people and should be dealt with accordingly. Republicans are too weak. The weak will be slaughtered eventually.

  4. Well I am not afraid to expose the mask fraud. Will do it all in a video or text. COVID-19 Unmasked.

  5. Could it possibly be that democracy is still alive and well in North American ? I think people see more than they used to, and they notice more than they did even ten years ago. Believe me, we see a lot.
    I also think, thankfully, that governments trying to do the right things to get the most people through this horrible pandemic alive, have come to the end of their rope when dealing with people who would rather make it more difficult.
    These people, YOU know the ones, right? They are evil people who would rather cause a scene because they think it makes them special to rail against proven life-saving measures like wearing a mask, social distancing, staying home, and getting vaccinated!
    These truly evil people come in all shapes and sizes, and their biggest goals are spreading lies, misinformation, recruiting people with low intelligence to believe their lies, and misinformation. The foreign countries of  China, Russia, North Korea, (possibly Iran and others), are exploiting these people of low intelligence and the people who are so greedy they will sell out their grandma for a few bucks. They all have office buildings full of people on computers who use Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube to influence the Western world!
    IF you read this comment and think I am some sheep or something, it is only because you don’t know me! IF you knew me and knew what I have overcome in my life already and still fighting, you would know better. I looked up the vaccine trials and approvals myself. If I am in doubt about something, I look it up myself and really investigate it. I am no sheep. If my views upset you, chances are, you are the sheep.
    It is the people who have been convinced by the (very well vaccinated), far right and foreign computer trolls that Sars-Cov2 isn’t real, that the body counts are inflated (the body count is thought to be much higher than reported, actually), the vaccines change your DNA (LMAO!), the vaccine can make you become magnetic (my personal fav for a laugh), to join a convoy and cause problems for goverments while they are already dealing with so much new problematic stuff… Those are the sheep! They are being led by people and countries that want to dismantle democracy, literally!
    They want to place a puppet Republican/Conservative government in power in North America, and then you will see what having your rights taken from you really feels like!
    It has been proven in hundreds of studies that wearing masks saves lives. A smart person doesn’t scream and throw a tissy fit about their freedom being violated by being made to wear a mask. It is a sign of intelligence to realize this is truth, that it makes sense, and that it also saves lives.
    It makes sense! You don’t need to be very smart to realize that if a virus coming out of your mouth can kill people, covering your mouth with a mask will save lives.
    I think anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers should all be charged with attempted murder. If anyone they came in contact with actually dies, leave the attempted murder in place and add a first degree meditated murder.

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