Larry Elder National Spotlight: Open Letter to Those Who Want to Vote for a Different Candidate to Replace Gavin Newsom: 6 Critical Reasons Why Larry Over the Other 46 Candidates

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The entire nation is watching the California recall.

But few know about the behind the scenes drama: California voters are being flooded with mailers, videos, social media, e-mails, TV and radio commercials and more viciously attacking Larry Elder.

In fact, I’ve received a lot of e-mails and posts upset about my recommendation of Larry Elder for Governor of California…people upset by lies, distortions and half-truths.

That’s why I’ve outlined 6 reasons that show the truth and dispel the myths about this historic election only a few know.

Larry Elder has stirred four groups of vocal opponents:

  1. The biased media
  2. The pro-Socialist Democrats
  3. The Socialist light Republicans (RINO – Republicans in Name Only)
  4. Elder’s conservative opponents’ supporters

All are using misinformation, half-truths and some outright lies.

This is normal in a political campaign. It’s Elder’s opponents distorting, twisting, and exaggerating the truth. That’s politics sadly.

Let me explain six critical reasons that Larry Elder should be your vote if you’re in California, even if you like a different candidate.

And why a vote for the other conservative candidates is a vote for a Democrat or a RINO (Republican in Name Only).

#1: Why Larry Elder over other conservative-oriented candidates? The others will lose…lose big! Let me explain.

In my endorsement at the voter guide “California Recall Election Recommendation,” I also mentioned some of the other good candidates such as Sam Gallucci, John Cox, Anthony Trimino, Jeff Hewitt, and Kevin Kiley.

They have policies or leadership capabilities that are from good to outstanding…maybe better than Larry Elder in some areas.

But none of them have a chance to win.

A vote for them is a vote for a Socialist Democrat or a pro-socialist Republican.

In fact, a vote for them is a vote for following similar policies as Gavin Newsom attacking our values, our freedom, religious liberty, our economy, our schools and our kids.

#2. False Rumors: I have researched all the candidates, and I have researched Larry Elder…and the rumors being promoted – are false.

I know Larry Elder’s stance on all the different issues.

For example, voter fraud.

As one of the nation’s #1 experts on voter fraud, I was on the stage with Larry Elder talking about voter fraud just a month ago and it was all about voter fraud, But still falsehoods are being spread he doesn’t believe in voter fraud. False, he does.

Larry – before, during and after the 2020 election – exposed voter fraud.

Some readers have seen a video clip of him before the Sacramento Bee editorial board where they asked Elder the voter fraud question to distract his message of failed Newsom policies, school choice, no forced mandates, crime and homelessness.

He deflected the question – that is what a smart candidate does to avoid media distraction – like he should have – but people are using it against him as a false, incomplete view of his position.

He was redirecting the question from a “Trump voter fraud” question to keeping the focus on his core issues.

That is a false rumor – one of many.

Other distortions are on marriage (he believes it is an essential institution between a man and woman, but never should have been a government-controlled institution). He is vocal in favor of the Christian bakers and florists standing for their religious freedom. He is pro-life. And against church lockdowns.

Many of the reasons that people do not like Larry Elder are false, and a result of distortions that are spreading by e-mail, Facebook, ads and direct mail.

#3. Reality Check! Larry Elder has over twice the support of other candidates, except for pro-socialist candidates that could beat him.

He is running against a well-financed RINO who does not stand for our values, and who will be very much like Arnold Schwarzenegger – (a failed Republican), a candidate who reflects Democrat values: Kevin Faulconer.

The other candidate that is high in the polls is Democrat Kevin Paffrath.

He is a YouTuber who in the opinion polls sometimes is close to catching Larry Elder or ahead.

As a pro-socialist Democrat, he will not protect our rights.

He will not turn California around.

He is a Newsom-light.

#4. Only Larry Elder has the momentum, the money, and the ability to win. The others don’t – it’s political suicide.

Let me give you an example:

Here are the amounts of money that the candidates have:

Larry Elder$9 Million19%
John Cox$8 Million ($7 million of his own)9%
Kevin Faulconer$2 Million10%
Caitlyn Jenner$900,0003%
Kevin Kiley$900,000Under 3%
Kevin Paffrath$400,000 (But unreported Democrat Support)18%

The other candidates are under 3% and have under $800,000. The polls show…and the money confirms…any other candidate is a vote for Kevin Paffrath, the leading Democrat or RINO Kevin Faulconer.

In other words, Anthony, Sam and other good candidates do not have enough money to get their message across and are not able to create an organization for ballot harvesting and mobilization.

Their efforts are passionate…they love what they are doing…and they have a vision.

But they don’t have the money. And if you don’t have the money, you won’t win.

You don’t have the data. You don’t have the Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) team.

#5. The key to this race and any race – is to have enough money to be able to organize and communicate to your targeted voter.

Without it, it is impossible to win.

Donald Trump was overwhelmed by the money of Hillary Clinton in his first election…very similar to Newsom vs. Elder. Everyone thought he was at such a disadvantage and Trump would lose.

But Trump won. Not because he had no money. But he did have enough money – to be able to organize, communicate, and do what is necessary to win…better than Hillary.

Larry Elder falls way short of the money of Gavin Newsom- but he makes up for it in his ability to draw attention, to communicate, to be able to have a platform, to organize a GOTV, to church ballot harvest, and more.

The other candidates do not have that.

In today’s politics, it’s not policy, it’s not personality, it’s not tv commercials, it’s not radio commercials, it’s not anything like that. For example, Cox and Faulkner are wasting their money based on the false advice of the consultants using marketing – done 30 years ago.

It’s the mobilization of the vote.

It’s called Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV).

It’s organizing people in churches (like Calvary Chapel – Chino Hills), gun shops, and American Legion to do ballot harvesting.

It’s being able to get people to go door to door and to pick up ballots based upon spending the money identifying who your target audience is and using paid staff and volunteers to harvest the vote.

It’s phoning, texting and digital media.

That’s what Newsom is doing. That’s what the Democrats do to win.

And the only Republican close to doing that is Larry Elder. These other candidates are not organizing and mobilizing – only Larry Elder is.

#6. Larry Elder supports our values on 90-95% of the issues.

He is an articulate spokesman for keeping churches open, not wearing masks, not having forced vaccinations, turning the economy around, getting the tax and regulatory burden off the people of California, and restoring the California dream.

He wants to appoint only strict constructionists as judges, stop the out-of-control homelessness, and crime and more.

What he can do for California is amazing – if elected.

Bottom line:

If you vote for one of the other candidates, you are voting for Kevin Faulconer or you are voting for Kevin Paffrath.

It’s that simple.

You are wasting your vote and you are basically allowing this Recall Election to turn out to be a failed election for a pro-Socialist to take Newsom’s place.

For that reason, we are recommending Larry Elder.

I encourage you to tell friends and neighbors to vote for Larry Elder.

What do you think? Let me know at

14 Comments on “Larry Elder National Spotlight: Open Letter to Those Who Want to Vote for a Different Candidate to Replace Gavin Newsom: 6 Critical Reasons Why Larry Over the Other 46 Candidates”

  1. Craig!

    Thanks for the info, but I have come to trust you in your involvement in politics. I have turned my vote in for Elder already. I continue to pray for you & support you. I encourage anyone checking out comments to follow Craig in this matter.

    I am a Christian journalist myself & do articles on current events that tie into Bible prophecies & email them to interested people. If interested email me at

    Minister Rick

  2. Please note that there is a hole in the return envelope and when you mark “YES”
    on your ballot for the recall, it will show up through the hole in the envelope. A dirty trick by the D-rats . Reverse fold the ballot to avoid this. Best to vote in person.

  3. Craig,
    Its alright to think differently, but its not alright to distort the truth. I heard Elder say to a reporter on TV I will not attend debates, because it would be like a firing squad. You may not have heard him, That does not make it untruth. On OAN Larry said Biden won election fairly.
    “We the people” who are wanting to end Government corruption are voting for KEVIN KILEY. The 3% you show is because of Kileys valor, not because he is less qualified. Kiley is the only candidate who is citizen backed. Plus has proven his desire to end Gov’t corruption by his actions in court against Newsom.

    1. Kevin Kiley does not compare in maturity to Larry Elder. He is not fit to be a governor of a large state as CA. He needs to be seasoned before he gets to be in charge of such a huge responsibility, especially after Newsom made it a big mess and many people are hurting.

  4. Everyone is watching California to see if they can right the ship! If they can pull this off, there is hope for our land and the world. Ballot castors scare me to death! They have so much power, but are so gullible and easily manipulated. They don’t understand the issues, yet, pretend as if they do. Research is a four letter word to them. Be an informed voter, don’t be used and played as a ballot castor.

  5. In a recent oral interview I was “shocked” to hear Larry’s clear reply that he did NOT think there was fraud in the 2020 election. I think it was on CalMatters. {It’s really bothered me! And correct me if I’m wrong.}
    Otherwise I’m inclined to agree with your endorsement of Larry.

  6. As Craig Huey mentioned, Larry’s comment about voter fraud was intentional, in order to deflect the question & to stay on point. I too am a Kevin Kiley supporter, but Larry Elder is a good guy and the only conservative vote that can win, and WE NEED TO WIN!
    Also. Iam part of Election Interity California, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to vote in person I. Your county at the local gov’t center. There are at least t different ways that your vote can be feuded if you vote by .Ailes. whether Democrat or conservative/Tepublican, if you want you vote to count. vote in person@ If you must vote by mail, be sure that you reverse- fold your ballot so that your vote does not show through the holes in the envelope. Also mark out all bar codes with a marker or black pen. And try to keep within the circles so that your blot has no reason to go through adjudication, where they have another opportunity to change your vote. Lastly, be sure to see how you signed on your driver’s license- your signature on your ballot must mat h what they have on file at the DMV.

  7. Larry Elder Is our next Governor inspite of all the dems attempt to steal the election as they did in 2020. This is an important Elecion because of Newsom’s inept attempt to control California’s voting process and much more. Although he considers himself to be “king of the hill”, he is ignoring California’s real problems. He must go as the head legislater, because he thinks his powerful friends can help him, while his Constituants know he is a poor leader basically because he was never fit for his position. We Californian cannot allow he to be in office any longer!

  8. We live in a Senior Community in Lancaster Calif …Our Congressman is Kevin Mc Carthy …..whom we NEVER SEE . We rely on Mike Garcia & Staff that attend ALL OUR VETERAN EVENTS…..Many Republicans I spoke to …including my husband & I (life long absentee voters ) have no ballots …..Its 9 days until the election ……All we are told to do is “Call Barger’s office ….our so called County Supervisor ” . She does NOTHING !!!!! We reported frauds last election ….from our poll watching activities ….As well as the poll workers trying to tell my husband he was taking too much time …and ask him to leave …..he has Parkinsons and everything takes time …..they had one booth for handicap ….ONE BOOTH ONLY !!!!! I stood by his side so he could finish his ballot …..and then I called a reported it . NOTHING HAPPENED !!!!!!

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