Forced Vaccinations: How You Can Legally Opt Out

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Across America, I’ve read urgent requests on how students, workers, friends and families can opt out of being forced to take a vaccination.

Here is my interview with Attorney Brad Dacus that outlines how it can be done:

Craig Huey: Hi, everyone. This is Craig Huey with RealityAlert Word podcast. And we are really glad to have you here.

I’ve got a very special guest for today. Brad Dacus, of the Pacific Justice Institute, is a lawyer and he is an advocate for freedom. And I have seen this man and his organization, go to the rescue of many people when their constitutional rights are being violated.

These people are pastors and churches, these are business people, these are students, these are so many different groups of people, where this organization has, for no charge, come to the rescue. They win cases and make sure that constitutional rights are being protected.

And right now, we have a situation across America, where there is a fear of the pandemic, fear from Washington, DC, a super spreader of fear from the CDC about forcing or mandating a vaccination.

Really…shaming and attacking those who don’t.

Putting pressure on private businesses and organizations to demand people have vaccinations, even those who don’t want to.

And so, Brad, welcome.

Brad Dacus: Oh, great to be on the show with you, Craig. Thank you, I really appreciate all the work that you do in enlightening and getting out truthful information to so many people who are wanting it.

Craig Huey: Well, Brad, I know that a large number of people have contacted you and your organization that – for whatever reason – they have not wanted to have a vaccination. Yet they hear in the news that you can’t go to this theater, or you can’t go to a business or restaurant. People who are working for a company get a notice saying they must have a vaccination, or they can’t work. Or students who can’t go to school unless they have a vaccination.

It just seems so wrong to me. This sounds like it is perfect for a socialist society. Perfect for communism. But you don’t find that type of force and coercion in a free society.

Brad Dacus: You’re absolutely right! What we see in the United States happening today is something you might have read in a science fiction novel or something that you may have read in a history book or something that’s happening in a country far away, like Communist China, or North Korea.

But the reality is…it’s one of the most serious threats to individual liberty, when we’re talking about the government compelling individuals to cover their face or compelling individuals to have a vaccine that’s not even FDA approved. But even if it was, it’s still a very controversial vaccine with definite fatalities – over 6,000, some say over 11,000 have died just from the vaccine. It’s very alarming.

Craig Huey: So as I take a look at it, some people do not want the vaccination for several very good reasons.

Like you said, it has not been FDA approved.

Others don’t want it because it’s an experimental drug, even if it was FDA approved. We don’t know the long-term consequences, the long-term side effects, six months from now, a year from now, two years from now. And what we’re seeing with so many reports of people having reactions to it. It’s very troublesome.

Those who have had covid and they know many doctors warn they don’t need it and it could be harmful.

And then we have those who are very, very concerned about their own immune system, and how it would react.

We have others who believe in health freedom. They believe in alternative health; they believe in natural remedies. This is a violation of their conscience.

There are those who have a religious reason not to take this vaccination.

And then parents who have kids and are worried about what the effect is on kids.

Why would they even get a vaccination when the impact of COVID is so low among kids? And yet they’re forcing kids to get it as well.

I know that there are people listening in, who have not taken the vaccine or know somebody who has not taken the vaccination. And they are fearful, and they’re worried. They don’t know what to do. Brad, I think you have a solution?

Brad Dacus: Yes, we do. And if people have had the vaccine and they feel comfortable, fine.

But if they’re in a situation where they have not had the vaccination then there are one or two camps.

#1. They’ve had COVID.

#2. They haven’t had COVID. But they’re not vaccinated.

Craig Huey: If they’ve had COVID, there are many who are very afraid to get the vaccination because there’s a lot of doctors saying that if you’ve had COVID, you have natural immunity that’s stronger than the vaccination? And again, you could have side effects, right?

Brad Dacus: Right. If someone has had COVID-19, or variant, they should not, based on what I’ve read, feel the need for a vaccine because natural body immunity is much stronger than what was provided by the vaccine.

A Cleveland Clinic study came out and found that none of the people in their sampling who had had COVID-19 was getting the Delta variant. Yet there was a significant chunk who hadn’t got the vaccine for COVID-19, who were getting the Delta variant. So, we just know by the numbers alone, that statistically, you’re in a stronger position if you’ve had COVID-19 already, because the natural immune system is much broader and stronger.

A very highly respected cardiologist out of a Baylor University medical school and is very, very highly esteemed. His conclusion is that if someone truly has had the COVID-19 virus, they will not get the Delta variant, period.

Brad Dacus: But you’ve got institutions like the universities, perhaps, employers who are still saying to them, we don’t care if you’ve had COVID. We know immunity may only last for three months, which is not true. Studies show at least 10 months, if not, possibly, for several years. They make these claims, and they say you still have to get the vaccine. But if they get the vaccine, their odds of having serious reactions is much greater than people who have never had COVID. It is a higher risk element.

Craig Huey: Yes, right. So, what do they do? Let’s say I’m a student, and they won’t let me go to high school or to college or to my university. What do I do?

Brad Dacus: Well, first, I just want to say right up front…on our website, we have an incredible resource for free. We do all the work at PJI without charge. It’s called the Vaccine Q&A and it is without charge and available on our website –

Craig Huey: That is awesome. How exciting. So, this is a free document anybody can get by coming to your website. And they can read it themselves. Read it for loved ones, read it for church members, send it off to kids, send it off to people they know. Brad, that’s fantastic. I’m so glad to hear this because this is what people need. You’re giving them some hope. So, what would they read about in this special report that you have?

Brad Dacus: Our attorneys spent a lot of time on this. It’s always being updated based on new directives from states and other places. So, it’s continually being updated.

For example, a student wants to go to a State University. And yet the State University is requiring them to have the vaccine to attend. Well, a couple points here. First, they need to look to see if the State University recognizes any exemptions. For example, the University of California and the UC system in California recognizes two exemptions. One is a medical or health exemption.

Craig Huey: So, if you have a medical or health exemption, you can still go to school.

Brad Dacus: Yes.

And to get that you want to make sure you have a doctor that you’ve talked to, or a psychiatrist because they’re an MD. So have that doctor or psychiatrist recommend to you (doesn’t even have to be in writing) they just give you that recommendation that you don’t have to have the vaccine. And so, you can then make that point to the university.

If the university doesn’t accept it, contact us at PJI, and I’d be happy to do the follow-through.

Craig Huey: Let me get this straight. You have a letter for me that I could have my doctor’s sign. And that would enable me to go to school. And if the school objects, then your lawyers can get involved, but the school will probably accept it. And if I don’t have a doctor, there are several groups like Frontline Doctors who listeners could contact. If they don’t know how to contact the doctors, they could write to me. It’s a network – a nationwide doctor – who can help protect your rights.

Brad Dacus: People need to recognize that there’s also a demonstrated state exemption and the American Disabilities Act.

States can have all kinds of quirks and say, we will require a letter from the doctor, but this has to be a doctor in your state, say in California…the doctor can’t be on the Blacklist, over a thousand have been put on the blacklist because they liberally give to many exemptions.

Craig Huey: Wow. It’s so tyrannical.

Brad Dacus: California, they can have those restrictions.

But on the American Disabilities Act, the ADA, you just get a letter from a doctor – anywhere in the country.

That is in and of itself sufficient to be respected and requires reasonable accommodation of you and your situation not to have that vaccine. That’s a very important point to make.

Craig Huey: What’s the second exemption?

Brad Dacus: The second exemption is a religious exemption.

Now, the religious exemption is not statutorily binding for students.

You may have some universities like the University of California that recognize it. Indiana University also recognizes a religious exemption along with medical or health exemption.

But as far as students trying to get on campus, it’s not like a statutory exemption, right? It’s a little more problematic.

It’s really depending on whether or not your public educational institution is willing to respect that for students.

Craig Huey: Wow. If I get your vaccination Q & A, I get the details and information on this?

But, what about the person that works? What if their company is now saying you can’t work in this hospital?

Because 30 to 40% of some hospitals doctors and nurses don’t have a vaccination, yet some of these hospitals are requiring it. It’s the same thing with police. A huge percentage of law enforcement is not taking it in some cities that are requiring it.

What do they do? What do the people working at the Vets hospital do?

Brad Dacus: We actually had a case manager dealing with this in New Jersey on behalf of half a dozen nurses who said, look, we don’t want this vaccine. About 40% of the medical profession, I understand who don’t want it, which is a higher percentage of the average American in many states.

Craig Huey: Right!

Brad Dacus: Very telling.

Medical health professionals are empathic that they don’t want this new experimental vaccine.  

Yeah, but that that said, these nurses said we don’t want it.

The hospital says, ’oh, yes, you do. Everyone has to have a vaccine, or you lose your job.’ And these nurses were very reasonable and said, ‘look we can wear masks like other hospitals here in New Jersey allows other nurses to wear masks instead. This hospital said, no, we’re going to require vaccines, whether you like it or not.

The nurses contacted us at Pacific Justice Institute, we have an office in New York serving New Jersey. We represented them. To make long story short, they’re wearing masks but not vaccinated.

There’re two basic arguments employees have here. One, once again, it’s a medical health exemption. They can lay claim to that, and they need to be accommodated for that. And that’s statutory.

The other is dealing with their rights or religious exemption under Title VII. Title VII doesn’t apply to students, but it does apply to employees and under 701j employers are required to reasonably accommodate the sincerely held religious beliefs or convictions of their employees. Absent of undue burden or hardship on the employer, while allowing employee not to be vaccinated and wear a mask instead. That’s not an undue burden on the employer. And in those situations, employees are protected.

Now we do have a case, Craig, it actually started in Washington State where an employer really messed up big time because this employee told the employer, “Look, I know you’re wanting everyone to have a vaccine. I can’t have the vaccine for religious reasons. It violates my faith and my conscience to put that in my body.

It doesn’t have to be signed off in a letter from your priest or pastor of your church. That’s irrelevant. Just has to be you just stating it sincerely. So, she made this point. And the employer, instead of accommodating her and saying, okay, well, you can just wear a mask or you can wear a shield, or you can work in a separate place. Just simply said, you’re fired. And we are representing that employee against that employer.

We have another employee that we represented, who was not being accommodated and was being forced to supposedly have to have a vaccine and was let go and put on leave. We represented that employee. He got his job back. It was great. It was settled. It was done. It was over. And then that employer right after that, fired the employee. Not a good move.

Craig Huey: Whoa! Oh, Wow!

Brad Dacus: Better get legal counsel. We’re going back in the ring. Bottom line, Craig, we’re willing to go to battle for anyone in the United States, who has a sincerely religious belief and conviction against taking this vaccine and is willing to be reasonably accommodated and work with different alternatives that may be provided by the employer.

Craig Huey: Incredible, I am so thankful you’ve stepped up and you’re defending these people. And for everybody who is watching or listening to the podcast and you have vaccine questions your answers are free. They can download it, they can study it, they can give it to friends. That’s awesome.

Let me ask you one last question…. I think one of the most intimidating issues, all this is intimidating to people, and that’s what the politicians and the medical establishment and Big Pharma want to intimidate you. For example, in New York right now they’re saying you can’t go into a restaurant unless you’ve been vaccinated. You can’t go to a theater.

Or, I fly a lot. What do I do if the Department of Transportation puts pressure on the airlines? What about these private entities and making a requirement for their customers?

Brad Dacus: They have established rules, generally speaking, but they’re still under the Americans Disabilities Act the ADA.

Brad Dacus: So, if someone has a medical issue, it could be a psychiatric issue that a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, is willing to back up and with a letter. They should get back in writing from a doctor or psychiatrist what their condition is: mentally, anxiety attacks or respiratory issues because of asthma etc. Have that letter in hand. And when they go to that place of business, say it’s a Costco, they walk in and they ask if you have your vaccine passport and they can say, no but I have medical health reasons, here’s the letter from my psychiatry, my doctor explaining why. Then they need to accommodate that customer. And if they don’t, they should contact us immediately. This is a definite defense they have.

Craig Huey: Brad, anything else?

Brad Dacus: Also, I want to encourage people out there to be aware that an anti-viral cocktail has just been approved by the FDA. People need to be aware of that. So, if they haven’t had the vaccine or haven’t had covid, they need to be aware of that because there are circumstances where they can get this this cocktail preventative. Similar to what hydroxychloroquine was. President Trump took it and it probably saved his life. If they have a low immune system, a low immunity, very vulnerable, they can talk to their doctor about this. They would be eligible, according to the FDA.

Secondly is if they have a job that puts them around a lot of people, say they’re a checker in a retail supermarket. Or work in a hospital or prison. Or they’ve been exposed to someone that has COVID Delta. That’s another route to get this treatment. And it needs to be done early. Because after five days it’s really not very effective. Dr. McCulloh, I mentioned earlier, he’s been very emphatic on the need for people to take full advantage of this early on in order to prevent people with immune issues from having to go to the hospital.

Craig Huey: I’m glad you mentioned that. It’s an exciting new development. And there are other therapies, like you mentioned, that are out there where they learn about them from the Frontline Doctors and groups like them.  You can access their website HERE. You can contact one of the doctors HERE.

Brad, I’m so excited about what you’ve done and laying out a roadmap so that people’s constitutional freedoms can be protected.

A roadmap so that they’re not violating their conscience.

A roadmap so that they can live free as they should.

Brad, let me end with this. You’re going to be able to help people with your team of lawyers. People can download the vaccine Q & A for free. Give me again, how do I contact the Pacific justice Institute?

Brad Dacus: It’s simple. Just go to our website, You can request help there. We have 50 cases in active litigation. Craig, as you know, things are moving very, very fast.

Craig Huey: Yes.

Brad Dacus: Download Vaccine Q & A. It is a great, wonderful report. It is updated. It’s very empowering. The bottom line is that people do have rights. And we at PJI are here to represent them and defend those rights without charge.

Craig Huey: Without charge. That’s what’s so amazing. And the reason PJI can do this and write and keep the Vaccine Q&A information updated, and all the many things they do to protect our constitutional liberties is because of donors. I really encourage you to pray about this, send some money to Pacific Justice Institute. They need it badly. They have so many costs to keep going and any type of legal issue is expensive, so they really need your help.

The only way they can do this is because, people like you are able to step forward and help by donating and protecting our rights, protecting our freedom here in the US by donating to PGI.

Brad Dacus: Thanks, everyone.

Craig Huey: Thanks for joining us at RealityAlert Word podcast. We will be following up on this and we will keep you informed. And thanks, everyone for listening in. Be sure to share this with your friends and family and everyone you know!

Note: Soon I’ll have a video update with Brad.

What do you think? E-mail me at

21 Comments on “Forced Vaccinations: How You Can Legally Opt Out”

  1. What about forced testing for Covid. I have been told that I must be forced to be tested ONCE A WEEK because I refuse to get the vaccine due to my religious beliefs.

    1. Yes, what if you are opposed to the vaccines and also the tests? Can you get a reasonable exemption from the PCR Tests as well?

  2. Thank U for your service. Bless U & your team. I am a Pastor & will not take the vaccination.
    My body which is the temple of the LORD will not be subject to this mandate.

  3. What about the military? I just read this morning that the defense secretary is going to force military personnel to get the vaccine! My son is in the Marine Corps, and he does not want to get the vaccine. What recourse does he have?

    1. Defense Secretary has no authority to force military to vaccinate with a experimental vaccine unapproved by the FDA. FDA Commissioner stated they will not approve vaccine until they have about 2 years worth of data to evaluate.

      Here is some interesting suggesting reading: Bates v Donley, US District Court District of Columbia, Case No.11-1589 (RCL), read it all the way through. (determined by more than one court that military will not be vaccinated by experimental vaccines) I know its long but it will settle you. Here is another suggesting item to read: 10 U.S.C. 1107, pay particular attention to Title 3, Section 3. (e) & (f).

  4. Due to severe claustrophobia that causes hyperventilation which in turn triggers my grand mal seizures I cannot wear a mask. Also, due to a number of medical conditions including a history of Bells Palsy and pericarditis I cannot take the vaccine. I was forced to wear a mask during cataract surgery on my only eye with vision resulting in a seizure during the procedure. I had to get a new cardiologist because the other one would not see me because all I could tolerate is a face shield. I am 71 years old and I have no need for such drama. Also their is the fact that the messenger RNA is derived from aborted fetuses. I lost four pre-born children and it was not by choice. Is their any hope for this situation?

  5. Thank you for this information re legalities of forced vaccinations.
    I have both religious- and medical-based reasons for not wanting to take these vaccines.
    I am interested in the hydroxichloroquine.

  6. Why are so many Christian leaders Covidiots? You’re more scared of the vaccine, which has been shown to be effective at mitigating serious cases of COVID-19 than you are of Covid-19 itself, which continues to kill thousands a day and create lingering, serious side effects in many others. An extremely small percentage of people have had side effects from the vaccine, mostly short-lived. A healthy, normal-weight friend of mine who did not get vaccinated recently died from Covid-19.
    Don’t be a pawn of the Faux Entertainment talking heads or of political clowns like DeSatan, who is pushing hard against mask wearing and vaccinations while Covid-19 is raging in Florida, overwhelming medical workers.
    I understand that some people cannot take the vaccine or wear masks for medical reasons, but what about the rest of you?
    Time to wake up, Christians, and start thinking for yourselves. God did not give us a spirit of feat, but of power, love and a sound mind.

    1. Keep living in that dreamworld Joe. More like the other way around. Quit reading and repeating what the dregs keep saying and do your own research on the VAERS System. You will be shocked to see there are hardly any (1-2%) covid-19 deaths and close to 20% vaccination deaths, reactions, permanent issues (autism, blood clots, brain hemorages, etc) to otherwise normally health people who were stupid enough to believe the lies and panic of liars.

  7. Check out
    Listen to the interviews by the most
    Highly credentialed Doctors, researchers and immunologists
    World wide as to why most people should NOT take the vaccine .
    They explain the vaccine, what spike proteins will do to the body, the hyper immune responses that are set up, how infertility and death can occur.
    Watch the interviews.

  8. Over 6,000 people had died from the vaccine, and multitudes of adverse affects from the vaccine, according to VAERS.
    And only 1-10 % of adverse events is even reported.
    The greater question is why is the media censoring any Dr that speaks against the vaccine.
    Why are we being groomed as a society to fall in line, in lockstep with what the government is pressuring us to do?
    Heart disease , cancer , obesity , diabetes and the common flu kill exponentially more people annually than Covid ever did. We don’t shut down the economy over those things.
    Think about it.
    And let’s not forget the leading cause of death worldwide each year, ABORTION.

  9. I have had both covid and the delta variant which I contracted from a vaccinated person who was suffering from the delta variant. I don’t need the vaccine, and for well over 90% of the population, there is very little risk. The vaccine is not well tested, and I agree with Joe. Do not live in fear of a virus that is very much like the flu. The vaccine is much scarier.

    1. Why are you agreeing with Joe, joe is telling everyone to wear masks and get the shot, Joe is an idiod living in constant fear. Joe you got the shot, well them your vaccinated against people like me who have a brain and refuse to get it. Why are you trying to force me to get a shot, I am of no risk to you “vaccinated” covidiods.

  10. I live in California with my family and we refuse to take the vaccine. Im worried about my eight year old daughter especially. The schools here are going to require It next year. I fear this vaccine and the people who are trying to force it on us . I hope there are a lot of people who think like me here.

  11. I would love to know of any recommendations of firms providing the same support in various European countries, specifically Poland. It is not forced yet, but they are thinking about it for some workers.

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