Face Masks and the Great Political Divide: Controversy Divides and Creates Growing Social and Political Strife

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Are you using a face mask?

Masks are becoming a controversial political divide between these two:

  • A statement of trusting the pro-socialist ideology of certain governors, mayors, and health directors who want to control you.
  • A statement of protecting yourself or others, which is “socially responsible”.

Those who don’t wear masks are being shamed with growing anger – at times violent consequences.

Verbal and physical confrontations are on the rise.

Pro-mask users are becoming more vocal and violent in demanding compliance and obedience.

In some areas, such as Los Angeles, masks on all are required to go out – even at empty beaches and when you are in a car.  In stores, masks are required in all stores and public places.

Sometimes, counties or cities have different rules.

The masks have created a great deal of confusion.

At first, the CDC/General Surgeon and medical experts said the masks don’t work and can actually hurt.

Then they switched and said everyone must wear them…or else.

Who aren’t wearing masks?

  • Republicans
  • Conservatives
  • Libertarians
  • Christians
  • Rural residents

Who are?

  • Democrats
  • Socialists/Communists
  • “Nones” and atheists
  • City dwellers

Masks skew to millennials…and especially to those with compromised health – usually the elderly.

For example, near Los Angles county in California is Riverside County.

The county rescinded their facemask mandate and now masks are not required at all in the county.

In nearby San Bernadino County, the Sheriff made it clear his force would not enforce facemask mandates; so, the county lets the individual decide.

In Orange County, it’s up to the individual, but cities in the county like Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Seal Beach and Laguna Beach require employees and customers to wear a mask.

And, some private companies enforce a mask, and some do not.  Costco requires all employees and customers to wear a mask.

My wife and I, in Tennessee, decided to go to Sam’s Club where no masks are required.  Less than 5% of the customers wore masks.

To compound the confusion, many medical experts say: 

  1. The mask reduces fresh oxygen.  Everyone needs more oxygen.  The mask can compromise your immune system.
  2. It may be more dangerous to wear a mask if you do have the virus, because you’re breathing it back in.

I flew several trips on a plane recently, wearing a mask to get on and off, but not wearing a mask, like most passengers, during the flight.

In Nashville/Franklin Tennessee – freedom.  Less than 10% wore masks; none are required in the open stores, restaurants, and barbershops. 

It’s your choice.

People are free.

People don’t have fear.

Let people decide.  If they want to wear a mask, great. Do it…

If they don’t want to wear a mask, great. Don’t do it.

It’s called freedom.

Pro-socialist politicians want to see masks used continually until next year or longer.

It becomes a political and social statement they hope will impact the November elections.

Even if it’s ridiculous.

  • People in a car by themselves.
  • A couple walking on a trail or open street.
  • Politicians on TV…for example Senator Tim Kain of Virginia wearing a bandanna (looking like a robber) on TV for hours with no one else seated near him within three yards.

If you wear a mask, you’re obeying “science” and your government leader.

Don’t wear a mask and you stand for freedom, individual responsibility and a realistic assessment of risk.

What do you think?  Email me at Craig@ElectionForum.org

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15 Comments on “Face Masks and the Great Political Divide: Controversy Divides and Creates Growing Social and Political Strife”

  1. I agree with the observations you have made. I hadn’t really thought that much about why I haven’t but I have not yet worn a mask and definitely hold the views you have made
    ! I have also been rudely verbally attacked by a woman who holds very liberal views… it explains a lot!

  2. I also wanted to add that your claim that “many medical experts say” that masks weaken your immune system or somehow “keep the virus in” is a great overstatement. I was not able to find any “experts” touting that belief, and it also defies basic science — an infected person’s viral load is not in any way reduced by “shedding” virus via respiration.

  3. I take a little offense with the generalities and assumptions in this article. I believe in freedom and individual responsibility. I am also a conservative, Republican, and longtime Christian. But I WEAR a mask to the supermarket or when picking up from a restaurant (when I do go out, which is limited). When out for a walk, I wear it if there are people around, but remove it if it is clear. DO NOT assume that because I am wearing a mask that I am a radical Democrat, socialist/communist, or atheist. I wear it because I am immunocompromised! My medical team wants me to stay safe. (The article talks about “medical experts” but not give any source.) I do not wish to catch anything, and IF I do catch something, I do not want to give it to you. When my work — in a very busy, very public establishment — reopens, we will be required to wear masks. Since this coronavirus is still spreading (albeit at a slower pace…for now), THAT IS being responsible because we do not know with whom we are coming in contact!

  4. I get your point and believe in personal freedom, but I also think some generalizations are being made of who wears a mask. I live in L.A.county (yes, city dweller) so I am required to wear one when I go to the store, etc. But if I walk solo, I don’t wear one. I carry one with me in case I cross someone- more for their assurance. But usually I just social distance so not an issue. It’s not required if walking solo or with members from same household. I think some wear in car because they don’t want to deal with touching it by taking off/on, etc.. So they wait til they get home. As for me, I put one on when I get out of car to go into store and take off when I get back into my car. But I don’t assume that those who wear a mask are a specific religion or political persuasion. I just think they’re trying to get their groceries like me. I don’t particularly think the face coverings are all that effective, but I hope and think that this will change as the statistics will show. So, yes, I am law-abiding, but I don’t wear out of fear of catching something. Oh, and did I mention I’m a conservative, pro-life, Christian and Trump supporter? Or does that really matter? We should care about the personal liberties of all citizens and residents of this beautiful state – CA and country. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  5. I’m feeling a bit shamed right now for wearing a mask. I’ve followed the advice of strongly Christian scientists to wear one -if I choose- to mitigate risk of both contracting or inadvertently spreading the virus. I in no way “obey” science or take my freedom for granted.

  6. Craig I think your loosing your mind or possibly getting ready to campaign for Newsum for president. You are really making generalizations that do not apply.. it’s really sad to see you headed to the dark side..

  7. I think this is generally a true statement, but as with most things, it is not cut and dried. I wear a mask into stores that require it. If the owner does not require it I don’t wear one. Many times I am the only one in the store not wearing it even though I live in Riverside County and it is not required only recommended. Actually I think most people think they still have to. I have mentioned to several people I have seen putting on a mask as they leave their cars to enter the store that it is no longer required and they have thanked me and proceeded to go into the store without one. I am a Christian and a strong conservative and I do believe that the left is using this to further their agendas. However, many are just sick and tired of this whole quarantine and are starting to see the ridiculousness of some of the regulations. Yes, their is a virus but the numbers don’t support all the regulations that are going on in areas that don’t have the numbers to support it.

  8. As an older citizen who has an even older husband with health issues, when out in public I wear a N95 mask and keep a distance from others. I’d never forgive myself if I brought the virus home to my husband. I have lost a cousin living in a New York assisted care Home very recently. It does kill.

  9. Does Romans 13 mean anything???Our government has not told us we cannot practice our Faith, at this time there is no choice between God and man’s law. This is a health risk to all. Does the 100,000 live lost mean anything??

  10. Where I live, most people, including me, do not wear masks, but a substantial minority do. Only time I have was in a visit to a medical facility for a routine, but required, test. Their precautions made sense and were reasonable.

    But, a friend of mine told me that he wears one every time he goes outside. He was angry because his neighbor across the street went out, got in his own car, and drove off, alone. My friend didn’t know where the guy was going, or what he was going to do, but he was still angry. When I see someone driving alone in their own car wearing a mask, I figure the person is a nut or an idiot.

  11. There are many reasons an intelligent person might leave his or her mask on in a car. Much of the problem with masks is that people can spread virus particles by touching their mask so sometimes it is best just to leave it on for a short trip. It also might be that they are going to be picking up a passenger and want to be considerate so another person will not enter a contaminated environment. The bottom line is they may just be more intelligent than you think. If you recall when our astronauts first returned from the moon elaborate precautions were taken because no one knew if they were going to be bringing back something unknown. We don’t know everything about this virus, but we do know how fast is spread to every corner of the earth.

  12. While talking to a guest at an Eagle Forum meeting last weekend, he, like me, have been customers at Wells Fargo Bank for decades. His bank accounts were closed because he would not wear a mask inside the bank. Mind you, there are barriers between bankers and customers! So much for free choice.

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