Evil in Texas: Fundamental Cause

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What happened at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX is unimaginable… pure evil.

Nineteen children and two adults were murdered in a senseless act of crime.

Parents dropped off their children like any other day.

How many of those parents felt rushed, forgot to pack a lunch, or had to go back home in a mad dash to grab a forgotten backpack?

Never thinking that it would be the last time they would say goodbye, or have a great day at school, or ‘I love you’ to their child.

I don’t want to talk about gun control.

I want to talk about the crumbling foundation of American families.

The shooter, Salvador Ramos, was from a broken home. He lived with his 66-year-old grandmother – who he shot.

He was known for threatening fellow classmates and cutting scars into his face.

He sent social media posts of guns and animal abuse to other users.

Why did no one seek help?

How did he slip through the cracks, unnoticed?

The fundamental reason?

God is no longer the foundation of our families.

In fact, studies show that there has been a rapid decline in church attendance in the last 20 years.

I don’t believe that is a coincidence.

We need to put God back into the family home… and back into our schools.

The Bible gives us clear directions to have a happy marriage and how to raise our children.

The Bible lays the groundwork for a successful marriage… Ephesians 5:25 says, “As for husbands, love your wives just like Christ love the church and gave himself for her.”

The Bible teaches our children to, “Honor your father and your mother so that your life will be long on the fertile land that the Lord your God is giving you.” – Exodus 20:12

“My son, keep your father’s command; don’t abandon your mother’s instruction.” – Proverbs 6:20

The Bible encourages parents, “Parents, don’t provoke your children in a way that ends up discouraging them.”  – Colossians 3:21

The Bible tells us that we are to love our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The common denominator: love.

He is the hope and solution.

It all starts at home, within the family.

There are simple things that you can do together as a family to become closer to God:

  • Attend church together as a family. Make that the day that you spend time together, disconnected from the world.
  • Read God’s word together. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day, include it in bedtime rituals or while you are eating breakfast together.
  • Serve others together. Set the example for your children by showing them that we are to love each other and take care of one another. Visit a nursing home and spend time with the elderly. Make care packages to take to the hospital for patients who do not have someone to take care of them.
  • Pray together as a family. For each other and others in need.

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9 Comments on “Evil in Texas: Fundamental Cause”

  1. The lack of godly and spiritual reasoning in the lives of families would go a long way to helping society to heal and improve

  2. Amen! Your “Evil in Texas. Fundamental Cause” talking point needs to be read by everyone, especially families. Great job! Praying to God for families. God hears.

  3. How do parents not know about their children???? Because children are taking care of themselves. When My children were 2 years of age they knew what no , no meant They knew right from wrong. It’s the parents they are too busy with other things. This will never end. Do they need attention??? And think this will do it??? We need a class in school, How to raise children. Children pay the price. Amen!!!

    1. I’ve been saying this for years. A good parenting class with Christian values for all seniors in high school would give them a great start for good life skills.

  4. Jesus said “ I am the way, the truth., and the life. No man comes unto the FATHER except through by Me”

  5. This is good and I totally agree. Mr. Huey’s article should be in the newspapers, but, would they print it?

  6. knowing and listening and acting on Gods guidance is essential now, more than ever.
    the shooting showed everyone that the responsibility to do the right thing is in everyones individual hands.
    staying close to God and family is paramount. and being courageous in action when it is called for. it cant be dumped on “authorities….”.

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