Court: Prayer is Unconstitutional

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Judicial activists are relentless in their efforts to try to destroy religious freedom. They want to destroy our rights to practice our faith in our schools, businesses and homes.

Now, Deep State-fueled judicial activists are even trying to keep us from praying.

The latest case comes from the infamously liberal Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in California, which ruled that prayer before the start of school board meetings in the Chino Valley Unified School District is unconstitutional.

The ruling stops board members “from conducting, permitting or otherwise endorsing school sponsored prayer in Board meetings.”

“This requires the Board to censor or otherwise remove individuals who attempt to say a prayer, or anything that might resemble a prayer, during the public comment period.”

This horrific violation of First Amendment rights is a result of a 2014 case in which the Chino Valley Unified School District was sued by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for praying before board meetings.

This disturbing case is just one more indication of increasing Deep State influence…

However, ceremonial prayer in city council meetings has also been upheld by the Supreme Court, in the 2014 case of Town of Greece v Galloway.

In this case, Justice Anthony Kennedy said, “Ceremonial prayer is but a recognition that, since this Nation was founded and until the present day, many Americans deem that their own existence must be understood by precepts far beyond the authority of the government.”

Prayer is a fundamental right that is protected by the First Amendment – and must be upheld.

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7 Comments on “Court: Prayer is Unconstitutional”

  1. We are in the early part of the end times when full Christian persecution, imprisonment, torture & death is ckming. A martyred death is honorable. Get ready for the coming wrath of God, first on His disobedinet children & then on the world. Before that there will be great suffering & tribulation. God will test our hearts to see who is really sacrificing & genuinely living for Him. If you are not, repent & not with just words but with changed attitude & actions. Show the fruits. May you be blessed as you obey! I wonder if these board members will obey God or man’s ungodly laws?

  2. In America, prayer is constitutional in institutions overseen by Godly churches and families. We need to affirm Christ-centered alternatives to the secular institutions that do not allow prayer. We need to affirm the Lordship of Christ in not just our educational institutions but our economic, judicial, and other institutions as well. Sinful man can redeem culture through prayerful involvement with schools and other institutions that affirm the Lordship of Christ, the law of God, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. See additional thoughts at

  3. One Thousand Christians need to show up at the next board meeting and pray during the comment time.
    What did Peter say when told not to speak in the name of Jesus? It’s better to obey God rather than men !! We need to take a stand !!

  4. We started going wrong when we did not keep the Sabbath Holy! We walked away from Him not the other way around.

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