Voter Guide: How It Helps You Vote For, Not Against, Your Values – And Mobilize Others

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The Voter Guide records judges, candidates, and more to help you vote for, not against, your values.

Fill out your vote by mail ballot or sample ballot using our guide, it’s that simple.

Bring it to the poll and use your phone. It’s that simple.

But there is one more thing.

Use it to mobilize others.


For example, Janice just wrote…

Thank you so much! This is so helpful! I just marked up my sample ballot with this and texted 20-30 people with what you sent me! Awesome!!”


And Karen said:

I am so thrilled that you were able to expand the voter guide to include obscure positions like State Board of Equalization, judges, etc. so, today when I sat with my election pamphlet, I was able to enter every single candidate based on your recommendations.

I then forwarded the Election Forum website link to all my friends/family.

I am very grateful for all the research you do. You make it SO easy for us.

Thanks for all you do. I saved your link to my favorites years ago, but it is even better with this Primary Election than ever before. God Bless you.


Share the guide. Be a community mobilizer.

Send it to your family, friends, church members, and anyone who might listen.

Have courage. Be part of making the change that is necessary to transform culture and politics.

And if you can help us with the extensive research, postage, and marketing of the guide, $10.00 or more would help a lot! Click HERE.

16 Comments on “Voter Guide: How It Helps You Vote For, Not Against, Your Values – And Mobilize Others”

  1. absolute necessity in order to know which candidates are best fitted to my beliefs especially in selecting judges.

  2. Please send your voter guide for Long Beach, 90804.
    Thank you so much for all your faithful, hard work.

  3. You can find your area by going to website… Click on the voter guide… And look for your county …right now the primary elections for California and Tennessee are being covered… Those in other states we haven’t received enough funding to be able to cover… But we do have a link to some suggested alternative ways of knowing how to vote

  4. All the judges are listed on our recommendations… Go to… Click on the voter guide… And go to your county, for you Los Angeles and you’ll find the judges as well as the other candidates

  5. Hi Bonnie… Orange County has been up on the website a long time… We had enough funding to put it up early… Just go to… Then click on the Voterguide and look for Orange County

  6. Im very disappointed this year no informaiton on your site for the County of San Mateo.
    last year you provided information for voting San Mateo county but not this year.
    What happened???

  7. Sorry Susan you’re disappointed … We are also

    For the first time in 20 years we were not able to cover every county because not enough people donated….My Small staff is worked very hard to be able to get out as much as they can… But even in the counties we were able to do some of the local races were not vetted

    If you and others could chip in $10 or more at we’d be able to help everyone and transform The upcoming election like never before

    Our hope is more donations will come in so we can do a good job on time for the November election

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