The Marketing Blunders of Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton [Video]

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The Marketing Blunders of Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton [Video]

Who’s winning the marketing race for the 2016 Election?

Hillary Clinton has already spent $50 million on TV ads.

What about Trump?


Donald Trump got $2 billion in free advertising in the GOP primaries.

But that won’t work during a general election!

Let’s look at the email race.

Hillary is blowing Trump out of the water.

Return Path has established the following Metrics:

Return Path Hillary Trump Metric

Trump still has higher open rates:

Return Path Trump Hillary Open Rates August 16


Hillary Clinton still has extravagantly larger email lists:

Return Path Emails Opened August 16

I usually agree with radio personality Mark Larson, but he is stuck in the past about Trump’ current campaign strategies on this issue.

Watch more here:

For Trump to win, he needs to do better than Hillary on all of these metrics.

As for Clinton, she needs to just keeping doing what she is doing to win.

Learn more from Charles Payne on Fox News here:

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3 Comments on “The Marketing Blunders of Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton [Video]”

  1. Why are you constantly bad-mouthing Mr. Trump. He is the only person we should be trying to help get elected. EVERYONE needs to shush up their negative comments and get behind him. This is getting ridiculous and unnecessarily out of control. The naysayers are working diligently against him so it will be inevitable that Hillary will win – there is so much wrong with that, there isn’t enough space to elaborate. We’re sick & tired of people that claim to be conservative or Christian, etc., to say negative things about Mr. Trump at this point. Dana Perrino is now playing “I can’t lie anymore” game but it only reflects her dedication to the Bush’s. Claims polls don’t lie (oh my gosh, seriously?) and that the fact Mr. Trump has 10, 20, 30,000 people at each rally means nothing against a random poll of 500 or maybe 1000 people! That is the stupidest notion ever uttered!! START SUPPORTING TRUMP people or Hillary will be in office and our Nation that was founded under the principals of God will cease to exist!!!!

    1. I am not bad-mouthing him, as much as reporting that his marketing campaign is failing badly, and needs to improve fast!

  2. Now, the season is for Olympic games. Many voters including women and minorities watching TV at the exciting moment. During the commercial time, I can see many Hillary’s funny ads making Trump really dumb and liar. It’s one of the best time to reach and to inform people.

    But, where is Trump Ad?


    He boasts he’s still getting attention from Medias for FREE. What?!
    Think about it with common sense. Will it help or not help?
    Those are negative attention because of his endless stupid gaffes.

    He is a arrogant rude stingy parvenu who like to make money with a casino and strip club. Now he is the candidate for Lincoln and Reagan’s GOP.
    In a word, he doesn’t know how to do it. It’s not funny.

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