How to Vote for the Judges

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In most states you are able to vote for the judges in your own state…

In the past, you had no way of knowing which judges on the ballot were judicial activists – making law from the bench – and which were strict constitutionalists – interpreting the law, not creating law, according to the role of the judiciary outlined in the Constitution.

That’s all changed now.

We have two web sites that list and grade judges according to their past decisions and their position papers and legal opinions:

  • is our general voter guide for judges. It explains the criteria we use to rate the judges … and it explains some of the dangerous consequences of having judicial activist judges.
  • is our judge voter guide for Reality Alert subscribers. Click on “Voter Guide” on the drop-down list underneath the Election tab on the menu bar. We have a Spanish version of the voter guide in addition to the English version.

These tools will help you vote for judges who will rule according to your core values, not against them.

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4 Comments on “How to Vote for the Judges”

  1. We used your voter guide to vote for judges, it was a big help. I love the way Trump is trying to place conservative judges in our judicial system. This will make the biggest difference. It is just a matter of time that abortion will be made illegal if this President has anything to do with it!

  2. Thank you for your work so we can have a clear picture of who is who and which way to cast our votes. Your information was so helpful. I posted links in my fb page to help others too. ❤

  3. Thank you for your guide. We have used it for several years. It is our go-to. Otherwise we do not have a clue on some issues and on the judges. We have passed electionforum on to others as well.
    Steve and Judy

  4. We posted your recommendations at our RPSLO office and it was a big help to our voters.
    Keep on building & posting your list.

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