Ballot Harvesting Corruption in California Begins. I Warned Larry Elder. Now It’s Happening. [Shocking, Disturbing Video of Election Fraud Before Your Very Eyes]

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I warned Larry Elder that ballot harvesting could destroy the California recall election.

The two of us were on stage together at FreedomFest before 2,400 people. I told them what ballot harvesting was and why it’s so insidious.

It has begun in California.

Here are five things you should know:

#1. Ballot Harvesting, Voter Fraud Has Begun

Here is a video that was taken at an apartment complex of someone who has obtained the key to an apartment complex mailboxs. They have opened it in this video and are taking people’s mail-in ballots out to vote no on the recall on all the ballots…and do ballot harvesting to a voter box. Click HERE to view.

100% of the voters in the California recall election are getting mail-in ballots.

How could they obtain the key? The only way would be illegally using it by checking it out from the post office. People have to sign for the key. But it’s loosely monitored and not strictly enforced.

This type of apartment fraud is going on across California. This video proves it.

It’s organized, and it could destroy the California recall election integrity if not stopped and the people prosecuted.

Why would the post office be suspect? You can read about it in an article I wrote on the political corruption by postal employees HERE.

#2. Other Forms of Ballot Harvesting

California is one of 19 states where ballot harvesting is legal. But it’s being done in other states as well.

With ballot harvesting, ballot harvestors will be going to retirement homes (granny farming) and picking up ballots, a form of voter fraud.

They will also be looking for duplicate ballots at homes or homes that are empty because people have moved or are on vacation.

#3. Ballot Harvesting In Action [Video – Caught on Tape]

Most ballot harvesting is where one person, trained by the unions and pro-socialist organizations go door to door based upon data.

The data tells them which households have someone in it that is likely to vote against the recall election.

Then they go to that door multiple times until they find the person and are able to persuade them to give them the ballot and help them fill it out.

One ballot harvester can pick up and bring 10-500 ballots to a voter box. Nobody knows who they are. Nobody knows if any of the ballots were thrown away. Nobody knows if they can modify any of the ballots.

They’re anonymous, and there’s no audit trail.

Here is a video of a ballot harvester who has gone to the household of parents not on the data list, but the adult child is. They only want to talk to those who would vote democrat. Click HERE to view.

So they will only talk to the son.

Listen to what they say.

#4. There’s Other Types Of Threats To An Honest Election. This Is The Biggest.

As I said, the post office union is Bernie Sanders type of supporters on steriods, probably the most politicized union in the United States. They have a core group of political activists who will do anything to help change the election.

Now the corrupt Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters has developed a mail-in ballot in Los Angeles where you can actually see how a person votes by looking at the ballot. In other words, the postal employees could destroy a ballot before it’s delivered to the election center if they vote “yes” on the California recall.

I’m waiting to see if other counties have the same illegal problem. Such holes are often used, but never in a place you can see a vote. This must be intential to help Governor Newsom.

Watch this video, and you’ll see how it’s being done and why it’s so corrupt. Click HERE to view.

#5. Next Steps – What Needs to Be Done

  1. The Republican Party needs to file a lawsuit again in L.A. County. They need to do it immediately. 
  2. Every state in the nation must make sure this type of corruption does not happen by their Secretary of State or county officials.
  3. If you know someone in California or live in California, make sure they go to the election polling station or use a voter drop box…do not mail in the ballot unless you have to for health or transportation reasons.

Be sure to send this email out to everyone you know so they can be aware of this.

And do sign our petition to stop voter fraud.

It is having a big impact. But we need many more people to sign.

You can sign the petition here.

What do you think? E-mail me at

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19 Comments on “Ballot Harvesting Corruption in California Begins. I Warned Larry Elder. Now It’s Happening. [Shocking, Disturbing Video of Election Fraud Before Your Very Eyes]”

  1. Did you see how there is a circle on the
    return ballot envelope that “happens”
    to show if you voted yes to remove Newsom.
    This allows the fraudsters to peek at your
    vote & toss voter envelopes if they voted yes.
    WE MUST fight this now. Can we change
    to in person only for this election?

  2. There is no way my San Bernardino County ballot will show how I voted through the hole in the envelope.

  3. I have the holes in my envelope and am going to put the ballot inside so my vote cannot be seen thru the hole.

  4. Yes I also have a hole in the ballot envelope. What is the purpose of these holes? Other than to cheat!!!’ I will be hand delivering my ballot!

  5. There are no holes in my envelope, but my husband has not received his ballot yet. We live in Costa Mesa, Orange County…

  6. No holes in ballot envelope in San Luis Obispo County. There are holes in Kern County ballot envelopes.

    1. I am in Kern County and received a “Mail In Ballot “ but the hole is not over the voting circle. No matter, I wrote on the envelope “return to sender. I did not ask for an absentee ballot or a mail in ballot. Too damn easy for the dumacrats to cheat. I vote in person.

  7. Taking your ballot to a polling place does not guarantee it will not be tampered with. I took my ballot to one on voting day early afternoon for the last election. I dropped it into the provided box inside the building. It did not get counted. When I checked on it the following day they claimed it had not been received. Then later they claimed it had been recieved a day late and so wasn’t counted. Now they are harvesting ballets and putting holes in the envelopes so they can see who votes to get rid of this hideous governor. This has to be stopped.

  8. There are two holes front & one in back of my return envelope. I’ve folded the ballot in a way to hide my vote

  9. After we change our governor the next thing we need to do in California immediately is to eliminate ballot harvesting and have a movement to make sure every vote is legit and counted. That starts with an audit of all voter rolls.

  10. Yes in ventura there are holes in the ballot envelope to see if the vote yes on impeaching Newsomr

  11. Even during upticks in Covid CASES, CASES, CASES, we still all need to GO TO OUR REGULAR POLLING PLACES and vote ON ELECTION DAY, and submit the ballot into the impartial electronic ballot scanner that scans the ballot right away and counts it immediately, as we did before Covid. Covid is just an excuse to CHEAT and CHANGE THE RULES FOR VOTING!

    This mail-in only balloting HAS TO STOP, and there needs to be VOTER I.D.!!! We NEED to completely take the POST OFFICE out of the voting equation, people!!!

  12. Take your vote by mail ballot to vote in person Sept 11-14 at a polling site. Surrender your VBM ballot, be sure they write surrender across the envelope including the bar code, and across the ballot. Ask for an old fashion paper ballot. Fill it out with a black ballpoint pen and drop it yourself in the voting box or bag. DO NOT vote on the voting tablets/machines at the poll sites.
    Your ballot avoids being touched by many many hands and you don’t have to wonder if it made it in the mail. No signature to check or post office to go through. Or no outside or inside drop box that might be vandalized in some way. Remember in the 2020 election someone started a drop box on fire!! Remember VOTE IN PERSON AT A POLLING SITE!!!!!!!! This is the most important thing you can do for this election!!

  13. Great comments here, but what is the best way to vote? I’m in San Bernardino County, and is it better to hand deliver our mail-ins to the Register of Voters? Or vote a paper ballot in person? We are all so skittish of the voter fraud, and each county appears to be different.

  14. I worked at a polling precinct in 2018 and 2020…our election process is definitely tainted. Do not fill out and return your mail-in ballot. Take it to your polling precinct on September 14 and surrender it to a poll worker. Request a “game day” ballot and fill it out at the polling station. The “game day” ballot will touch less hands and the risk is greatly reduced for election fraud this way.

  15. I Run a Biblical citizenship group at my church, part of a national org. called Salt and Light. Helping our church members wade through these elections is why we volunteer. What is in that video (stealing ballots from a mailbox) is an EVIL ACT done by those who truly hate you and your freedom of choice! IMHO, they spit on the graves of every soldier who gave the “last, full measure of devotion” in service to our country!!

    In preparing my congregation for this election, we connected with Ruth Weiss from the California Election Integrity Project (EIP CA) and she agrees with several of the above posts that the BEST way to vote is to go to your designated polling location on Election day. We also told our congregation that if they for some reason are not able to do that, to bring US their ballot (we are collecting at weekend services) and that I personally will hand deliver them (yes, we harvest) directly to the registrar’s office. Nonetheless, we are strongly urging everyone to vote in person!

  16. Nov 2020 Nation Copied California


    Stop Mail Ballot Corruption
    CA Corrupt “Certify” Mail Ballots
    Cannot Touch In Person Ballot Lock Box


    I met Ruth Weiss from the California Election Integrity Project (EIP CA) at Ramona same day Larry Elder attended. She spoke what I have been stating since 2018 orange County when ALL republicans lost their seats a week after election thru MAIL BALLOT Harvest. It is not the post office, but corrupt CA Law that allows ALL MAIL BALLOTS OPENED BY POLL WORKERS TO DECIDE TO CERTIFY OR NOT. Ever wonder why were DEMOCRAT MAIL BALLOTS CERTIFIED BY HUGE MARGIN; YET REPUBLICAN MAIL BALLOTS NOT CERTIFIED NOT COUNTED IN RED ORANGE COUNTY?

    Ruth agrees with several of the above posts that the BEST way to vote is to go to your designated polling location on Election day TRADE MAIL BALLOT FOR IN PERSON BALLOT. In Person mail ballots cannot be decertified.

  17. Oop a mistype previous comment


    Prevent bias Poll Workers who open every mail ballot even if dropped off; they cannot go thru stack in person ballots in sealed box to toss out votes they do not like.

    YOU MUST BRING MAIL BALLOT TO TRADE FOR IN PERSON BALLOT. Since the normal this election is a touch screen that prints out your machine marked ballot. Every touch screen has a printer so you can verify your vote machine marked paper ballot before placing inside sealed box.

    Do not trust Paper Ballot since now corrupt method of processing. Though claimed as In Person Ballots since not the normal method of vote of touch screen; ALL In Person Ballots are placed in envelopes by poll workers and counted as the horrible provisional ballots. The same requirement of a bias poll worker behind locked doors at Registrar to certify or not

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