Presidential Election 2016 Comparison Graph: Know Where the Candidates Stand on the Political Spectrum

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Here are the Presidential candidates at a glance on the left/right political spectrum.

A Christian worldview based on Biblical values would be to maximize freedom and voluntary charity.

On the far left is Communism and Socialism. On the far right is Libertarianism and Anarchism (no government).

In carefully reviewing each candidates’ economic and social policies, this graph shows where they fall.

Some want more government control and regulation. Some less. Some want to maximize freedom and liberty. Some want the government to be involved in all aspects of your life.

Here is where the Presidential candidates stand:


Political Spectrum REA


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8 Comments on “Presidential Election 2016 Comparison Graph: Know Where the Candidates Stand on the Political Spectrum”


    Defining ‘political conservatism’ in our constitutional-republic is not a matter of engaging in semantics, but is a matter of national survival.

    The word ‘conservative’ is generally defined as “resistance to change.” Within the context of America’s constitutional-republic form of government, where is the ‘original intent of America’s amended constitution’ is the rule of law and is supposed to ‘weight’ Supreme Court decisions, there is exists a definition of ‘political conservatism’ outside the realm of opinion.


    If analyzing the conservative claims of a politician, we must use the above definition of ‘political conservatism’ to analyze their ‘records of governance’ WHILE IGNORING THEIR ‘CONSERVATIVE’ RHETORIC (use voting records, use of ‘congressional rules’ by House and Senate Leaders to oppose democrats, executive orders, and especially fraternal/political-group associations).

    To make the graph accurate using the true measure of ‘political conservatism,’ the position on the graph of Rand Paul would need to be moved to the center of the graph, with everyone is currently to the left of Rand Paul compressed into the left side of the diagram, and with no one in the area located to the right of center. Moreover, we would see a decisive split in the GOP between the majority who are global-engineering constitutional-constructionists and their useful-pawns, and the rare few honoring their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

    Sanders, Clinton, and Brown would be moved directly inside the box labeled “Total Government Control.” Conservative-schizophrenic ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionists like Gingrich, McCain, Kasich, Schwarzenegger, Romney, and Rubio, would move to a position butting up against the box labeled “Total Government Control” (again, we’re going by records of governance here, not ‘conservative’ rhetoric or Fox news labels of conservatism). Reagan, Trump and Ted Cruz would be to the right of the above listed ‘establishment’ GOP politicians Midway between them and Rand Paul in the center.

    America exists today as a deconstructed and emaciated ‘shell’ of the pre-1900s nation once on an erratic trajectory toward prosperity. Our generation is on track to becoming known before ‘the God who judges nations’ as the generation having allowed the deconstruction of American society and government that eventually brought tyranny upon their own children and grandchildren.

    The only way to prevent tyranny is for America’s pulpits to resume doing what the pulpits did pre-1900s, by admonishing their flocks of their obligation to represent Christ in society and government to the exclusion of competing in pathological world-views and governance. Moreover, we must stop listening to globalist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News as the measure for ‘conservatism,’ and cleanse the GOP of the ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionists and global-engineers infecting it like a cancer.

    Voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’ in the form of an ‘establishment’ GOP conservative-talking constitutional-deconstructionist instead of a democratic-socialist candidate, only works if it is a rare occurrence, and not part of a century long pattern as America continues to experienced.

  2. On what basis, Mike are you saying that Donald Trump should be placed in the middle-right of center, thereby declaring that he is, in your opinion, a conservative??????

    1. Mike to Jerry: I Reread my post, and I apologize for being unclear. Regarding Trump, I stated that, “Reagan, Trump and Ted Cruz would be to the right of the above listed ‘establishment’ GOP politicians Midway between them and Rand Paul in the center.”

      Full disclosure, I am a GOP member and ‘anti-3rd Party.’

      To begin, I would not label the far right box in the graph as it is above, which is “Free Market No government management of the economy.” This, because under Article I, Section 8 of the constitution states that Congress shall have the power “To regulate, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;…” But that assumes “regulate” to be interpreted within the constraints of original intent of our amended constitution, and not the intent of our Supreme Court, congress, or presidents used at times over nearly a century which have been poisoned with democrat and GOP constitutional-deconstructionists – hence America’s emaciated economic state paralleling the ongoing deconstruction of our constitutional-republic form of government.

      Graphing left to right, I start with:

      1) Inside the box at the graph’s left end labeled “Total Government Control” are statist ‘tyrants in waiting’ Sanders, Clinton, and Brown.

      2) Centered in the graph is Rand Paul – as a ‘near constitutionalist.’ No one is to the right of Rand Paul, who is in the center of the graph. Meaning, there exists 50% of the graph as empty space to the right of Paul with the box at the end of the graph, far away from Paul to the right, being labeled as ‘anarchy.’

      3) Between the far left democrat statists box and Paul, are the remaining GOP ‘establishment’ (intermittent severe constitutional-deconstructionism) and potentially non-establishment politicians (these are constitutional-deconstructionist typically to a far lessor degree and often with better intentions than ‘establishment’ GOP politicians).

      4) To populate the graph with the remaining GOP candidates reference in #3 above: Immediately to the right of the above box labeled “Total Government Control” are the ‘establishment’ conservative-relativist/constitutional-deconstructionists like Gingrich, Bush, McCain, Kasich, Schwarzenegger, Romney, and Rubio.

      5) Somewhere between to the right of the ‘establishment’ GOP politicians listed in #4 above and Paul, is Trump and Ted Cruz and President Reagan in that order left to right – with Reagan ending up closest to Paul located between the GOP ‘establishment’ constitutional-deconstructionists in #4 above and Paul.

      One challenge with my Trump/Cruz assumption, is found in what the past century of GOP campaigns and debates having resulting in a GOP president being elected evidences. That campaign rhetoric cannot be trusted, and should be ignored in favor of past records of influencing government, or past records in government and associations. Which should give GOP voters a healthy-distrust of both Trump though he may be speaking truth, and Cruz if Cruz’s familial associations — Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, President Bush, and his own wife being associated globalist Council on Foreign Relations are any indication. That said, I love much of what Trump and Cruz are saying, and much of Cruz’s recent record of governance.

      So, my bottom line on Trump is that historical evidence suggest he is a ‘chameleon’ and not to be trusted, but there is a possibility everything he’s saying reflects his true intent. And if he is not an ‘establishment’ useful-pawn playing the role of antiestablishment, in the graph he lines up to the right of all known GOP ‘establishment’ candidates, and it immediately to the left of Cruz.

  3. Marco, you’re in the wrong box, switch with Donald. Ted, you’re in the wrong box too, switch with Donald. Hillary, now why aren’t you behind bars yet. Let’s draw a few bars in front of you. Jerry, where’s your straight jacket? Bernie, why haven’t you accepted Kim Jon Ill’s invitation to live & enjoy the good life in North Korea? John McCain, you too Arnold, go run & play some where else. Ronny, I thought you were dead?
    PLEASE WATCH & LISTEN TO, drudge, & what ever you do, don’t be listening to the main stream media

    1. Very entertaining – with the caveat that it is entirely too accurate for comfort. But then again, the GOP could use some discomfort in the form of being cleansed of the constitutional-deconstructionist and literal conservative-impostors infecting it like a cancer. The dialectic of Democrat-socialist/globalists destroy America at light-speed, while ‘establishment’ conservative-impostor/globalists and their useful-pawns parallel the destruction of Democrats by destroying America using a different path and at times slower – but always engaging in constitutional deconstructionism in the name of fighting crime and terrorism.

      Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

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