Common Core: Indoctrination in Islam

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While any shred of Christian beliefs or values are scrubbed out of public schools, Common Core teaches Islam in great detail…

While students are taught that Christian beliefs are a mask for bigotry, they’re taught to respect and observe Islamic beliefs…

As American Christians are losing their livelihoods because of their faith, students are not taught about religious liberty rights but are indoctrinated with liberal worldview agendas.

As Islamic jihadists are spreading terror and murder around the world, our students are being taught to observe Muslim “holy days.”

Common Core’s indoctrination in Islam – without parental consent – includes:

  • Field trips to mosques
  • Debates over whether the Holocaust was a political scheme
  • Learning Islamic vocabulary and culture
  • Learning world history from an Islamic perspective
  • Pledging allegiance in Arabic
  • Observing two Muslim “holy days”
  • Learning that Allah is the same God as the God of the Christians and Jews
  • Reciting the Shahada: “There is no God but Allah”

We must fight this takeover of education – because a takeover of education is a takeover of this country.

Sign our petition to stop Common Core, here.

And have me speak to your church or group about the dangers of Common Core. My talk, “Common Core and the Education Crisis: War on Kids, Teachers and Parents” is a great way to educate your family, church, or community on the dangers of Common Core and how we can take steps to reform education.

If you’d like to schedule a talk, email me at

11 Comments on “Common Core: Indoctrination in Islam”

  1. Dear Craig,

    Greetings in Jesus! Will you come before the OC Board of Education and share this information?

    In Christ,
    Robert M. Hammond
    President, OC Board of Education

  2. Our schools are now a bastion of indoctrination and brainwashing… how else do you gain control of the masses but through the youth, just as Hitler did. It will make it so easy for the Antichrist to step in and easily take over!

  3. Craig, whatever happened to just learning about different cultures and religions? We need to restore our schools as learning centers, with balanced and accurate information. I’m all for “learning” about Islam, but NOT for indoctrination into it. All this “Common Core” crap comes from the top: the Obama administration and it’s Muslim cronies, of which there are a LOT.

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  7. People – there is an agenda at work here. It has been in the works for at least 2 generations from my vantage point (now in my 60s). This is not a matter of education. It is a matter of indoctrination. This should be very evident if you’ve been watching as the objectives of the progressives have been systematically fulfilled in the news media, “our” government and especially in the public education system during these last 10 years. You have to be blind at this point not to see that the current administration is dead set on eliminating the U.S. Constitution and the entire traditional American way of life – and yes, that means your liberty as well. We are very rapidly being transitioned into an Islamic culture. Islam is not a “balanced” oriented religion. It’s an all or nothing belief. If you don’t assimilate, you are an infidel and are marked for death – period! It can’t be compromised or reasoned with. It is an ideology so indifferent to the western way of thinking that we Americans just don’t get it. It’s either Ala or you die!! There is no other reasoning in their minds. I know all this because I had spend a lot of time in the Middle East and I saw personally how Islam really works and what their Shari’a Law does to a society. Americans in general have no clue. If you value your freedom, your basic civil rights and the right to worship your own faith – YOU DO NOT WANT ANY PART OF ISLAM IN THIS COUNTRY!! I can’t possibly emphasize this enough. The America citizenry is asleep at the wheel. Our nation’s founding fathers today would be slapping our faces back and forth trying to get us to wake up! As it is now, it appears that by the time we wake up to take our country back, it will be too late to possibly recover from the hell we will have allowed to have overtaken us.

    1. TruthSpeaker, you have said it better than I could. I agree exactly. Americans need to WAKE UP and fight against Sharia law, which, if allowed to get a toehold, will destroy our Constitutional country. “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Well, the devil has many devious ways and instituting Sharia law is one of them.

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