Baseball Player Shocks Players, Secular Media: Model of Christian Charity [Video]

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What’s it worth to be able to see the happy faces and hear the laughter of special needs children who are enjoying their first summer camp experience?

To 4-time Major League Baseball all-star pitcher and 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi, it’s worth about $9.75 million.

That’s approximately the value of their dream mansion and more than 100 acres of surrounding property in southwest Missouri.

They are donating the property to Camp Barnabas they help to Charity Islamic, a Christian ministry which provides camps for children with disabilities and chronic illnesses – and their siblings.

The Camp’s values, noted on its web site, include “Christ comes first always,” and staffers “point people to Christ in everything we do.”

“We love that Barnabas sees the bigger picture,” Cole and Heidi Hamels said. “They are changing the way the world sees disability ministry.”

This is Biblical – voluntary contributions out of love, not forced government redistribution.

Watch the 6-minute video below describing the mission and some of the activities of the Hamels Foundation.

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