Top 10 Best and Worst States for Job Growth and Business Opportunity

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Small Businesses Thrive … Under the Right Conditions (Credit: AnyTimeDelivery)

Which states are the most business and entrepreneur friendly? Which are the least friendly?

Those states most friendly to business and job growth have fewer taxes, regulations, frivolous lawsuits … and a climate that allows:

  • New businesses to start
  • Existing businesses to grow
  • Job expansion
  • Income growth
  • New job opportunities

Here are the lists:

Top Ten Best States for Business

Rank            State                

1                      Nevada

2                      Texas

3                      South Dakota

4                      Wyoming

5                      Florida

6                      Washington

7                      Alabama

8                      Arizona

9                      Ohio

10                    Indiana


Top Ten Worst States for Business

41                     Maine

42                     Iowa

43                     Oregon

44                     Connecticut

45                     Vermont

46                     Hawaii

47                     Minnesota

48                    New York

49                     New Jersey

50                    California

Did your state make the list? Which one? Email me at

2 Comments on “Top 10 Best and Worst States for Job Growth and Business Opportunity”

  1. Unfortunately, Craig, my wife and I still live in California, Number 50, the worst state for business. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are leaving this state for greener pastures elsewhere. You’re inundated with regulations here and regulations there, here a regulation, there a regulation, everywhere a regulation, to paraphrase a song. Ugh, I’ve lived my whole life here and I’m sick of this government, mostly Democratic controlled. Plus, we need to go back to a part-time Sacramento Legislature, like we used to have. So they don’t have so much time on their hands to come up with more strangling regulations!

  2. As a small business owner with 22 employees, I understand first-hand how difficult it is to remain open and profitable. Workers Compensation now costs 30 cents to every payroll dollar I give, thanks to California’s corrupt system. Liability insurance penalizes me by auditing my sales and charging more because I grew my business – even though we had no claims. There went my profit from all my hard work! We need insurance reform in this state if small businesses are going to survive and thrive!

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