Surprise: Democrats Moving to Red States

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America is seeing a trend of mass exodus from liberal blue states into conservative red states.

Here are the top 7 in-migration states in 2014:

  1. North Dakota
  2. Nevada
  3. South Carolina
  4. Colorado
  5. Florida
  6. Arizona
  7. Texas

All of them are red except for Colorado, which is purple.

And here are the top 7 exodus states:

  1. Alaska
  2. New York
  3. Illinois
  4. Connecticut
  5. New Mexico
  6. New Jersey
  7. Kansas

5 of these 7 are blue states.

Almost 1,000 Americans are leaving blue states for red states every day.

The movement from blue to red states is clear and is not a coincidence. It cannot be explained away by factors like weather. Here’s why:

  • Over the past decade, 1.4 million Americans left beautiful, sunny California than moved into it.
  • North Dakota – the 2nd coldest state – had the biggest population gain in the last year. It can be reasonably concluded that North Dakota’s appeal was in the jobs created by the Bakken Shake Oil and gas boom, not the freezing cold weather.

This trend of migration from blue to red states exists because liberal Democratic policies cripple the economy, hurt opportunity, kill jobs, and punish honest, hard-working individuals and families. The cost of living in liberal states is outrageous.

9 states have no income tax at all – and these states are creating jobs twice as fast as high income tax states.

These Americans are unwittingly fleeing the results of policies like high minimum wages, pro-union requirements, high taxes, large welfare programs, extensive regulations, green energy policies, and many more policies spiking costs and lowering the quality of life.

In fact, the top 2 factors influencing this movement are (1) right to work laws and (2) how high the top income tax rate is.

The Democrats loudly claim that their policies help the American worker, middle class families, the poor, job creation, etc. But their emotional rhetoric is wrong and false – as the trend proves.

The people are “voting with their feet.”

This movement from blue to red states is changing the economic landscape of the U.S. And it is impacting these states.

The IRS statistics from 2013 show that interstate migration does in fact have a significant impact on states’ economies.  Here is the wealth added or lost by migration:

  • Florida: + $8.2 billion
  • Texas: + $5.9 billion
  • New York: – $5.2 billion
  • Illinois: -$3.7 billion

And, 5 of the 7 states with the biggest gains in income have no income tax at all: Florida, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and Nevada.

The movement of human capital is definitely making a difference to these states’ economies.

Human capital is so impactful on state economies because only people can create wealth. And wealth creation flourishes under policies that encourage and reward the creation of wealth rather than punishing it.

The bad news, however, is that these Americans moving from blue states into red states try to turn the red states into blue!

This very thing happened when Democrats from Massachusetts moved to New Hampshire.

It’s an injustice and a tragedy – Americans moving to red states to escape the economic oppression of liberal Democratic policies and enjoy the prosperity of red states – and then voting to destroy the very policies that helped create the prosperity they came to enjoy.

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12 Comments on “Surprise: Democrats Moving to Red States”

  1. But they dont change their political views, smart enough to know blue states equate to poor quality of life, they recognize red states are conservative and have higher quality of life, but after moving to red states, they continue to vote democrat thus ensuring the red state will ultimately turn blue and thus, another decline in quality of life… me, I call this a irrational mental illness.

  2. they shouldn’t be allowed to. they ruin everything they come in touch with. they want to escape the consequences of their own evil.

  3. Because Republicans and conservatives are more focused on living and themselves, they overlook the tremendous importance of educating those around them to the meaning of conservatism and the truths of the Constitution. Liberals are, generally, more “missionary” minded. Every citizen who is a conservative needs to talk about it to friends.

  4. I came upon this site, for this very reason. I live in a red state, that is going through yet another mass exodus from an extremely blue state, but so many of these new people are now bringing their blue ideals with them.
    I just don’t even know what goes through a person’s mind, when they move to get away from a political view, and yet turn around and perpetuate the problem.
    Our once comfortable life has become inundated with wall to wall traffic and extremely angry, rude drivers, the voting in of a very BLUE mayor who is trying to infect our state with her very BLUE ideals.
    Add to that a governor who is supposed to be red, but doesn’t always act like it, and many of us are left fearful that one day our state too will go to the BLUE side, and we’ll be stuck with all the reasons we never wanted to live in a blue state.
    What is the thinking process behind the blue people, when their poverty, job stealing, high taxes, their need to control their people, their amendment stealing ways? What is in their brain that causes them to think this is quality of life? Why can’t they see the freedoms and happiness the red states enjoy, and see that their blue ways cause misery?
    I am honestly puzzled.
    But I digress; please dont move to our very RED state if you are only going to bring your BLUE ideals with you. We simply don’t want it.

  5. There are numerous conservatives leaving blue states for red states. I know several Republicans from Oregon who have moved to Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, and AZ. I’ll be leaving this horrible blue state (Oregon) by the end of the year.

  6. This IS THE DEMOCRAT PLAN – relocate and turn the nation into liberal/socialism. This is why the bring in refugees w/no education or skills – permanent welfare recipients, we allow illegals w/2nd grad education, non-Christian religions to flood the nation – permanent welfare/housing/medical/schooling – they get everything they need. If they do work they will NEVER earn enough – so the U.S. taxpayer pays for them. Women who have multiple kids w/different men – never marry – we the taxpayer pay for them. This results in eventual collapse of the economy/displacement of people/destruction of our culture/language and borders – no longer a country. We destroy ourselves from within – same as Greece/Rome.

  7. All democrat liberals need to go to California and Nevada and stay. We need to put up a wall around those two states and they can call it Calivada or Sodom and Gomorrah. The only exception they can not cross the border. All black people back to Africa . America colonized Liberia Africa for all blacks to leave America once and for all.

    1. What are you talking about woman!
      Most blacks that are in America never lived in Africa! Never been to Africa !
      I come from Irish ancestors , but I was not born there, or ever been there! I have fair skin and blue eyes, a common trait of the Irish.
      Should a first generation American citizen go back to the country they left to become an American citizen?
      I’m not talking about living in America illegally. People that are here working and paying taxes just like you!
      Those who become American citizen go through a long process to become an American.
      All Americans are immigrants, you came from a country in Europe! Maybe England or the Baltic’s.
      But we are a country now with borers and people coming into our country are ones that need to leave!
      I’m an Alabama born and bread southerner, you can’t get much more southern than I am.
      I’m very upset about this mass invasion because they are coming in illegally and are going to destroy our nation!
      But if you believe that some Americans should leave because of skin color, then you go first, everybody has a skin color.
      Because we all are immigrants!

  8. The Confederate flag is a Christian symbol dating back to the 12th century 1286 in Scotland. All Confederate flags and statues need to go back up and left alone. Black lives matter, black panthers and naacp are all hate groups and have no business in America. They are all terrorist, un-American, anti-American communist. Blacks need to go to Africa.

    We also need to ABOLISH PROPERTY TAXES which in unjust and unconstitutional and communist. True home ownership does not exist do to extortion money called property taxes government rent on your own property no justice. You can't even drive your own private car on a public highway without a darn license asking permission from the state to drive your own private car. Where is the justice? What happen to freedom of movement? I can understand having a license for commerce meaning a driver like a taxi for hire or if you are making money on the road for commerce not for a private car which is a traveler transporting your own stuff or pleasure or back and forth to work

    . God given right to life, liberty pursuit of happiness and property. Right to shelter, right to move freely throughout the state and country. You should not have to ask permission to drive your own car on a public highway which is what a stupid license is, communism.

    Lastly, I get so tired of the left democrats trying to compare the Confederate flag to a Nazi flag. There is a big difference ,Hitler back in 1935 did not want anything to do with the Confederate flag or choose to use it because Hitler need it represents FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY,STATE RIGHTS, CONFEDERATION, AND A CHRISTIAN SYMBOL.

    Democrats want to censor freedom of speech and freedom WAKE UP AMERICA. Watch the movie 1984 OR READ THE NOVEL BY GEORGE ORWELL. Wake up Wake up. People call you names so what it only words Racist is a control word don't fall for it. It’s the people that go around yelling racist and discrimination are the ones that actually are. Black lives matter, black panthers and naacp are all hate groups and have no business in America. They are all terrorist, un-American, anti-American communist. Blacks need to go to Africa. America colonized an area in Africa in the 1800s for blacks to go back and be out of America once and for all. The area is called Liberia send them back.

    In 1959, a Judge said that God almighty created all the races and separated them on different areas because he did not intend for them to mix. The Bible even says do not let your sons marry their daughters. Do not let your daughters marry their sons. Do not make a coven with them. Acts says you cannot have clean from unclean. The Bible also says that homosexuals need to be put to death. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because all the evils like gay, lesbian, race mixing and adultery. Society was too sick to survive. A family was told to leave the city and not to look back and what did the wife do? She looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. We cannot allow open borders and illegal immigrants into the country. In revolutions it says do not accept the mark of the beast in your right hand or forehead. The number is 666; it’s not a man, but a system meaning a chip in your right hand or forehead. Anyone that does will be doomed to burn in the lake of fire, like all liars, adulators, idlers’, race mixers, gays and lesbians (homosexuals). To sum it up we cannot let America go to a cashless society and we cannot allow America to turn into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

  9. I can’t believe that this administration is that inept. Everything they do is with a purpose and it’s not for the good of the United States or its citizens that work and pay taxes (Republicans). I can’t believe how we have arrived at this juncture in America’s history. The silent majority needs to stand up and be heard and be willing to go to any length to destroy the enemy because make no mistake they are the enemy, but, antifa and any other George soros kronies

  10. If red states are so great, why do so many have high poverty rates and depend on federal dollars that come from blue states? Kentucky is one example of many red states that take in more federal dollars than they contribute and guess where those dollars come from? New York & California to name just a couple. People are leaving blue states like California because they are crowded. Why are they crowded? Because that’s where opportunities are. Why are they expensive? Supply & demand…too many people go to those states and thus, there isn’t enough affordable housing. They have no choice but to migrate to shitty red states where everything is cheaper because demand is low and supply is high. You might enjoy the bump in your property values but it will get expensive there, too, eventually. Trust me, most Californians would still rather be in California. Meanwhile, I live in Florida and I see more Texas license plates than Ive ever seen in my life. Now our formerly affordable paradise is overrun with people from Texas and dozen other places so I get it. I don’t want a bunch of radical right crazies in my liberal city/county either, but they still come every day in droves, so…don’t be surprised if I end up in your red state eventually and bring my values with me. You can move if you don’t like it…isnt that what you always say?

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