Free Trade: 10 Ways to Make America Great Again

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Free Trade: 10 Ways to Make America Great Again

History is clear: with free trade, the United States wins, and so do foreign countries.

Free trade lifts people out of poverty, increases wealth and opportunity for upward mobility.

It’s the greatest driver of economic prosperity, to raise the poor to the middle class, the middle class to the upper class, and to spark dramatic technological changes.

Free trade does not mean “no cost”, but rather “freedom to trade”.

History is also clear about tariff and protectionism: the United State would lose, and so would other countries.

After the Great Depression, one of the unintended consequences of restricting trade wars and disallowing free Forex workshops was for tariffs, which dramatically increased the price, reducing everyone’s income levels.

The Great Depression went from bad to worse (lasting fifteen years) because of the Smoot-Hawley tariffs, which in turn sparked an international trade war.

Here are 10 ways to make America great again through free trade:

  1. Allow manufacturers to purchase raw materials free of import and export duties.
  2. End tariffs on clothes and shoes, imported trucks
  3. Reduce trade barriers, which are doubling the price of sugar.
  4. Allow Americans to use foreign-built ships to transport goods within the United States.
  5. End the Export-Import Bank for good, and demand that countries end similar agencies in their governments, too.
  6. Reject the focus on labor and environmental standards, which most nations refuse to abide by.
  7. End anti-dumping tariffs.
  8. End “Buy American” purchase mandates imposed on government agencies.
  9. Enforce current trade laws, which the federal government ignores.
  10. Prosecute intellectual property theft perpetrated by China and other rogue nations. This measure will require tougher regulations and stricter enforcement.

Does free trade work for you? Is there anything we missed that would Make America Great Again? Email me at

2 Comments on “Free Trade: 10 Ways to Make America Great Again”

  1. Thank you for rejecting tariffs. Donald Trump, are you listening? Unfortunately, I don’t think do. Trump called on Stephen Moore and Lawrence Kudlow to advise him economically, and they’re both against tariffs. But at his acceptance speech, Trump kept up his protectionist ways. If he gets in, we’re due for another 2008-style great recession, probably even worse, and his tariffs will simply repeat the mistakes of Smoot-Hawley in the ’30s and destroy his presidency. It’s a shame, because I really like his nationalism, which is so sorely needed after decades of globalism and internationalism. If he fails, it’s probably back to globalism for a long time to come.

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