The Deep State War on Christianity: Little-Known Attacks by Bureaucrats [Audio]

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The Deep State is a loosely organized coalition of both elected and unelected local, state and federal government – and even non-government – career employees who are politically motivated and ideologically driven to:

  • Expand the scope and reach of government authority
  • Increase the number of government regulations
  • Preserve and Increase government power
  • Grow the size of the bureaucratic/administrative state

The Deep State is at war against Christianity and against Christians … and against any individual or group that disagrees with its agenda by supporting individual liberty and personal responsibility.

I recently did an interview on the Deep State’s war against Christianity with Brad Dacus on his radio program, The Dacus Report.

I talked about bureaucratic government attacks against faith-based adoption agencies … and against Christian businesses.

Click here to listen to the interview (14 ½ minutes).

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