How the FBI Deep State Investigated and Destroyed Innocent People

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One of the things few people know is that the FBI illegally and unethically pursues cases for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, it’s simply politics.

That’s what they did with General Michael Flynn, with Carter Page, and with many others in order to attempt to entrap President Trump.

They are supposed to stay out of politics. But the top echelon and many agents are politically and ethically corrupt.

The vast majority do what they are supposed to do.

It’s the small minority that is the big problem.

They are ideologues and they were brought in by the Obama administration.

They represent the pro-socialist ideology and philosophy. And now under President Biden, it’s going to be magnified as never before.

How do they do this?

There are many techniques, but one of the most common tactics that came out of the independent investigations into FBI corruption is leaking false stories.  

Then they will use those false stories to investigate what and who they want.

They even used those FBI leaked stories to get a FISA warrant judge to approve a FISA warrant on innocent people.

In other words, they set up the unknowns by illegally leaking stories to the press.

Then they pursued an investigation based upon the false stories.

And then they even went to judges based upon the leaked information to justify examining texts, emails, phone calls, whatever they wanted.

It’s corrupt.

It should not happen in America.

It’s one of the things that we must change.

The targets don’t have the money to defend themselves against a government entity with unlimited time and money.

Dozens of unjustly-attacked Trump allies are now bankrupt and financially destroyed.

They do not have the ability to know what the government knows that can be used for entrapment.

They do not know why they are being persecuted, only that they are.

It’s totally unfair and it has resulted in unfair persecution of political enemies.

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2 Comments on “How the FBI Deep State Investigated and Destroyed Innocent People”

  1. I have been re-reading your book, “Deep State” and am again very disturbed at the corruption in our government at the highest levels. I wish everyone would read it and realize that it’s up to patriotic Americans to stop this by using the ballot box, and doing it wisely by knowing thoroughly what the candidates stand for. God bless you for your work in this area.

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