7 Shocking Revelations the Media Ignores About Deep State Corruption and Russia [Videos + Petition]

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Don’t be fooled.

The media is ignoring or distorting the most shocking revelations about the Russian investigation.

Here are 7 shocking revelations you won’t see or read in the mainstream media or Facebook.

  1. America’s Intelligence Agencies Are Spying on Americans: We know the U.S. intelligence agencies are collecting metadata on Americans, contrary to the right to privacy granted by the 4th But it’s worse than that.

What isn’t well known is intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA have politically weaponized FISA, with its secret court and secret warrants, to eavesdrop and destroy members of an opposing political party.

A FISA warrant was issued to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign, based on a fake dossier on the presidential candidate. From this was born the Left’s “Russia Collusion” narrative.

  1. Russia and Fusion GPS: Here is the real “Russia Collusion” the media ignores. The DNC and Hillary Clinton secretly and illegally, through the law firm of Perkins Coie, paid $12 million for the “research firm” Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump. It led to the now infamous and debunked dossier filled with lurid Russian lies and propaganda.

 Incidentally, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Obama’s own Organizing for America (OFA) also contributed.

The fact that a sitting President, through his own private group, used money to pay for Russian intelligence and then use for the government to justify intelligence agency spying, is immoral and wrong.

  1. The ‘Russian Dossier”: Christopher Steele, a former British spy with close ties to Russian intelligence, was hired to help create the false dossier.

Russian sources took advantage of this situation to try and damage the American election process by spreading its own propaganda. Russians loaded the dossier with misinformation, wrong dates and outright salacious lies about Trump.

  1. The FBI Did What? The FBI was involved in the dossier. Probably the CIA and the NSA, too, in knowing it was taking place. The FBI, which like the other intelligence agencies is supposed to be “politically neutral,” reached an agreement with Steele to pay him to continue his work. This was just weeks before the election. Reportedly, the FBI didn’t go through with funding Steele.

No matter. If this was Just an “opposition research project,” why on Earth is the FBI funding it? It heightens concerns about the FBI’s independence from politics – as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political surveillance.

Former FBI Director James Comey and the other intelligence agency chiefs like onetime Director of Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan, showed their true political colors by releasing contents of the dossier to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the media.

  1. Fact: The Dossier Was Not Opposition Research: Democrats and the biased media will have you believe the dossier was just “opposition research.” I ran for office and I have had opposition research done against me. And I’ve seen it. True opposition research is factual information that can be used… and twisted and slanted. I have seen extensive opposition research against my opponent that had been secretly given to me by their opponents.

But it’s factual, with some distortions, of course. It’s the basis for attacking an opponent. And, again, it can be twisted and distorted, but factual. The Trump dossier is not factual. The Trump dossier is filled with salacious, false information, wrong dates and is completely false. In no way can the Trump dossier be called opposition research.

  1. What is FISA? How Does It Work? FISA is short for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which allows us to keep tabs on foreign agents. It is comprised of a secret court and secret judges, who issue surveillance warrants after being presented with proper information.

In this case, a FISA warrant was used to try to sway a presidential election in favor of one party over another. The Obama administration used the pretense of this dossier to get a FISA judge to issue a warrant and sign off on spying on an American opponent and his staff.

  1. The Paul Manafort Case: The surveillance of Trump Towers, based on a phony dossier, helped launch a special counsel to look into “Russia Collusion.” It so far has led to an indictment on 12 grand jury counts of conspiracy, money laundering, failure to file reports and other charges against Paul Manafort, Trump’s fired campaign manager. Manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

His charges stem from business dealings years before he entered the Trump campaign for three months.

If you agree the above is wrong, there is one thing you can now to stop this abuse of power.

This use of FISA is pure corruption, and a reason why FISA should be eliminated. FISA comes up for renewal Dec. 31. Tell your representatives in Washington NOT to extend it. You can call them at 202-224-3121. Or you can sign our petition to end FISA. CLICK HERE.

Watch this fascinating 3 1/2-minute video of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher explaining how the Paul Manafort indictment is meant to divert attention from Hillary-DNC corruption.


Watch this powerful 13-minute video by Tucker Carlson on the Paul Manafort indictment.

What do you think? Write me at craig@electionforum.org

2 Comments on “7 Shocking Revelations the Media Ignores About Deep State Corruption and Russia [Videos + Petition]”

  1. If GOP voters do not begin seeing the ‘traitors within their own camp’ and instead, continue fixating on Democrats and ‘Obama holdovers,’ then the GOP will continue to function as a pawn of the ‘establishment’ and it’s deep-state intelligence/enforcement apparatus.

    While the Democrats are worse, today’s establishment-operators having infiltrated the GOP continue providing demonization of true constitutionalists, fake-opposition to democrats, global engineering at the expense of our precious military personnel, open borders, trade agreements empowering socialist nations conspiring to form global government, funding both Israel’s enemies and Israel simultaneously, creating chaos in America by importing terrorists under the pretense of ‘refugee programs’ and President Bush’s ‘Diversity Immigrant Visa Program,’ and the list goes on.

    Misidentifying the source of what group manages deep-state corruption as being merely ‘democrats’ or ‘Obama holdovers,’ when many remain from establishment-operator President Bush’s administration, endangers America.

    The true battle for America politically is no longer ‘Democrat/Hillary/Obama versus Republican.’ The true battle is between establishment-democrats conspiring with establishment conservative-impostors having infiltrated the GOP, establishment-media (including most of Fox News), and establishment-corporate accomplices, AGAINST the few godly-constitutionalists remaining in the GOP, media, corporations, small-business, and a rare few churches.

    The deep-state is a functional enforcement mechanism within the structure of what many refer to as ‘The Establishment.’ Others referred to this same globalist entity using labels like, ‘new world order,’ ‘globalists,’ etc.

    Today, the GOP represents ‘the lesser of two America destroying mainstream political parties.’ The only way to create change is for the pulpits of America to return to their Biblical obligation to admonish their flocks of their obligation to represent Christ in society and government. And while this is occurring, GOP voters must represent Christ in their COUNTY GOP monthly meetings. Meetings where they must lovingly take control away from establishment conservative-impostors and their well-intended pawns. Only then, can godly-constitutionalist be elected during GOP primary elections ultimately leading to the GOP transitioning from being ‘the party of lesser destruction compared to democrats’ to being the party of restoration.

    America’s founders and other historians warned of ‘enemies foreign and domestic.’ The establishment and its deep-state enforcement mechanism literally represents a domestic enemy to America. That said, we must be careful not to demonize the many unknowing useful-pawns of ‘the establishment’ within the GOP. These people have been deceived but generally have noble intent and should be treated respectfully as they are removed from positions of authority.

    And no, ‘the establishment’ is NOT part of a ‘Jewish conspiracy’! A dangerous conspiracy-theory those actually engaging in true conspiracy exploit because it provides them cover.

  2. The ‘chameleon-like’ and ‘fraternal’ attributes of establishment fake-conservatives, their establishment democrat, media and deep-state comrades becomes more obvious the more America approaches ruin.

    Not a good idea to stand before God one day having done little to stop the establishment-globalists and their deep-state enforcers who foment chaos in America, and North America, and globally. All to gain control within the context of the Anti-Christian and anti-Jew liberty and national-sovereignty destroying bogus ‘solutions’ they implement.

    Establishment and its deep-state con-artists know when to ‘throw on the cloak’ of Christianity and conservatism, man can they give great speeches and trash-talk Dems on Fox News! Look at ‘Mr. NAFTA Newt Gingrich’ propped up on FOXNews as a conservative and Trump supporter, though his self proclaimed mentor author Alvin Toffler has called for global government and his record of governance proves his constitutionally-conflicted, establishment, deep-state devotion.

    Establishment Democrats trash-talk Republicans and establishment Republicans trash-talk Democrats. It’s like that fake ‘Pro Wrestling’ on television that actually has some believing both sides are actually opposing each other. Most Americans can’t see that establishment Dems and establishment GOP fake-conservatives are faking the part of opposing sides while both sides zig-zag America toward the same globalist destination.

    And yes, the rare few real Christian conservatives in government are attacked by establishment fake-conservatives. I’ve seen it multiple times on Fox News where fake-conservatives attack constitutionalist Ron Paul, Rand Paul, House Freedom Caucus members and others by labeling them isolationists, fools, anti-military, and anti-Israel though none of it is true.

    After many decades of watching fake-conservatives trash-talk democrats while claiming christianity then knowingly govern in ways blatantly and obviously ruining America while keeping the United Nations Instead of withdrawing, I have no doubt many of these fake-conservatives are part of a conspiracy that includes the deep-state.

    And I’m not talking about a government or religious conspiracy. I’m just talking about a fraternity of intelligent humanist or cultist sociopaths deceiving their way into power and attempting to create the ‘new world order’ that establishment puppet-presidents, congressman and judges over the past many decades have publicly referenced on occasion.

    The GOP is infected and as representative of Christ obligated to preserve the blessing of America bestowed upon us, it’s time for us to replace those deceivers in the GOP representing the establishment and it’s anti-American agenda. And in doing so, we must be ready to be demonized and attacked as being ‘extremist’ and other labels designed to keep us on the defensive. Tactics Used against Christ, the apostles, and many other Christians standing against evil for Christ. Tactics used by both wicked and well-intended yet deceived people when trying to hold onto power.

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