Salvation Army: It Breaks My Heart, but Here are 3 Things You Should Know – Why I No Longer Support or Donate

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I recently walked by a Salvation Army bell ringer.

For the first time, I could not donate.

It breaks my heart, but the Salvation Army has been infiltrated by advocates for Critical Race Theory (CRT)… and they are heading in a political, not a biblical, direction.

Here are 3 things you should know:

1. The Salvation Army and its political propaganda.

The Salvation Army created a racist, political division called the Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission.

Among its political advocacy is Critical Race Theory (CRT) – a Marxist and racist ideology.

It asks white people to “lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed.” It promotes false, anti-biblical ideologies.

Its guide for the Salvation Army says that “colorblindness is often dangerous because while we may not claim to see color, we don’t address the race-based stereotypes of beauty, fame and intelligence which often support a supremacist ideology.”

It polarizes and divides people into racial groups. It doesn’t teach that all people are individuals created in the image of God.

Further, the Salvation Army continues to compromise Biblical principles on marriage and homosexuality. Indeed the drift and gap between truth and Biblical error has grown large and wide as its marketing department compromises its entire operation.

2. With the falsehood exposed, the Salvation Army tries to cover up and apologize – but not condemn what happened.

The Salvation Army’s rejection of biblical truth was exposed by a group called “Color Us United.”

The Salvation Army would not condemn the report or the political commission.

They withdrew the guide from public viewing and said it was undergoing “appropriate review.”

And that the guides were for internal use.

They made a true statement: “The truth is the Salvation Army believes that racism is fundamentally incompatible with Christianity, and we are called to work toward a world where all people are loved, accepted, and valued.”

That’s biblical. Their Commission is subverting their stand.

3. Why I have admired and supported the Salvation Army in the past.

The Salvation Army has held true to biblical standards.

A mixture of evangelism, biblical truth and helping the poor and broken are all missions that Christians need to support – and the Salvation Army has done an outstanding job.

The people that work for it are sold out for Jesus and are doing such great work.

But now the leadership is betraying all of that – and I feel bad for those in the Salvation Army who are being harmed by the leadership’s role.

The leadership needs a major change before I can support them again.

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25 Comments on “Salvation Army: It Breaks My Heart, but Here are 3 Things You Should Know – Why I No Longer Support or Donate”

  1. Thank you so much for all you do and for sharing the info. The Salvation Army has always been my top organization to donate to.. I’m so sad they hv chosen to go the CRT route, and even more sad about the negative affects it will hv on those in need..I believe their choices will ultimately be the downfall of the organization, like others are experiencing..How will we be able to continue to support and help those in need?..We know the need doesn’t go away, and right now it’s even greater…Will there hv to be a new organization started that will be founded on biblical principles ?..Thanks for allowing me to share and I look forward to others input.

  2. I saw and was grieved at the news some time ago. It appears that the SA has also cut off contact by email. I couldn’t find a way to tell them my thoughts and disappointment. I will not be donating now or in the future.
    Thank you for getting the truth out.

  3. I appreciated your article on the Salvation Army. I was on the board of Directors for several years and then Chairman of the Board of our local SA for 4 ½ years. A few years before those positions took place, I was doing some work for another church and GOD spoke to me and said that I would be a lieutenant in GOD’S Army. I had no idea what that meant. Later I ended up actually running the SA in this region. My point is that GOD called it HIS army. During my tenure there I saw a lot of things that deeply bothered me. I caused several leaders to be reassigned instead of being fired as they should have been. I believe they had a serious shortage of qualified or willing help. The bottom line, I saw a continual degrading of the SA. Lots of really bad decisions such as serious waste of funds, embezzlement of product and lots of other inappropriate behaviors.

    The normal term for a chairman was (it may have changed) three years. When I determined to leave the position, they begged me to stay even though I was already long past the stated time. Funny how they can ignore the rules when they want to.

    After I left, I determined to never support them again. I’m sure that the SA has deeply disturbed GOD. It certainly did me. Now, in all fairness, maybe this was a Minneapolis, MN thing and it is run better in other locations but your article makes me believe this is a much larger problem. Very sad.

  4. Like many former SA donors, I was heartbroken to feel compelled to cancel my monthly donations and to remove SA from my trust. Mt grandparents were missionaries on the Barbary Coast of San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century, working side by side with the Salvation Army. I considered my donations an homage to their past good works. Upon reading some of the feedback, I was a little disturbed at the amount of vitriol. I remain hopeful that a sincere and unequivocal denunciation of CRT and, frankly, any other anti-Christian ideologies will allow me to pick up the cross and resume my support. Probably a long shot but, with God, anything is possible!

  5. Humbly and with genuine respect for your grandparents and for your past faithful giving I suggest that you are continuing to feed a thankless and God hating entity that promotes issues antithetical to Biblical Christianity. There comes a time when we have to say ENOUGH!! We ‘fight’ with our dollars – maybe there is another institution who hasn’t gone over to the ‘dark side’.

  6. I have always supported the Salvation Army’s Christmas appeal, but no more. And, like Craig, it hurts me not to contribute — but they have left me no choice.

  7. There is much deception even in ministry circles in these end-of-the-age times. I pray for God’s people in these days to be delivered from deception and restored to truth and God’s ways. I include the SA leadership in my prayers.

  8. I have always believed in the work of the local church and supporting that. Anytime you have a national Organization there will be waste, embezzlement, misdirection, Loss of the mission. Hi advocate supporting your local church I’m getting involved with that organization. Seco nondenominational local churches and worship God and read the Bible. The Salvation Army, like the Boy Scouts are corporations and worldly organizations not religious organizations per se. These organizations will bend to the wheel of society and change accordingly.

  9. I have always believed in the work of the local church and supporting that. Anytime you have a national Organization there will be waste, embezzlement, misdirection, Loss of the mission. I advocate supporting your local church I’m getting involved with that organization. Seek out nondenominational local churches and worship God and read the Bible. The Salvation Army, like the Boy Scouts are corporations and worldly organizations not religious organizations per se. These organizations will bend to the wheel of society and change accordingly.

  10. We too have stopped supporting Salvation Army. It’s so sad that the world we live in is so evil. Jesus come quickly!

  11. I’ve stopped making donations to the Salvation Army due to the leadership’s recently announced change of focus and direction. What a shame the woke takes over yet another Christian focused group and turns their organization in the exact opposite of what it stood for since its inception.

  12. I’m really sorry to get this news. My $500 per year will now go to other worthwhile charities. The SA had the highest ratings in Charity Navigator. Even showing that officers got no or very little compensation. I always gave it my highest regard and told friends that it was the best. Sad, very sad.

  13. Thsnk you for the update on th Salvation Army. I’m sad to hear theis. I was friends of a Captain & his wife some years ago, before they passed away, I can not imagine how they would feel about this.

  14. I have given up on nearly every charity. My two churches get a fair amount but besides them I donate to a Creation Science ministries but a huge amount weekly goes to the Gideons. I have my donations slated for overseas Bible distribution. Members of the Gideons pay for all the office, advertising, and all other expenditures. 100% of all money donated to the Gideons goes for the production and distribution of Bibles. You will NEVER find a more worthwhile organization for donations. Bibles in the US seem to go to waste. But a single Bible in China or India or some other country may reach dozens or hundreds. Only GOD knows how many souls will be reaped for heaven from each Bible.

    1. For the past several years, I have given to the Salvation Army, but no more. I support 2 Catholic Native American schools, the Southwest Indian Foundation, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the Shriner’s Hospital and my local Humane Society. Living in the Southwest and traveling frequently to Montana, I have seen how so many Native Americans are struggling, many with no electric, running water or central heat. I also volunteer at our local humane society. Seeing homeless and owner-surrendered animals is heartbreaking. There are so many people and animals in our country that need help.

  15. I dropped my monthly contribution several years ago after hearing a disturbing interview of an SA official by a media reporter. It hurt to do so, but I couldn’t continue.

  16. I made the decision to increase donations to local food banks, church groups and organizations like Operation Blessing, Samaritan’s purse, and Street Life ministry in NYC. I am finished with Salvation Army.
    Although I believe, like the prophet Daniel, in repenting to God for the sins of my nation, I don’t think anyone needs to apologize for the color God assigned to us. Nor are we responsible for sins of others.

  17. I pray daily that the Body of Christ in all of its expressions will be rooted and grounded in God’s Word under the discernment of the Holy Spirit, distinguishing truth from error. May the Lord purify us and unify us in Jesus our Lord: His Person and Work. As Revelation tells us He commends, corrects, judges and rewards us. We need wisdom as we steward the resources He has entrusted to us. At this time, I no longer support the Salvation Army because its leadership is following a Marxist not a Biblical worldview on identity and ministry. There are other Christian ministries housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, delivering the addicted and offering salvation in Christ.

  18. I sadly have to say that I have stopped donating to the Salvation Army because of their “woke-ism”. I will now increase my donations to other worthy causes like Samaritan’s Purse, The Jesus Film Project, Wounded Warriors, and such.

  19. What makes me unhappy is that one person starts something like this off. I have been a Salvationist practically all of my life. Ever since some very Christlike, humble, kind and generous people took me into their hearts and homes and treated me as one of their own, when I was a young girl. My parents sent me to a Salvation Army Sunday School although they did not subscribe to any particular belief in God or Jesus. I am now 82 years old.
    Except for one year, I have annually collected money for The Salvation Army since I was 11 years old – from door to door and in shopping centres etc. and hardly ever have I heard a complaint about the army – in fact the warmth and support with which I am greeted heartens me.
    I have worked for a number other Christian organisations at various times, study the Bible, I know my doctrine and have fellowshipped with many other Christians in many different churches, including Catholicsm, from time to time. I know, they too love God and try to please him.
    I know what the Salvation Army is, what it believes, and what it is called to be. I am convinced of its validity. People! search these claims out for yourself and come to your own conclusions – don’t just believe everything you are told!
    You show me an organisation that is faultless and has never made a mistake and I will show you an organisation that definitely does not operate on this world that we live in. Sometimes there are inconsistencies, sometimes downright wrongdoing, but none is perfect.
    The Salvation Army is still listening to God and working for God and has people with hearts of love and compassion serving God and the people.
    If you have a heart for what we do, don’t let this deter you from giving. If what we do deters you from giving, then at least, pray for us!

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