Why They Are Opening Their Churches – Now

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No matter what power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats say, churches across America are opening their doors — based on God’s word, science, data and common sense.

Pastors in their own words…

  1. Here is Pastor Jack Hibbs of Chino Hills, California on opening his church and all churches – on May 31, Pentecost Sunday.  Click here.
  • Here is Pastor Ken Graves of Bangor, Maine on why he is opening the church despite being told not to.  Powerful.  Click here.
  • Here is Pastor Jonathan Miller, AKA YPJ of South Bend, Indiana, speaking from his heart on opening his church – for revival.  Click here.
  • Here is Pastor Danny Carroll, of Fontana, California speaking about his involvement in a recent Church United press conference about reopening California churches. Click here.

From a legal standpoint…

Here is Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute, who recently held an important webinar on the legalities of opening the churches back up. Click here.


My wife Shelly had a word last month that correlates to what these pastors are saying. Listen here

“The church holds the key to revival; it is within our grasp”. – Rev. Billy Graham

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3 Comments on “Why They Are Opening Their Churches – Now”

  1. Thank you for keeping me updated on very important news. I total trust all the vital information you share. God bless you all❤

  2. Praise God for courage to re-open our churches. We belong to Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, and are grateful for the courageous stand our pastor Jack is taking against the .
    Joyce and Mel Simmons

  3. Craig, How effective has your outreach been to 12,000 CA pastors and church leaders to register their congregations to vote, and inform them on the issues in our state come Nov 2020? Anything nationwide as well?

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