Stop Attacks on Religious Liberty! [Petition]

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Stop Attacks on Religious Liberty! [Petition]

In the last issue of Election Forum, I told you about SB 1146.

This terrible bill would set up Christian colleges for lawsuits, and force teachers and administrators to drift away from their mission to preach the Gospel and teach biblical values.

There is good news!

More churches and concerned citizens are rising up, calling their assemblymembers, and telling them to vote NO! on this awful legislation.

Our First Amendment Freedoms

Liberal or conservative, more Californians want the attacks on religious liberty to stop.

If you are a believer or not, we need more people to help stop these attacks on our First Amendment freedoms.

Please sign our petition … even if you live outside of California.

Send a message loud and clear to the California State Legislature.

“Leave our First Amendment Freedoms Alone!

Find our petition. Click here.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Email me at

2 Comments on “Stop Attacks on Religious Liberty! [Petition]”

  1. Where does SB 1146 stand at the moment? I heard it was passed through the House and is now in the Senate–is this true??

    1. The bill is now before the Appropriations Committee. It was sent to the suspense file, and will receive another hearing on August 11.

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