The Church in Action: Paying Off $2.2 Million in Medical Debt for 1,600 Families [Video]

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The church needs to have an impact on the local community – spiritually, and with practical action.

That’s what one church in Wichita, Kansas did.

Pathway Church paid off approximately $2.2 million in medical debt for 1,600 families from across the state who were identified as being in a hardship medical category – unable to pay their medical bills.

The church only needed to pay pennies on the dollar for the total debt thanks to the help of a nonprofit organization called RIP Medical, which has purchased and abolished $635 million in medical debt for about 200,000 Americans since 2014.

Instead of spending money on advertising for their Easter services this year, the church gave $22,000 to cancel the medical debt of everyone in the state of Kansas identified by RIP Medical as being in the hardship medical category.

These families all received a special piece of mail the week before Easter.

This is what the note said: “We’re Pathway Church. We may never meet you, but as an act of kindness in the name of Jesus Christ, your debt has been forgiven.”

Clearing the debt for the families also removed any negative impact on their credit histories.

Lead Pastor Todd Carter tied this action to the sacrifice Christ made on the cross to spare the world from the debt created by sin.

“I want you to imagine for a moment what those 1,600 people felt like last week when they got that letter in the mail,” Pastor Carter said. “What was going on in those houses when they got that letter in the mail and all of a sudden they realize that their debt, this debt that had been hanging over their head had been forgiven? … That’s exactly what God in the person of Jesus Christ wants you to feel each and every day – that your debt has been forgiven…”

Watch Pastor Carter explaining how the church of about 4,000 members was able to pay off the medical debt of all 1,600 hardship families (4 ½ minutes).

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