Is God Judging America? The Daughter of Billy Graham Speaks

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Billy Graham, a powerful evangelist, has warned this country about a coming judgment.

Now his children are weighing in on the spiritual state of America.

His daughter, Ann Graham Lotz asks: “Our nation is in a mess. Could it be because America is losing God’s blessing?”

She compares America today to the nation of Judah in the Old Testament, which gave itself over to all kinds of wickedness.

Is there a way out? If the American people repent of their sins and seek God’s face, He will return to them, Lotz says.

Already, Shelly and I are reaching out to congregations and communities, telling them to call out to God and pray for revival. During one Night of Prayer and Repentance, church members which often never hold hands our cry out to God were gathering together, worshipping in one spirit.

Now more than ever the Body of Christ needs to pray and work together!

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6 Comments on “Is God Judging America? The Daughter of Billy Graham Speaks”

  1. Hello Craig,

    Here is a thought I just want to run by you. I don’t have details. I don’t know what kind of budget this would take, and/or fundraising, donations, etc. I’m not even certain if it’s been done already. I’m just throwing this out there.

    Franklin Graham is on a tour across America reaching as many Christ-centered people as he can in person, a form of revival, as well as “get out and vote” admonition to those who will take heed.

    What if there was a webinar-type, or web-simulcast where as many churches as would like or were able to participate in a 2Chronicles 7:14 event? This may look like a small group gathering for those fortunate enough to have that network of support, but perhaps there are just as many lone soldiers out there as I am, trapped within the confines of their home, their weakness, their messed up relationships, or whatever their burdens may be. What if every church provided an invitation within every church bulletin to share with a stranger, a neighbor, on a community bulletin board at work, apartment complex, grocery store…you get my picture…even door to door- hey, maybe the lonely will be found! I’m feeling like this is so urgent.

    I’m also feeling a bit embarrassed about this, perhaps even a bit childish! But I’m 52 years old, feeling helpless with resentment over my lack of proof/works that match my faith, and now so disabled with MS I can’t even care for myself anymore let alone others in need. And by the way, I believe we are all in that same need, it’s just that some of us recognize it, and others don’t.

    For whatever this is worth to others, if any at all,


    Kim Jensen

    1. Dear Kim:

      Very sorry to hear of your MS Kim!

      Regarding your assertion that your “lack of proof/works that match my faith” exist as a result of the limitations you suffer due to MS. Please consider the possibility that physical capabilities are not required to fulfill the biblical mandate to engage in ‘works’ glorifying the Lord, and providing earthly evidence for faith being true and not merely assumed. Satisfying the biblical ‘works’ requirement is an obligation existing in relationship to one’s capabilities.

      Years ago, I met a care giver who communicated with a paralyzed quadriplegic using eye movement based in morse-code learned before the accident resulting in the paralyzed quadriplegic condition. When I asked how the paralyzed quadriplegic suffered through the agony of no physical capabilities, I was told by the caregiver that she had asked this precise question to the paralyzed quadriplegic a while back. The response was that ‘thoughts glorifying the Lord,’ including thoughts giving up the pain of absent physical capability to the Lord, were the things that purchased solace and a closeness to the Lord never experienced when he had functional arms and legs.

      Just as your value to the Lord is not limited by your physical capabilities, neither is your ability to glorify the Lord limited by your physical capabilities.

      If you ever need assistance, please let me know. I am part of a small group of men in Ventura County who meet every Thursday night, and who will attempt to help (Out motto is, “Duty is ours – results are God’s”). My email is

      Will be praying for you.

      1. Thank you so much for your kind offer!

        My request is that you would prayerfully keep my husband Mark in prayer, Ezekiel 36:26.

        If there is a women’s group that can pray for me, I would be extremely grateful.

        Ironically, for me it (thus far),it isn’t the MS that is the most painful to deal with. It is the loneliness in our ununified faith in Christ that is heart piercingly painful, far beyond any of the neuralgia and neuropathy and rag-doll weakness I deal with.

        I know where my forever future is. Whether I realize God’s mercy and healing here on earth -which I pray for, that I may serve God freely, glorifying HIM In all I say and do, I know in due time I will receive a new heavenly body.

        The strange thing is, I used to have the strength to accept whatever ailment came my way if it meant Mark would gain his salvation through God using me. But my own heart is waning cold in exhaustion waiting and fighting this disease, which also seems I’m on my own with. I am conflicted in my thoughts toward my own changing of heart, and feel like I need my own “heart transplant”. I feel as though I am breaking a commitment I made with God ten years ago after my diagnosis, and made public in a prayer group at that time, that “whatever it took Lord, use me to gain Mark’s salvation.

  2. Here is my take Craig:
    Pastors, please get with the other evangelical and other conservative believers and create a prayer relationship…regardless of the sign over their door! Gather together regularly just to pray…get your congregation to begin a prayer relationship with each other and with believers they know who belong to other churches and pray…deeply for all the things that we have been taught about prayer. Include repentance,, humility, faith, love, and pray for your community/city as well. Use 2 Chronicles 7:14 in context and bombard the courts of heaven! Take the time to think about what Jesus, Paul, and Peter as well as all the others tell us in Scripture about prayer, how to wear the armor as we stand firm, tall and strong (Ephesians 6). Pray for our leaders in DC and in our state capitals. Stay positive and don’t give in or up!

  3. It seems to me the “Red Horse” of Revelation 6:4 is coming into play with the opening of the Second Seal. It was granted to the one who sat on it to, “take peace from the earth and that people would kill one another”.

    It is very hard not to see that happening with just a casual look at domestic and world events.

  4. To Jerry Robertson,
    I did not read your comment until just now. I too feel this same urgency to gather believers , as you well put it, “regardless of the sign over their door”. I have never been a community organizer, but if you or someone you know wants to head this up, I’m afraid that I can only offer limited help do to physical/health issues. Let me know if I can be of any help to make this 2Chronicles7:14 movement sweep our communities, our nation! The fact that we both made almost identical suggestions using the same Scripture reference makes me believe perhaps this is GOD speaking through us and it should not be ignored? What’s your thought on this?

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