Dating Site Caves to LGBT Agenda, Allows Same-Sex Relationships

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Dating Site Caves to LGBT Agenda, Allows Same-Sex Relationships

When I was a single’s pastor, online dating services were booming.

The one that overtook them all was eHarmony.

Then homosexual activists attacked the site on the grounds of “discrimination” and threatened a lawsuit.

Because this singles dating service caters to Christians, and it’s designed built it on the Christian worldviews, the site did not assist in pairing same-sex couples. That has all changed.

Now another Christian dating site—this one extensively directed toward Christians—was called Christian Mingle.

This is was also threatened with a lawsuit—and caved.

Two gay men wanted to use this particular site to find a partner.

When they couldn’t, they filed a lawsuit.

The dating service lost the case, paid both of the gay men $9,000 each, and paid their attorney fees, which totaled $450,000.

The gay men could have found other dating services, but insisted on forcing their views on this company.

This is outrageous. This is anti-Christian bullying.

And now it’s tyranny from the government, clamping down on Christian beliefs.

When the site gave into the LGBT lobby, it lost its purpose, soul, and advantage.

The dating service should have stood firm. But they caved in.

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5 Comments on “Dating Site Caves to LGBT Agenda, Allows Same-Sex Relationships”

  1. As a layman, my thoughts on the potential invasion of church and Christian college restrooms by the gender-confused transvestite, etc., crowd. There are already crimes against women/girls by men entering ladies’ restrooms. I believe those crimes will skyrocket if pro-trans legislation is passed in CA. We should post 2 of our strongest mature men outside the ladies’ restrooms to keep trans. gender-confused men out. We should also post two strong mature men (one outside and one inside) the men’s restrooms to prevent any conflict contrary to biological gender. I say that, because if we do not do that (or the like), our little lambs (girls) will be taken advantage of. An ounce of prevention is worth far more than a pound of cure! How would law enforcement respond to that, or how would our leadership approach them on this, I do not know.

    1. Clare, the problem with that is that if this “perversion” becomes LAW, there is nothing that law enforcement can do about it! You can post any number of men “inside or outside” and THEY will get thrown into jail for protecting our girls and women from sexual predators! It’s bassackwards. Isaiah 5:20 says: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil……” That’s exactly what is happening in our country, right now. Only .3% of the people in this country are trans-whatever. So, 99.7% of the people in this country are supposed to bend over and take this crap?! These companies that “cave in” to this, should be boycotted, just like Target.

  2. PS: I want to clarify previous comment. I fully believe in compassion for those who are hurting, and need our care. I would think that most in an alternative lifestyle, who are deeply hurting, fit that description. But I believe boundaries need to be in place for our protection for the handful who try to cross them.

  3. It is so sad that the LGBT can’t stand on their own decisions in life with out support from the Government. Someone dislikes them its a hate crime. They dislike you they destroy.
    Where’s the real hate?

  4. First, the best way to stop this is to continue your movement to get “Christians” to register to vote & to actually go out and vote on voting day. Take on this responsibility as a concerned citizen.
    2nd: Fund the Christians that are fighting back in court like bulldogs such as Jay Sekulow.

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