Church “Ballot Harvesting:” What It Is and Why Evangelicals Must Use the Strategy in the 2020 Elections [Video]

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It’s not a violation of the “separation of church and state.”

It doesn’t put churches in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status with the IRS.

It’s not a difficult strategy to implement…

It just takes Christians working together who care about what happens in next year’s primary elections in the spring … and in the general election in the fall.

What IS ballot harvesting? And why is it critically important for churches across the country to use this strategy in next year’s elections?

Recently I answered these questions in an interview on the Daily Ledger show on the OAN Network.

You may be surprised to know that in the 2018 midterm elections, only 26% of evangelical Christians exercised their civic duty and voted.

That’s why the Democrats and socialists made such dramatic gains in local elections across the country … AND because they used ballot harvesting on a massive scale to increase voter turnout of voters who favored their candidates.

If we Christians want to see local candidates who support biblical values win in 2020, our churches and other faith-based groups need to use the same strategy to increase the percentage of evangelical Christians who vote.

The strategy involves distributing our voter guide to churches nationwide.

Without this voter guide, millions of evangelical Christians won’t be able to vote confidently for their values rather than against their values.

We need your prayers…

And if you can, please donate $10 or more to help us financially with the costs of distributing the voter guide.

This is urgent. We are at a critical turning point in American history.

CLICK HERE to make a donation to Help Turn America Around.

Or, you can mail a check to:

Election Forum
Attn: Craig Huey
21171 S. Western Ave. Suite #2642
Torrance, CA 90501

Or you can text a donation by texting DONATENOW to 24587.

Call our office at 310-212-5727 and ask for Todd if you’d like to donate $100.00 or more.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Click here to watch the interview (about 5 minutes).

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