How Many Americans Are Born Again? [Troubling]

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Born again adults are those who believe they will experience an afterlife in the presence of God only because they have confessed their sins against Him and accepted Jesus Christ as the redeemer who saves them from eternal punishment.

According to George Barna’s extensive research, talks about 30% of the U.S. population are “born again” Christians.

And, 30% represents a significant drop from nearly half of the adult population meeting the same criteria just two decades ago.

Here are the findings on those who fit the born-again criteria. You’ll find much of this troubling:

  • Three out of every four born again adults (76%) believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. They should all believe it is.
  • Seven out of ten (70%) contend that the Bible is totally accurate in all of the life principles it teaches.
  • (46%) read the Bible at least once a week – a terrible percentage.
  • (77%) believe that all people are basically good. This, of course is a non-Biblical belief.
  • (67%) argue that having faith is more important than which faith you embrace. Again, a non-Biblical belief.
  • 90% have a biblically solid concept of the nature of God
  • 80% agree that God is actively involved in peoples’ lives today
  • 30% believe the Holy Spirit is not a living being but is simply a symbol of God’s presence or purity
  • 50% believe the false idea that because Jesus Christ was human, He sinned
  • 60% believe that a good person or someone who does enough good deeds can earn their way into Heaven
  • 54% have conservative views about the ideal size, reach, and power of government
  • 34% say they prefer socialism to capitalism

In the recent presidential election, 84% of SAGE Cons (Spiritually Active, Governance Engaged Conservatives) were registered Republicans and 93% of all SAGE Cons voted for Donald Trump. In contrast, just 44% of born again adults are registered Republicans. In the November election, 60% of the nation’s born again Christians sided with Donald Trump.

Researcher George Barna, who conducted the extensive summary, said: “Granted, we are all sinners and fall way short of the perfection of God, but maybe we are so seduced by the secular culture in which we live that we have lost touch with biblical truth. The theological and behavioral profile of born again Christians painted by the survey is very disturbing and has some severe, long-term negative consequences for American culture.”

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7 Comments on “How Many Americans Are Born Again? [Troubling]”

  1. Revival is desperately needed in our Country.. The fact that so many Evangelicals voted in the last Presidential is heartening, but the lack of the majority of those same Evangelicals who fully understand Biblical truths is very troubling.. Not only are they losing their chance at Salvation, but they are threatening the very Foundation of our Country.. It is not enough to believe that Jesus existed, you must accept him as your personal Savior, you must be Born Again!

  2. Yes, it is very troubling. But I am reminded that the vast majority of Muslims act just like the vast majority of Christians, in that they don’t really KNOW their Creator. They “think” they do, but they don’t. As the numbers indicate, most so-called “Christians” have a distorted view of what the Bible and Jesus say and do. Same thing probably with most Muslims: they don’t know what the Koran and Hadith actually say. Therefore, they believe that their “religion” is a religion of peace, when it actually isn’t. A sad commentary on BOTH “religions” although Christianity is not a “religion”. A religion is “mans” attempt to connect with God. The Bible is God’s attempt to connect with man. Big difference!

  3. We Need a “Re-Stirring of Hearts” in America today that motivates people to live a life for the Lord God. We need people to evangelize wherever opportunity. Reaching people in churches is not reaching the vast majority who need God. Reach them on campuses, media, street & prison ministries, local neighborhoods, using creative ways perhaps not used before.

    The time is short. We are living in the End Times. Let’s make sure everyone has opportunity to hear God’s Word and the Salvation Message. Blessings.

  4. I grew up in church, before I was born again at 33 years of age. I was asked by a pastor if I was a Christian and I said, “Oh yes! I’m a Lutheran!” He said, “Well, I was a Lutheran pastor for many years who eventually attended a retreat and became born again (I invited Jesus into my heart, gave Him control of my heart and mind). Therefore, I wasn’t a genuine Christian until that day. I returned to my church of 400, explained what happened to me, asked who wanted to be born again as well. Only 20 people raised their hands. I’m not saying that all Lutherans are not saved, but I wasn’t, even as their pastor. That’s why I’m no longer in Minnesota, but in California teaching at a Bible based church.” I was stunned, and I still didn’t understand all he continued to tell me about “being spiritually dead.”

    But I never forgot what he said, and after sitting in Calvary Chapel for a year, my husband was drawn to surrender his heart to Jesus and explained genuine salvation to me. My eyes were opened that day, and we were both saved. I truly believe that there are many who call themselves Christians, like we did previously, who have yet to be saved. That’s why we love to witness, and we pray morning and evening for America, President Trump, for DC, and for many unsaved loved ones. We also pray for an awakening, a revival that would sweep across America, and then throughout the globe, before Jesus takes us out.

    God gave America a reprieve with President Trump, but it’s an uphill fight to keep her free and return her to righteousness. I snail mail the President once a month to encourage him. But honestly, now that it looks like there are possible traitors in his presence, I might send those letters through Vice President Pence.
    There is a White House “encouragement line” (202) 456-1111 that was mentioned on Fox Cable News.

    As we learned from the article above, the road to destruction truly is broad. . . but we can pray, take action, and trust the LORD to turn America around for His Glory.

  5. Is 30% low enough where we can bring in 2 Chronicles 7:14 or should we wait till we got down to 20 or even 10%.

  6. In Genesis 6 God destroyed everything that had breath on the earth—-only 8 were spared
    because they were the only ones who believed God’s word—our generation dates back to the 8.

    God destroyed all the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah save 3—Just Lot and his 2 daughters.

    603,550 jewish fighting men came up to the very border of the Land promised to them by God’s Word
    Only 2 (Caleb & Joshua) believed and thus were allowed to go in after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness waiting for 603,548 to die (because of their UNBELIEF)

    I thank the Bible for penetrating my heart one great moment (Dec 17 1994) I cried out to the Lord
    he heard me—and saved me—I was 58 yrs old—within 5 years I was on the road with a one man show
    I Called BILLY SUNDAY TODAY—-Preaching before large audiences in Iowa–Indiana–Alabama–S. Carolina—Florida and Maine. A wonderful privilege to preach the wonders of Jesus Christ and glory in his cross—-Born Again while all alone. Russell Williams

  7. Seriously!? How can anyone with any amount of logic take the Bible as literal truth. So sick of people trying to impose their subjective value systems on others. It’s even more frustrating that they have a lower average IQ than the nation as a whole.

    Dogma and cognitive dissonance keep the churches spewing their superstition.

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