A Flash Mob You Have to See [video]

Craig HueyChurch3 Comments

I always smile at this powerful flash mob Christmas video from the folks at Journey of Faith in Manhattan Beach.

Finally, here’s a great song that you need to listen to every Christmas.

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3 Comments on “A Flash Mob You Have to See [video]”

  1. Wow, that is wonderful. I had tears in my eyes at the end when I saw the kids singing. And this one kid was just looking with awe and went to his knees. So great to proclaim Christ at the mall. Too cool.

  2. Beautiful! You can’t keep joy inside ; it needs to be expressed. The more public, the better!

  3. Awesome! We need to be bold; praise the name of God and His Son Jesus wherever we go! It was wonderful to see so many join in and when that little boy went to his knees I burst out in tears of great joy! We must be a light for all to see.

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